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Face Down

Chapter Fifteen - Graduation Day

It was a big day, a monumentally huge and epic day. One of those days that will stand out as a milestone in the journey that is life, or some shit like that. It was the day that we finally graduated from the horror that was King High School. Don't get me wrong I loved high school for the simple fact that I got to share it with some truly amazing people and because that's where I met my girl, but I also took a lot of crap there when I first came out.

It had been a scary and painful time for me. I broke up with my best friend/boyfriend and then had to declare to the world that I was different. Very quickly I learnt to laugh most things off, it hurt too damn much to do anything else. I was lucky though I had a group of good friends who stood by me through it all and it was because of them that I would miss King High.

I nervously adjusted my dress and re-checked my make-up for the eightieth time before I walked down stairs to meet my family. It was the first time in a freaking long while that both my parents were in the same room as each other. My Dad looked every inch the aging rock star in his leather pants and black shirt with his bleached blonde hair in messy spikes around his head. As soon as he saw me on the stairs he ran over and swept me up in the kind of hug only Dads can give.

"I am so proud of you Baby Girl!" He said as he put me back down. I beamed up at him and took his hand as we walked over to Kyla and Mom. Mom looked every inch the bitchy ice queen. Her expression was one of bored amusement, I think the botox prevented her from expressing much else.

She was wearing her typical black power suit which she thought made her look more attractive to single, rich men. Since my parents got divorced when I was 8 my mother has married her way to a rather nice fortune, I think she just split from step father number 5, but to be honest I kinda stopped counting.

Kyla's beaming smile made up for the lacklustre response from our bitch mother. Kyla threw herself into my arms and shrieked out how proud of me she was. Now if I was the mushy sort her words would have brought tears to my eyes, but I'm not so that droplet you see on my check is just a trick of the light. Seriously.

My Dad hurried us out the door to the waiting limo, yeah when your Dad's a rock star you get to go to your high school graduation in a freaking limo. It was kinda cool I have to admit. The drive to the high school was spent with me, Dad and Kyla all laughing and joking while Mom looking out the window, sitting as far away from Dad as the limo would allow.

We pulled up to the high school and my Dad's driver, Greg helped us out. I had to be quite skilful getting out of the limo seeing as my dress was really short and I didn't want to be flashing my business to graduates, their friends and families.

I was just out of the limo straightening my dress (I was not putting on the stupid graduation gown and cap until the very last second) when Ridley threw herself at me and almost knocked me to the ground. I saw Mr and Mrs Walker behind her shaking their heads at their daughter's exuberance. They really should have the girl medicated!

"So Davies, they're actually letting you graduate? Who did you have to sleep with to wrangle that?" Ridley asked with her usual level of tact.

"She'd better not have Rid, Davies is taken," a familiar husky voice said from behind me. I spun around, still in Ridley's clutches to see my girl standing a few feet behind me with an amused grin on her face. Spencer had on her green graduation gown with her cap pinned in her long blonde hair which hung in loose curls around her shoulders. The gown was done up so I couldn't tell what she was wearing under it…in my mind she wasn't wearing anything.

Spencer fiddled with her sash that all the honour roll geeks…I mean students were wearing and took a step towards me. Ridley rolled her eyes and released me, "Go on abandon me for the blonde!" Ridley cried dramatically, making both Spencer and I laugh.

I moved forward and took Spencer into my arms, "Hey Princess."

"Hey to you too Rock Star," She said tilting her head and grinning at me. I pulled her closer and placed a tender, but chaste kiss on her lips.

"Maybe before you make out with the girl right in front of me Ashley, you'd like to actually introduce us?" I heard my Dad ask in an amused tone.

I moved to stand beside Spencer, keeping an arm around her waist, "Sure thing Dad, Spencer this is my Dad Raife Davies and Dad this is my girlfriend Spencer Carlin."

Spencer took my Dad's offered hand and said, "It's great to meet you Mr. Davies."

"Call me Raife please, and Spencer it's a pleasure to meet you too. Every time I speak to my little girl she tells me so much about you that I feel as if I know you already. Ashley seems pretty crazy about you, in fact you're the first partner she has ever introduced to me so you must be pretty special," Dad said with a warm smile.

