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Title: The Irresistible Ms Swan

Author(s): UnaRJ

Catregory (AU, canon, AH other): AH

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As I walked down the hallway, lined with brass hooks, set at waist level, I smiled at the forgotten coats and lunch packs that were scattered here and there. That was something my mom used to chide me for; leaving something behind at the end of the day. I remember she used to say that I would loose my head if it weren't fixed to my shoulders. The first few times she said that, I worried that somehow the glue would come unstuck.

As I approached the door, I quickly checked my watch. I was on time. Four thirty. I wasn't sure why but the last few weeks I'd turned up for these appointments, I felt kind of nervous. I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. Everything seemed to be going really well.

When we first moved here, to be close to mom and dad, I wasn't sure if we would stay. In just a few short months our world had been turned upside down. The word 'why' figured in every sentence for weeks; for both of us.

I certainly didn't know the answers. The only person who could give the answers, to all of our questions, was not there and as far as I knew, would never be again. Very quickly I went through all the emotions of denial, anger and finally acceptance.

Denial lasted a month. Mom and dad knew that there was something going on but I couldn't even face it myself, let alone tell them the truth. Mother's are amazing creatures. Well, my one certainly is. She turned up on the doorstep, unnannounced. I should have known better than to not tell her straight away, but I thought if I did, then it was like I'd given up and the reality of our situation would be exactly that. Reality.

From that day on, mom took charge. It took another month to convice me that I should move house and be closer to them, so that I had all the support I needed on my doorstep. I was thankful I did because by that time the anger had set in. Mom knew that. She was there when I needed to get away and go down to the gym for a few hours at a time. Thank God that's out of my system now. I was like a bear with a sore head for what seemed like weeks. I reined it it when I was at home, just giving one worded answers in order to keep a lid on it. Deep and meaningfuls were not something I could cope with at the time.

Mom kept everything as normal as possible for Tom. He's only seven, so he was her priority, while I got my head together. A seven year old can't even begin to understand the hurtful things that adults can do to each other. When he's older and he wants to know the truth, then that'll be the time to tell him. As honestly as possible. Without the bitterness.

As I reached the door. I took a deep breath, trying to still my heart a little. I'm beginning to think that I may as well give up on that one.

I reached out my hand and knocked on the door sharply. There was no sound from the other side of the door. Not even a chair scraping against the floor. I peeked through the small window, in the door. There was no sign of her. I mentally checked the appointment details again. Friday, four thirty. Both correct. I knocked again.

She came into view, walking towards the door from the back of the room. I sighed to myself, watching her smooth down her blue blouse and tight, black skirt. Her delicate hands skimming over her body. Her long brown hair held up in a ponytail by a large clip. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear; an all too familiar habit of hers.

As she opened the door I automatically smiled and nodded to greet her.

"Mr. McCarty. Please come in." Her voice was like a giant band-aid, holding me together. Since our last meeting on Monday, it's been hard not think about her. It certainly doesn't help when Tom talks about her all the time. I'm quite sure that he has a crush on her. Let's be honest, what seven year old boy wouldn't?

She gestured to the chair on the opposite side of her desk. I gave a quick nod and headed for it. I tried to relax as much as I could, watching her as she walked over to her chair. She had those damn heels on again. Her legs looked like they would go on forever. She stood for a moment, behind her desk as if she was looking for something. My eyes travelled from her hairline down to the top of her thighs and back up again in one swift movement. Finally my eyes rested on her face. She glanced at me from under her lashes as she sat down. Those big brown eyes of hers look like they're hiding all sorts of secrets and her luscious pouty, cherry red lips, will be the only way to find out what those secrets are.

The first meeting we had, before Tom started school, I explained to her the reason for our move. She assured me that Tom would be her priority. She would make sure that he settled in, made friends and enjoyed the lessons. I had no doubt that he would enjoy the lessons. On the first day of school, when I collected Tom, all of the children left the classroom beaming. From what Tom said, she had decided that the first day would be devoted to talking about their summer break and the things that they did. Naturally, Tom was fairly quiet about that. He simply told the class that he had recently moved into the area and enjoyed spending more time with his family and taking the rather old, family dog for walks with his Aunt. Kids have a knack of keeping things plain and uncomplicated.

She sat down gracefully, resting her elbows on the arms of her chair.

"Firstly, Mr McCarty." Her voice chimed out, caressing my ears. "Thank you for taking time out in your busy schedule, to attend this meeting. I feel that these meetings have been very productive in helping us to monitor Tom's progress." She added, picking up a book from the top of a pile on her desk and placing it in front of her.

She looked up at me, my cue to speak if I wanted too. I nodded.

