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This is my first NCIS story. It came about after watching the episode "Family". I hope you enjoy it. Some OOC behavior.


"Family…life goes on."


Tony knew Gibbs was punishing him. Calling the marks to tell them maybe Heidi really had loved them all the while trying to get information out of them. Ziva and McGee thought it was just. They hated that Tony had lied to them for so long. They despised the fact that he had been able to fool them even though they were trained investigators. They felt used, betrayed, and worse yet they felt foolish.

Ziva had always thought she was superior to the former cop. He was an American after all and that made him weak. He was childish and uneducated as far as she was concerned. The fact that this child had been able to fool her infuriated her.

Tim had also never considered Tony to be very bright. He was obviously Tony's intellectual superior. After all, Tony graduated with a PE degree while he was an MIT graduate. But he understood Tony had been doing investigations longer. The problem for Tim was that as time had gone on he had thought he had learned all there was to learn from Tony. In fact, he felt he had surpassed Tony long ago. Now, that had changed. He didn't like to admit that a PE major was able to outwit and fool him for so long.

And then there was Gibbs…He was angry, pure and simple.

For each, their feelings were kept pent up and the only outlet was to put Tony down. Each felt the need to put Tony back in his place where he belonged. They considered them selves trained observers but they didn't see what was happening to him because of Jean or at their own hands. Essentially they ignored him when they weren't taunting him. However, as the case continued they couldn't help but see other things. They didn't like what they saw but still blamed it all on Tony.


Tony stood still staring at the crib. His thoughts were a lifetime away. Ziva watched him for a moment. Nevertheless, when she approached he wagged a finger and said, "Don't". She wasn't sure what he was thinking but she knew it had nothing to do with the case. For his part he wasn't in the mood for any of the hateful things he imagined she may want to impart upon him.

When they returned to the office McGee watched as Tony went stoned face staring at the pictures on the screen. Like Ziva, he knew it had nothing to do with the case. God help him he wanted to get Tony to talk and break the silence. Of course he chose the wrong thing to say when he asked what it was like to fake a second life. He knew as soon as the words left his mouth he had just buried any possibility of Tony speaking to him. The look of pain on Tony's face was evidence of the insensitivity he had shown. Quickly the look passed, had he blinked he may not have even of seen it. This only served to irritate Tim more as he watched the veil fall over Tony's emotions and realized he couldn't interpret what Tony thought or felt. It was unnerving to him.

Tony needed a minute to himself. He couldn't stand to be in the presence of his friends for one more moment. But there was nowhere to go. He went to the head assuming he wouldn't be followed. But he was wrong, first Ziva came to explain how stupid he was for falling for Jean. Shortly after, she was followed by McGee. He felt like he was standing in the middle of Grand Central Station. I don't want to deal with them right now. I need a minute to myself. CAn't they even try to understand. Can't they give me the courtesy of just one moment of peace and quiet?


The walls were closing in on him. He couldn't catch a break. Everyone was mad and punishing him for doing his job. For doing what he was ordered to do by a superior. Gibbs continued to enjoy the fact that he had to talk to Heidi's marks. McGee was pissed but decided to be blunt, he wanted to hurt Tony. Then there was Ziva, determined to make Tony pay. She hated being lied to. She hated seeing Tony be so stupid as to fall in love with a mark. After all that's all Jean was… wasn't she?

Tony thought about his friends and about how they reacted to the case. He thought about how they had reacted when he had returned from 'being blown up'. They seemed happy he was alive but apparently that was just so they could torture him. If only Sheppard hadn't given him this assignment. If only he hadn't fallen in love. He needed to hold it together for a little while longer. He needed to reunite the baby with its parents. He needed to accomplish something. Maybe then they would lay off of him.


The case was finally over. Each team member was writing his or her reports. Tony was being quiet. Too quiet. His thoughts were wrapped around how his team was treating him. He couldn't get over how quickly they had turned on him. It wasn't his choice, none of it was.

McGee decided to try to one up Tony… again. All thoughts of Tony's earlier reaction gone, Tim wanted to hurt Tony one more time. Only this time he wanted witnesses to his superiority. He wanted Tony to know he was wrong. "So Tony, you never did answer my question." He leered, as Tony seemed pulled from his thoughts.

"What question was that McVirgin?"

"Well, what was it like to lead a double life and to lie to everyone? I guess you could really identify with Heidi, huh?" McGee sat back with a smug smile on his face. He had just gotten Tony for himself and the whole team.

Tony looked around. He saw the smug look on McGee's face. He saw it mirrored on Ziva's face. He got up and left. He couldn't do this.

Heading to the elevator, he heard Gibbs call his name but he could not face him. He couldn't see the disappointment in his face any more. He couldn't stand the idea that Gibbs of all people agreed with what Tim had said. Gibbs knew better…didn't he? He hit the button and was glad to see the door open immediately. Quickly he hit the door close button. He didn't want to risk being trapped in the elevator with Gibbs.

They didn't trust him anymore. They had all made that abundantly clear when he tried to leave for his dentist appointment. He couldn't do this anymore. The doors opened in the garage and he made his way to his car. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings. His mind was too cluttered with the events of the case, his team, his boss and Jean. He knew better than to be this distracted. But he felt safe on the Navy grounds.

He had just put the key in the car door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Without thinking he grabbed the hand, threw the person up against the car and had his gun drawn and cocked.


"Gibbs." Gibbs answered the phone. Ziva and Tim tried to get an idea of what was happening. They had thought it was funny. In their eyes Tony had deserved it. That was until they saw the look on Tony's face. For as much as they wanted to make him pay, they hadn't felt like they could hurt him. Tony was an immature brat and never allowed anything to change his behavior. "Where is he? … He WHAT?! … Did you tell him I wanted you to stop him … No I think you've done enough." Gibbs slammed down the phone.

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