I blushed and tightened my hold on Spencer's waist, "She is Dad, she really is." I leaned over and kissed my girl on the cheek, making her blush and smile.

"Sorry to interrupt but we just wanted to say congratulations to Ashley," Mr. C said as he, Mrs. C, Glen, Clay and Chelsea (who was permanently attached to Clay these days) came over to stand with us.

"Hey guys! Mr. C, Mrs. C this is my Dad Raife and Dad this is Spencer's parents," I introduced.

The parents all shook hands and I glanced around to find my mom so I could introduce her too. Sadly she was preoccupied with her shameless flirting with one of cheer-breeders fathers. We introduced Glen and Clay to my Dad and all stood around chatting.

"Paula, Arthur, I wanted to thank you so much for the invite to the BBQ at your place after the ceremony this afternoon. I'm so proud of my little girl and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better after all the wonderful things she has said about you!" Ok I think it's my Dad's mission to embarrass me as much as he can today.

I blushed and leaned my head on Spencer's shoulder. She leaned over and whispered, "It could be worse Ash, it's not like he's pulling out naked baby photos of you."

I giggled and held her closer, "I'd better go put that fugly cap and gown on. I can't believe that on a day when people are going to be taking photos of us I have to wear this fucking hideous get up!" I whined.

Spencer giggled and shook her head, "Suck it up Rock Star, we all have to wear it too!"

"Yeah but you look hot in yours, I'm gonna look like a goof!" I argued. Spencer just shook her head and gave me a shove towards the limo so I could change. "What you're not going to help me change?" I asked with a seductive smirk.

"Ah no, that probably wouldn't be a good idea." Spencer said with a smirk as she glanced over to where our parent's were still chatting. I laughed, winked at her and walked over to the limo. I climbed in and slipped on the gown and stupid cap, pinning it to my hair reluctantly. I really didn't want to mess up my do.

Climbing out of the limo I saw all my friends, their families and my family milling about talking and laughing. It was pretty amazing really. I was shaken out of my thoughts when my blonde goddess walked through the crowd of people and into my arms. Giving me a chaste kiss on the lips she murmured, "Looks like we made it Rock Star."

"That we did Princess, now come on lets go get some photos taken with the gang." I dragged Spencer over and the group of us graduates and our junior friends all posed for pictures as the cameras of many parents began flashing. Blinded I let Mr. C drag me and Spencer away so he could take some photos of the two of us.

My Dad also grabbed us for some photos and then we got separated to have the standard photos with our families. While I posed with Kyla, my Dad and only once, my mother, I couldn't help but look over at Spencer and her family posing together. Glen and Spencer were posing together, both in their cap and gown. Glen had his arm around her shoulder and she was leaning into him. It was so obvious how close they were. I rarely thought off them as twins, I guess they are just so different from each other, but seeing them there together and I saw their similarities for the first time.

Not long after the announcement that it was time for the graduates to take their seats was blared over the p.a. system. I walked over to Spencer and slung an arm around her shoulder, "Come one gorgeous let's go graduate!"

Spencer wrapped an arm around my waist as we all headed to our seats. I reluctantly released my hold on my girl and moved to my seat. There were only five people between us so I could keep stealing glances down the line at her. Glen kept trying to block her from my sight, he is a jackass!

The principal, Mr. Richard Harvey, stepped up to the microphone and smiled this big cheesy smile out at all of us. I couldn't help but roll my eyes, that man hated students with a fiery passion and if he had his way we'd all be locked up in cages until it was time to go to college. I had spent far too much time in that man's presence since I began my sentence at King High.

Mr. Harvey pompously cleared his throat and began his long, dull speech that was supposed to inspire us to go out into the world. All it inspired in me was the need for a good long nap. Just as he finished up his speech which I will not recount for you here coz I actually like you all and don't want you to die of boredom, a familiar voice yelled out, "Can someone tell Mr. Harvey that his fly is open!"

Mr. Harvey blushed an intense red and glanced down at his crotch to find his fly perfectly fastened. He glared out into the crowd of graduates, trying to pinpoint where the comment had come from. You guys of course all know exactly who it was don't you? Yeah there could only be one culprit, the one, the only, the certifiably insane Ridley Walker!