"No, thank you Ms Swan for using your valuable time to have these meetings. You know that I'm only too happy to be here." I smiled at her and gained the reaction I now longed for at each meeting. Her warm smile.

"This week has been one of the more successful weeks, so far." As yet I don't think I've heard her begin these meetings with a negative tone. I grinned to myself, knowing that all of Tom's positive behaviour is down to one person. The woman sitting in front of me.

"Tom seems to be taking on board the idea, that his classmates are not as......physically confident and capable as he is. He has become much more considerate towards the girls and appears to be reining in the horseplay with the boys." I nodded to her. Her idea of getting Tom involved in a controlled physical activity, a couple of times a week, seemed to be paying off.

"After your suggestion, I enrolled him in a karate class." I began, looking into her face. "He seems to be enjoying it. The instructor said, that particular form of discipline would be good for him. It should help him to center himself more. Channel his anger." Her eyes seem to linger over my mouth as I spoke. I nervously raked my fingers through my hair. I've been doing that a lot lately. But only during these meetings. It's a habit I had as a child, whenever I felt unsure about something. It seems that old habits die hard.

I noticed that she mimicked my action, only seconds later, as she handed Tom's writing book over to me. I took it and scanned the last two pages. His writing had also improved. He appeared to be taking more care. No doubt making the effort to please Ms Swan and earn her positive feed back.

I looked up from the book, catching her unawares. The hint of a blush came to her cheeks. I had caught her out. I grinned at her and she quickly lowered her eyes as I handed the book back. I looked at her boldly. Her face had given me the assurance, until now, I'd only been able to guess about.

Seconds went by before she spoke again. She shut her eyes a couple of times and took in a deep breath, looking as though she was trying to clear her head. I'd just love to know what was going on in that gorgeous head of hers. Would she ever tell me? Would I ever get a chance to tell her how I felt about her?

She stood up, sharply, scraping the floor with the chair legs. I looked up at her a little surprised. Damn! Does this mean that the meeting is over? I hesitated in my chair and waited for her to speak.

"Would you like to look at one of his pictures, Mr McCarty?" God, I wish she wouldn't call me that. The way she says my name is so damn hot! I gave her a small smile as she walked around her desk and headed for the back of the room. I stayed in my chair for a moment, turning in it, to watch her sashay down the room in those high heels. She's a vision and probably doesn't even know it.

I took a deep breath, as I stood to follow her, to where she was now standing; at the display board at the back of the room. Pieces of the children's work were neatly displayed, a mixture of pictures and writing, all mounted with care on different coloured card. After scanning the board quickly and finding Tom's work, she pointed to it.

"This is it Mr McCarty. Our theme this month is The Family. At first I thought that it might be a little difficult for him to share about his family, with the class. As you can see he drew a lovely picture of you, his grandparents, his Aunt and Uncle and he didn't forget to include the family dog." She pointed out all the figures in the picture to me and turned to me smiling, obviously proud of his work.

As I looked at the picture, I smiled too. Previous pictures had always included his mother. He couldn't see our family in any other way. Just recently, his creations excluded his mother, more often than not.

"His mother isn't included." I stated, softly. I knew she could hear me. I was bearly standing two feet away from her. I could smell her perfume again. I wanted to look into her face but resisted the temptation and kept my eyes on the picture in front of me.

"No." She replied. "I thought it best not to pursue the reason behind that. He seemed happy enough that the picture, as far as he was concerned, was complete." She added.

He had finally learnt to accept, in some small way, that his mother was not coming back. 'It all takes time', mom said some months ago. I'm just glad that I listened to her.

In no time at all, he had adjusted very well.

Another display board caught my eye, just to the right of where Ms Swan was standing. I reached out to point to another piece of his work. This time a poem, was proudly displayed. My arm brushed against hers.

I shut my eyes for a moment, reacting to the closeness of our bodies. Her smell was more intense this time. It had been a couple of weeks, since we stood this close to each other. Then it was by accident. Today it was not. I inhaled in her scent. Everything seemed to stand still at that moment. Not a word was said. I had completely lost my train of thought. I opened my eyes and looked straight into her chocolate brown, pools. I was standing so close. And I didn't want to move.

Her eyes softened and seemed to darken. Then I realised why. My face was moving towards hers. We were both breathing hard, by this time. Only inches separated us. My outstretched hand slowly moved to the back of her head. I heard her breath hitch as my fingers quickly released her hair from the large clip. For some reason I put the clip in my jeans pocket. As her hair tumbled down in large waves, I trailed my fingers through it. They tingled at the sensation.

