Disclaimer: The characters don't get hurt/ill enough to be mine (My name is Laura and I am a Hurt/Comfort addict).

Tony entered the bullpen, smile plastered on his face practically bouncing to his desk whilst pulling faces at all who past him. Gibbs looked up and took in this extra bouncy version of Tony with a certain amount of dread, usually such antics were a cover up for a bad mood or illness and he feared this time would be no different. Gibbs only hoped that Tony was in a bad mood because ill Tony was usually cause for concern.

Unfortunately for Gibbs his wish was not to come true. Half-way through their morning of looking through cold case files when Tony had made his 6th trip to what Gibbs could only assume was the bathroom and returned to his desk looking rather peaky Gibbs decided enough was enough.

'DiNozzo, go see Ducky.'

'Mmm fine Gibbs.' Tony mumbled.

'DiNozzo, Ducky, now.' Gibbs tone brooked no argument and Gibbs was pleased to see Tony get to his feet, he was less pleased a second or two later when the Agent simply keeled over and landed on the floor in a heap. Gibbs leapt to his feet followed closely by McGee and Kate.

'Kate get Ducky up here, McGee help me with him.' Gibbs approached Tony who had collapsed behind his desk. 'DiNozzo, Tony, can you hear me?' Tony didn't stir. McGee grab his legs let's get 'im outta there.' Between them McGee and Gibbs extracted Tony from behind his desk and laid him gently on the floor in the middle of their section of the bullpen. McGee took off his jacket and put it under Tony's head.

'He's really hot Boss.'

'Ya think MuGee.' Was Gibbs' sarcastic reply, Tony was obviously flushed and sweat was beaded on his forehead. Gibbs sighed and turned as the elevator pinged signalling the arrival of Ducky.

'Now my boy what illness have you been ignoring this time.'

'He's been back and forward to the bathroom all morning Duck.'

'Well looking at his flushed appearance and guessing that this temperature reading is going to be high,' Ducky replied as he put an electric thermometer in Tony's ear, 'He probably has a nice case of gastroenteritis brewing and should be at home keeping his fluids up, but as he is prone to passing out he should probably not be on his own.' Tony chose this moment to come round.

'DiNozzo's do NOT pass out.'

'Hmmm, I would probably be more convinced if you were not talking to me from flat on your back Anthony. How long have you been feeling ill and what have your symptoms been?'

Gibbs glared at his Agent daring him to lie. 'A couple of days and I have been a bit hot and throwing up and um, the other end and generally feeling like crap.'

'I should say so Anthony, you have a temperature of 102 and you should be at home in bed taking on fluids and not doing much else my boy.'

'Right, MuGee help me get him up, DiNozzo you're with me, you're gonna stay at mine until you can be trusted to look after yourself, Duck how long can we expect him to be out?'

'At least another few days of symptoms then up to a week of convalescing, as I have said he needs fluids and you can get electrolyte replacement drinks or sachets from most pharmacies.'

'Hey I am right here!' Tony spoke up from his now seated position on the floor.

'DiNozzo, be quiet and get up, you have shown you are incapable of making a simple decision like telling me that you are ill, now it is in my hands.' With that Gibbs helped Tony up with McGee, picked up his Agent's backpack and started off to the elevator with him, tony submissive by his side.

As they walked away Kate stared in surprise. 'Caitlyn my dear, by your look of surprise I am guessing you are less aware of the dynamics of their relationship than you perhaps thought hmm?'

'I just am not used to seeing this side of Gibbs, particularly in relation to Tony. Gibbs always seems so exasperated with Tony.'

'My dear, they are as close as any Father and Son I have ever seen, Tony has always been in need of a Father figure, a position Gibbs stepped into when he hired the boy, this will not be the first time young Anthony has stayed with our fearless leaded and I doubt it will be the last.'

With that the older man left what remained of the team to their consternation.