I glanced over and caught Spencer's eyes as we both choked back out laughter behind our hands. Glen had tears in his eyes as he fought back his own laughter. I looked up the row of students the other way and saw Aiden pissing himself laughing and Madison hiding her own hysterical laughter behind her hands. Ridley was insane, but man we loved her!

Once Mr. Harvey got over his embarrassment he began reading out the names of my fellow classmates in alphabetical order to go up and get their high school diplomas. I clapped and cheered when Glen William Carlin was called and then went freaking insane when Spencer Marie Carlin went up to get her diploma. Spencer caught me eye and shot me a wink and blew me a kiss before she walked off the stage.

Five others went by and then "Ashley Christine Davies," was called. I strutted up to Mr. Harvey and gave him a high five as I took my diploma. He gave me a smug smile and said, "Miss Davies it gives me great please to see you leaving this school. I am happy to know this place will stand long after you depart."

I winked at him and said, "Oh I'll miss you too Mr. H!" As soon as I was off the stage I jumped up a few places in the line and took my place next to Spencer. She rolled her eyes as I mouthed off at the person standing next to her, a Greg Cedar, to get the fuck out of the way. Once he'd gone I wrapped my arm around her and felt her lean into my body.

We stood in each other's arms as our friends were called to the stage in amongst people I couldn't give a shit about. Aiden Matthew Dennison, Madison Eva Duarte and finally Ridley Elizabeth Walker. Ridley leaped up on stage, totally ignoring the stairs and ran to Mr. Harvey like and excited puppy. He looked kinda scared, not that I blame himq.

Ridley stopped in front of him and held out her hand expectantly. Mr. Harvey handed over her diploma and once she had it securely in her hand she announced loudly, "Your fly's still open Dick!" Before he could do anything other than stare at her in shock Ridley grabbed the mic, screamed out "Congratulations Bitches!", threw the microphone at Mr. Harvey (it totally hit him in the crotch!) and leapt down off the stage.

She took of running, giving me and Spencer a sloppy kiss on the cheek each and Glen a slap on the ass as she bolted passed us with the security guard hot on her heels. I looked at Spencer whose mouth was hanging open. Our eyes met and we burst into hysterical laughter. We laughed until tears were running down our face and we were struggling to breathe and having to use a chucking Glen as a support to hold us upright. Madison and Aiden came over to join us, both with tears on their faces from laughing so hard.

A very flustered Mr. Harvey muttered a few words and then practically ran off stage. I guess that was the end of the graduation ceremony. Ridley sure knows how to make a potentially dull day into something much more exciting. The graduating class all cheered loudly and most of us threw our caps into the air (we had been warned not to do this because "The pointy bits can hurt people.")

The group of us wandered over and met up with our families and friends. Soon a pair of security guards dragged Ridley over and handed her over to her parents. Mr. Walker just shook his head at his daughter while Mrs. Walker beamed and gave Ridley a high five, "Nice work kid, made that ceremony much more interesting!"

The other parents (besides my mother who had disappeared, telling Kyla to tell me congrats) all laughed and voiced their agreement. Ridley basked in the moment, taking a bow and beaming at us all. "Yeah that's right bitches, no one puts on a show like me! Don't fight it I know you all want to be me!" Ridley yelled (again not volume control on that girl!)

Mrs. C laughed and slung an arm around Ridley's shoulder (see parents still love her even when she acts like a goof! I don't get it!) "Ok so how about we all head back to our place and we get Arthur behind the grill?" There was mass approval and we all headed to the car park with us grads shedding our stupid gowns on the way.

I was saddened to find that Spencer was in fact wearing clothes under her gown, but my God did she look beautiful. She was wearing a jade green halter-neck dress that fell to about an inch above her knees. She had traded her Converses for brown leather gladiator sandals and her leather cuffs for a dainty silver bracelet. She was gorgeous.

My Dad insisted that all us kids take the limo and he would catch a lift with the Carlins. We all ran excitedly to the limo, almost bowling over Dad's driver in our haste to get inside. I dragged Spencer by the hand and we snuggled down on the plush leather seats practically in each other laps. Ridley took a seat next to Spencer and lay down so she was sprawled over both our laps.

We all chatted excitedly on the way to the Carlin's, I think we were all on a bit of a high from the emotions of graduation. As soon as the limo pulled up at the Carlin's Ridley scrambled out and bolted for the door, "Food time bitches!" she yelled over her shoulder. We just laughed and followed her inside.

