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Chapter 10- Repair

He knew that she hadn't been sleeping well at all. Whenever Robin would enter the Med Bay, which Sora and Kairi had already vacated –lucky bastards- he saw her staring up at the ceiling, trying to force her eyes closed. It had already been two weeks now, and he knew they had to take action. She couldn't heal it herself. He just hoped it would work.

Robin sat down beside her bed. At this point, the metal chair was always right beside her.

"How are you feeling?" he gently prompted. Raven looked at him with a sad smile, and he found it impossible to turn away.

"The same."

"Are you ready?"

"I guess." She looked away, and Robin leaned forward and took her hand.

"Raven, it's okay if you're scared. It's okay. I mean, me, I'm pretty fucking scared, okay? But you'll be okay. You have to be." Robin murmured. Raven looked shocked at his language and the intensity of his speech. She took a deep breath and looked down at their hands, then met his masked eyes.

"Robin, I-,"

"Are you ready, Rae?" Cyborg entered the room, looking a bit nervous, but smiling for her benefit. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

"Yes, Cy."

"Yo, Rob, can you help me out?" Cyborg asked. Robin nodded and reluctantly got to his feet, letting go of her hand.

"Don't worry Rae, it'll be over really fast. You won't feel a thing." He looked so worried, and she wanted to say something, but the drugs overtook her and her eyes closed as she fell into a long-awaited sleep.

Robin watched her cautiously, watched the unnatural hitch in her chest that had become so familiar to him.

"She asleep, Rob?"

"Yeah. Do you think this is going to work?"

Cyborg looked at his friend carefully. "It has to." He locked the door to the Med Bay, to ensure that they were not interrupted, and pulled the surgical tools out from a drawer at Raven's bedside. Robin gulped- although he often had seen blood and guts in Gotham, it was different to operate on your own friend.

Moving her hand away from her heart, they gently prepared her chest for the incision. Cyborg carefully cut into her pale skin and Robin did his best not to look away, but when he reached down to hold her skin back, his gloved hands were shaking.

Then he could see her heart, pumping and rolling at that awful un-rhythmic speed, holes ripped into the surface, and he turned his head and gagged. He turned back, though, because he knew he had to help Cyborg and he knew that right now Raven needed him. He admired Cyborg's endurance.

"Do you have the threads?" Cyborg asked, face stern and all business.

Robin nodded and gave Cyborg the small black box. He watched anxiously as Cyborg took the threads and gently sewed closed up every hole that was on the surface of her heart.

"Now?" Robin asked.

"Now we hope."

They carefully closed the incision on her chest, using the same threads to sew it shut. The threads glowed for a minute, and then dimmed.

"Will those really work?"

"Man, I don't know. They're the best I could find, you know Raven is the one that's good with all that magic stuff."

It was silent. Cyborg picked up the tray of tools and began to clean them of blood. Robin watched, somewhat mystified. He snapped out of his trance when he heard a knock on the door.

"Friends Robin and Cyborg?" the voice asked timidly. Robin stripped off his bloody gloves and disposed of them, and then went over to the door and unlocked it, looking at Starfire through the crack in the door.

"How is Raven? Will she be the okay?"

"We don't know yet, Star. Not until she at least wakes up. We need to see if the stitches will dissolve or not. We've never used these before."

"I understand. May I see her?" Starfire asked.

"Cy, can she?" Robin turned to look over his shoulder.

"Sure, it won't hurt."

Robin opened the door all the way, and Starfire entered somberly. She instantly went to Raven's bedside and sat in the chair Robin had previously occupied; she even took Raven's hand. They sat in silence until Starfire could no longer bear it.

"Her hand is warm. That is a very good thing, I think." Robin put a hand on Starfire's shoulder and glanced over at Cyborg. Cyborg shook his head slowly. Raven's temperature was naturally three degrees cooler than their own, about five cooler than Starfire's. Cyborg went to Raven's other side and discreetly checked her temperature on his arm.

"She has a fever," he muttered to Robin, so that Starfire would not hear, "I'm going to grab some fever meds. If Star asks, tell her it's for her pain." Robin nodded, and looked back to Raven, still lying just as still as before. Please, be okay.

Everyone visited Raven over the next few days; surprisingly, however, her most common visitor was Kairi.

One day, as Robin was about to enter the Med Bay, he heard Kairi speaking. He stayed outside of the door and listened.

"I just want to thank you, Raven. I know I don't really know you. But I haven't seen Sora in years, and you may not have meant to, but you helped me find him again. I love him, Raven. And because of you, we were reunited. So you have to get better, you know? It's not fair otherwise. And, I mean, it could have been me that Maleficent had tried to hurt first, not you. It should have been me, I'm so sorry. You have to be okay, you see? I just-," Kairi looked up. Robin had not been able to listen anymore, and had entered the room. It was quiet; the two had never been in a room alone together.

"I think she's getting better," Robin eventually offered.

"Really? Or are you just saying that to placate me? I'm not dumb." Kairi's words may have sounded angry, but her voice was quiet and thoughtful. Robin was surprised, but impressed at her forwardness.

"Her fever went down. The stitches seem to be holding."


"She'll be okay." He turned to leave. "Oh, and Kairi?"

"It's not your fault."