The parentals had beaten us there but only just so when we walked out to the backyard we found Ridley pouting at Mr. C who was just starting up the grill. "Ridley I promise I'll get you some food as soon as I can, it'll be worth the wait," He tried to pacify her.

Ridley just pouted more and sighed before saying sadly, "Oh ok Mr. C, I just hope I don't waste away to nothing in the mean time," And then Mrs. C brought out a platter of dips, crackers and cheeses along with a few bowls of chips, "Never mind Mr. C, carry on!" Ridley yelled as she bolted over to help herself to the food Mrs. C brought out.

I sat down in a lounge chair and Spencer settled on my lap, leaning back against me. I couldn't help but smile as I watched my Dad interacting with Mr and Mrs C at the grill. It really meant so much that they were getting along, you know just in case they become in laws or something. Not that me and my girl are getting hitched anytime soon, dude we're 18! We are so not ready to get married, but one day I see myself married to my blonde goddess, maybe with a kidlet or two.

"What are you think about Rock Star?" Spencer asked as she intertwined our fingers.

"You, as always. Man Princess you ruined me," I said dramatically.

"Oh? And how exactly did I do that Davies?" She asked in an amused voice.

I went to answer only to be cut off by my little sister, "Well you see Spence you ruined the Ashley Davies because now she is totally, 100% whipped." I picked up the nearest object, which was unfortunately Glen's stinky sneaker, and chucked it hard a Kyla. She shrieked as it hit her in the face (yeah I am a good shot) and started yelling about the stench as the rest of us pissed ourselves laughing, even the parents.

Once the laughter had died down I whispered in Spencer's ear, "I don't mind being whipped by you…especially if you're wearing leather!"

I was expecting to get slapped or even just for Spencer to giggle. Instead she blew my mind by leaning into me and whispering seductively, "Maybe if you play your cards right Rock Star." Spencer then kissed my cheek and winked at me while I sat there shocked.

"Davies close your mouth, I don't care what perverted thing Spencer just promised to do to you the whole open mouthed shocked look is so not good!" Madison called out, a tad too loudly. Mrs. C glared over at us while the rest of the parents tried not to laugh. Spencer blushed and hid her face in my neck.

After the embarrassment died down, and I 'accidentally' dropped a handful of chips down Madison's top, it was time to eat. We all sat around the huge table the Carlins had gotten for the day to gorge ourselves on Mr. C's delicious cooking.

Once we were all seated Mr. C got to his feet and raised his glass of champagne (Mrs. C refused to let us underage people have any but Mr. C promised to sneak us some later, have I mentioned how awesome he is?). "So firstly I want to say congratulations to our graduates and all the best to our future seniors," Mr. C paused to beam around the table at all of us. Madison's Dad, Mr. Duarte (who was already pretty wasted) slurred out "Hear hear!"

"I also wanted to thank you all for being here to celebrate and commiserate with us as we get ready to send our two eldest children out into the world. It was a scary thing to move our family out here when the kids were in their senior year but I have to say I think it was the best move our family could have made. Despite the struggles and pain that we endured," Mr. C paused and looked meaningfully at Spencer who gave him a small smile, "We made it through. I am so proud of all our graduates and I know I speak for all the parent's here when I say that we are so proud of you and wish you all love, success and happiness in whatever you choose to do next. Cheers."

We all touched glasses and took a drink. I felt Spencer's hand slide over to rest on my thigh. She squeezed my leg gently and smiled over at me sweetly. I smiled back and covered her hand with mine, linking our fingers. I looked around the table at the people who I cared about, the people who made my life worth living and couldn't help the beaming smile that spread across my face.

"Davies you on ecstasy or something? You're smiling like you're tripping on something," Ridley asked with a smirk. I poked out my tongue and then gave her a grin. Not even Ridley and her insanity were killing my buzz that day, not that Ridley usually was a buzz killer, mood killer yes, buzz killer no.

We finished our delicious meal as we all laughed, joked and shared stories. Our parents seemed to be competing to see who could share the most embarrassing childhood story. Mr and Mrs C totally won when they enlightened us about the fact that Glen used to dress up as a girl when Spencer and Ridley told him boys weren't allowed in their cubby house. Apparently Glen would put on Spencer's clothes and make them call him Glenda so he would be allowed to play with them.

Glen hid his face in his hands and muttered about how glad he was the Felicity was away with her family (she was a junior so not graduating). We all laughed until there were tears on most people's faces. "Hey Glenda, you know if you want to cross dress we will all support and love you!" Aiden called out between gasps of laughter.

Glen glared at Aiden and then at his parents for telling the story. Spencer squeezed my hand as she tried to get her laughter under control. Ridley had literally fallen off her chair she was laughing so hard.

Mr. C got to his feet, helped Ridley up and announced that it was time for desert. We all got up and took up seats in the lounge chairs on the patio. My Dad got up and pulled me to the side, "So kiddo how about a duet for your friends and that girl of yours?"

I beamed up at my Dad and nodded, "Hell yes! Let's do it!" My Dad disappeared into the house and came out with both of our guitars; they were matching because I had declared that I wanted one "just like my Daddy's."

"Ok ladies and gentlemen, oh and Glenda," I paused as everyone laughed and Glen flipped me off, "My Dad and I would like to sing you a song, if that's alright." Everyone clapped and cheered (Spencer and Ridley the loudest) so Dad and I sat next to each other and pulled out our guitars. Tuning them quickly my Dad leaned over and whispered a song titled in my ear. I nodded and we began playing the familiar song. Our voices swelling out and mingling together. I loved singing with my Dad.

"Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road.

Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go.

So make the best of this test
and don't ask why.

It's not a question
but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind.

Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time.

Tattoos of memories
and dead skin on trial.

For what it's worth,
it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life."

We finished the song to loud applause and cheers. Spencer rose out of her seat to kiss me on the cheek before sitting beside me on the lounge chair. Mr. C had lit a bunch of lanterns out on the patio as the sun set, turning the sky into a haze of purples, pinks and blues.

The parentals headed inside after we were all served the most amazing chocolate brownies I have ever eaten in my entire life, and us graduates and future graduates settled around in a circle all on such a high from what had been a pretty great day. Mr. C totally snuck us two bottles of champagne to share which we downed in less than five minutes. Spencer was curled up on her side on the lounge with her head lying on my lap as I lazily stroked her silky hair.

"So you realise that tomorrow everything changes?" Aiden said thoughtfully.

"Wow, way to be dramatic Steroid Boy!" I said with a smirk. Aiden glared at me and flipped me off, he's such a nice young man!

"Steroid Boy is right Ash, tomorrow everything changes but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Tomorrow high school is over, well for most of us, and we start our last summer before college. You and I hit the road for our summer long road trip, Glen's doing that summer coaching job at the rec centre, Madison leaves for Spain with her parents for the summer, Aiden's going to work with his Dad and hell even Ridley's got a summer job!" Spencer said with a grin. Ridley had gotten a job as a clown for children's parties. I was scared to think what was going to come out of her mouth in front of kids.

"I know! Isn't it tragic! Fucking parents making me work! Bitches!" Ridley cursed.

"Ridley Elizabeth Walker, I heard that!" Mrs. Walker called from the kitchen.

"Oops sorry Bitc…Oh I mean Mom!" Ridley called. We could all hear Mrs. Walker laughing as she wandered out of the kitchen. We all laughed as Ridley rolled her eyes.

"Spencer and Steroid Boy are right Ash, no matter what things will change, but that might not be a bad thing. We're all staying in Cali for college so that's good right?" Glen asked. Spencer nodded and smiled at her twin.

"Would you guys stop calling me Steroid Boy!" Aiden snapped.

We all looked around at each other and grinned before saying simultaneously, "Nope!" Aiden shook his head and glared at all of us, just making us laugh harder.

We sat around like that until it was so late that it was actually early. We reminisced about the good times, the bad times, the funny, scary, painful and amazing times. During our conversation Spencer moved onto my lap and I held her as close to me as was humanly possible.

"Hey Ash, you think you could sing us a song before we head home?" Ridley asked quietly, so quietly I was scared she'd had a personality transplant or something, but then… "Oh c'mon bitch get Spencer out of your lap and just play us a fucking song already!" Yeah there's the Ridley we all know and love.

Spencer sat up beside me and stuck her tongue out at Ridley, "Watch it Carlin! You do that again and I might just bite it off!" Ridley warned.

"Oh hell no, no one gets to bite her tongue but me!" I cried and then blushed as everyone laughed at me.

Spencer shook her head and kissed me on the cheek, "Just sing Babe."

I grinned at her and pulled my guitar onto my lap. I started strumming and saw Spencer's smile widen as she recognized the song. I started singing softly, thinking this song was pretty damn appropriate for where we all were at that point in our lives.

"The Friday sun bears down again
As we drive with our friends
And on these longest days we spend
All the time trying to pretend
That our stories could be true
Wanting to be cool
The setting sunset says the day is through
If only we knew...

And we all sit around here in our home town
Listen to the waves as they all crash down
And watch the fire as it slowly burns away
Glowing embers fly across the sky your"

Spencer moved to sit behind me so that her legs fell either side of mine and she leaned forward so that her body was pressed warmly against my back. I felt her breast against me and it made my breath hitch. Spencer began singing along with me quietly so that only I could hear, her low, husky voice making me crazy as her warm breath tickled my ear.

"Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
I let you watch it all, the view from our last summer
The view from our last summer...

We trace the sun across the sky
And we laugh till we cry
Always so hard to say goodbye (good bye)

And we all sit round here in our home town
It's so good like this, these are times we'll miss
The memories, I hope will never fade
Glowing embers fly across the sky your

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
I let you watch it all, the view through our last summer
The view from our last summer...

I would stop time to stay with you
I would stop time so we don't move
I would stop time
I would stop time
I would stop time to keep you"

Spencer stopped singing softly to me and tenderly kissed my neck as I sang, her lips hitting my skin between the lines of the song.

"Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
I let you watch it all, the view from our last summer."

Everyone grinned at each other, a little bit of sadness reflected in all our eyes as I finished the song. Spencer wrapped her arms around my waist and I snuggled back against her.

"I really love you guys you know," Ridley said softly.

"Yeah we love you too," I said giving the small girl a grin.

Spencer gave me a soft kiss on the cheek before getting up and pulling me to my feet, "Guys we gotta get some sleep, we have a long drive starting tomorrow."

I watched as Kyla stepped over to my girl and hugged her hard, "Spence I am so glad you moved here and thank you for giving me an Ashley free summer!" As soon as Kyla released Spencer I slugged her in the arm and then smiling, pulled her into a hug.

Madison grabbed Spencer next and held her close as she said, "I'm proud of you Chica, you got through so much this year." Spencer whispered something back I couldn't quite catch before Madison came over and hugged me.

Spencer was swept up in Aiden's arms next, then Chelsea, Glen and Clay all took their turn hugging her before they embraced me. Last was Ridley, who had tears in her eyes. She stepped up to Spencer and held her by both arms, "Carlin you are my best friend and fuck am I glad you followed my sexy ass out here to Lala Land. We've been through a lot you and me and I am so glad I have you in my life."

Spencer beamed tearfully down at Ridley and pulled her into a crushing hug, "Love ya Tiny Terror."

"Right back at ya Blonde Bombshell!" Ridley released Spencer with a final sloppy kiss on the cheek before she pulled me into her arms. She whispered so that only I heard her, "Look after her for me Davies. Break her heart and I break your face."

I nodded and whispered back, "I got it Rid."

Ridley released me and wrapped an arm around Spence and I, "Well guys I think we need to let these two go have sex before they hit the road tomorrow for their cross country sex marathon, I wonder how many states they'll do it in?" Ridley asked.

"Ridley that's wrong on so many levels!" Kyla gasped.

"Yeah on that note I'm gonna drive Chelsea home," Clay said. Glen just shook his head. Ridley seemed to really enjoy grossing out our siblings.

After a few more hugs, a fair few tears and a multitude of inappropriate comments from Ridley concerning me and Spencer's sex life the group all left. The parents all took their respective offspring home, with Clay taking Chelsea. My Dad kissed me goodbye and wished me luck (while slipping a huge wad of cash into my pocket). Because we were leaving so early in the morning I had been given permission to stay at the Carlin's for the night.

No matter how supportive Mrs. C was of our relationship she still had a problem with the idea that we were having sex. I guess she really didn't need to know all the dirty things I did to her daughter (or that her daughter did to me for that matter). The deal was I could stay and even stay in Spencer's bed if we didn't close the door the whole way.

We said good night to Mr. and Mrs. C, both getting hugs and congratulations from them, and made our way up the stairs with our arms wrapped around each other. We walked into her room and closed the door so we could get changed. I got a pair of boxers and a tank top out of my bag and turned around to find Spencer topless in just her underwear with her back to me. She was about to pull her tank top over her head when I stepped up behind her and spread my hand across her bare stomach.

Spencer dropped her hands, letting her tank top hang limply by her side as I ran my hands over her stomach and hips, moving higher torturously slowly. Her breathing was erratic as she leaned her body back against mine. I bent my head to kiss her shoulder, letting my tongue out to taste her skin.

Spencer moaned and moved her hands to cover mine, gently but persistently moving them upwards towards her breasts which were heaving as she fought to control her breathing. I bit down on her shoulder and took her not so subtle hint. I moved my hands up to cover her breasts and gently kneaded them, loving the feeling of her nipples hardening against my palms.

Spencer leaned her head back so that it was resting on my shoulder and gasped as I continued my actions. I nipped, kissed and licked my way across the skin of her shoulders and her throat. She reached back and put her hand behind my neck to guide my lips to hers. I kissed her hungrily and desperately as I slid one hand down over her stomach. I had just reached the waist band of her underwear when there was a loud knocking on the door.

"Stop whatever the hell you guys are doing, Mom is coming," Glen hissed through the door.

Spencer hurriedly threw her tank-top over her head and threw on her boxers (backwards I might add). I bolted into the bathroom with my pyjamas so I could get changed. I hurriedly threw them on and was just walking back out when Mrs. C threw open the bedroom door and looked sternly at both of us. "I thought I told you two to keep the door open! Don't make me have to force Ashley to sleep on the couch," Mrs. C warned.

"Sorry Mom I just closed the door while we were getting changed," Spencer said with an apologetic smile. The only thing giving her away was her rather flushed cheek and the fact that she was still a little breathless.

Mrs. C looked at us suspiciously before rolling her eyes and smiling, "Good night girls, just keep it clean tonight and then do whatever you want to each other while you're away. What I don't know won't force me to lock you up!" With that Mrs. C turned and walked out, pulling the door so that it was about three quarters closed.

"Oh my God, did my Mom just give us permission to have sex while we're away?" Spencer asked a little shocked as she put on her boxer shorts so that they weren't backwards anymore.

I laughed and pulled her into my arms, "Yeah Princess, you know she's probably aware that we've had sex right?" Spencer just groaned and buried her face in my neck, making me laugh again. "Come on Baby, we have a big adventure to get started on tomorrow so let's get some sleep." I said turning off the light

Spencer let me lead her to the bed and we both climbed in under the covers. I lay on my back and Spencer snuggled into me. Her cheek resting on my chest, her arm firmly around my waist and her leg thrown in between mine. I wanted to go to bed like this always, ok so I'd like to go to be like this and be naked if we're being honest.

"Hey Ash?" She whispered in the dark.

"Yeah Baby?" I asked softly.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I'm so excited to be going on this adventure with you," She murmured, her breath tickling my neck.

I pulled her closer and kissed her gently, "I love you too Princess and this adventure is going to be out of this world."

I felt her snuggle into me and held her even closer. I loved this girl with all that I am and I know that she is it for me. Not many people find the love of their life at 18 but I know I have. We went through a lot and now I think we deserve our happy ending. I kissed her forehead felt her breathing start to even out. As she drifted off to sleep I softly sang to her.

"I wanna break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment (stay in this moment)
For the rest of our lives
Is it over now hey, hey, is it over now

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have
I wanna be your last, first kiss

I wanna be your last, first kiss
That you'll ever have (that you'll ever have)
I wanna be your last, first love (that you'll ever have)
Till you're lying here beside me with arms and eyes open wide
I wanna be your last, first kiss for all time."

I let my voice trail off and kissed her lips softly. She smiled in her sleep and I closed my eyes. I fell in love with this girl hard and fast. It was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me and I didn't regret it for a single second.

I wanna be your last, first kiss for all time.


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