The heat in my body began to rise from the pit of my stomach. My heartbeat quickend. She had to know now, what it was she did to me. I half expected her to suddenly realise what was going on and somehow duck out of the way. I certainly wasn't holding her prisoner. I had allowed her time to move away.

She shut her eyes. The flush in her cheeks drawing me to her. As I closed the gap between us, her full lips parted just a fraction. I could no longer hold back. There was no way I could pull back now. If I had any doubts as to what was going on between us these last few weeks, I was in no doubt now, that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I kissed her gently at first. Still giving her the option to walk away. But she didn't move. Either she couldn't or didn't want too. If both those answers applied, I realised then that I had won this flirting game that we'd been playing during each appointment.

I kissed her again and again, silently pleading, to allow the kiss to continue. She answered me, giving me silent permission to continue; her lips parted more this time. The encouragement hit me instantly. I snaked my other arm around her waist, pulling her closer to my body. My heart was pounding in my chest, the beat echoing in my ears. Her hands that had been redundant at her sides, suddenly found employment in my hair. She fisted it, twisting the strands in her fingers, gripping my head and pulling our mouths even closer.

The urgency of her need was sending my mind into overdrive. She opened her mouth, fully and welcomed me in. Her tongue found mine and they deliciously caressed.

She tasted so good. Just as I had imagined, all the weeks we had been meeting in this classroom.

I pulled her head closer to me. She just wasn't close enough for my liking. My hand that had been trailing through her hair, was now firmly placed at the back of her neck. My hand and fingers, gently kneading her warm flesh.

A shiver shot up my spine and I moaned at the feel of it, into her mouth. I stepped forward, forcing her to step back. Another step back and she was up against the wall.

I pressed my body against hers. The softeness of her felt so good. So damn good.

It had been months since I kissed a woman let alone held one in my arms. I realised suddenly how much I needed this. For weeks we'd been sitting opposite each other discussing Tom while all the time we'd been looking at each other, sizing each other up, gauging reactions whenever we looked at each other, furtively. Subtle messages being sent back and forth between us. Finally the messages had been delivered and read and now the invitation to take it all one step further, had been issued.

I hoped that my reply was loud and clear. My answer was a resounding yes.

She pulled away from my mouth, panting. I don't know how she did it. She was pressed firmly, up against the wall. There was no room for movement. But suddenly her mouth was gone.

"I really think we need to take this somewhere else, don't you?" She whispered, sending a shiver down me that hit my cock full on. My God! I'd forgotten how good that felt.

"Somewhere else?" I questioned. I couldn't even think straight. "What have you in mind, Ms Swan." Fuck, it sounds good to use her name in this new context.

"I take it you won't be missed for a while?" She added, her hot breath fanning towards my mouth. I shut my eyes for a moment, to think.

"No, Tom is with my parents. I won't be missed." I grinned. She grinned back in a most deliciously, tantilising way. She looked down at me, chest level and then up at me again from under her lashes.

She was making my jeans feel extremely uncomfortable and by the look in her eyes, she knew it too.

"I don't feel that a first date is necessary, do you?" She whispered, trailing her fingers down my chest and across my stomach until they rested at my wasitband.

"I actually feel that we've already had twelve dates since the time we've been meeting up. This is our first kiss. I don't think we're rushing things do you?" I whispered nuzzling her cheek.

"Absolutely not, Mr McCarty. My place. Now." She smiled and gripped my waist firmly. My stomach muscles immediately clenched.

I nodded at her instructions, my mind buzzing with anticipation.

I took one step back, she pushed away from the wall and slid passed me, brushing her perfect boobs along my heaving torso, grinning to herself. My eyes followed her body as it swayed down the room. She reached her desk and opened a draw, retrieving her purse. I followed her and stood by the classroom door, reaching out for the handle as she grabbed her jacket from a hook on the wall.

She placed the jacket over her arm and reached for the light switch and flicked it off. I opened the door for her to exit. I had to follow her at a sensible distance. I wanted to walk with her. My hand itched to touch the small of her back as we walked along the empty hallway. We didn't say a word. Her heels were the only noise on the linoneum flooring. They seemed to set the pace of my beating heart.

As we reached the external door, I swiftly moved forward to open it for her, rewarding myself with another chance to inhale her intoxicating fragrance. That's it; strawberries.

She nodded to me, pulling out her car keys. My silent instruction to follow. I trotted over to my car, keys in hand. I was in, with the engine running, in a matter of seconds. There was no point in wasting precious time.

She pulled out of her parking space swiftly, in front of me. I could just see her eyes glancing at me via her rearview mirror. I promised myself that this journey would be the last time that there would be so much distance between us, at least for the next few hours.

The journey only took ten minutes. In that time the urgency in my pants was already at Def Com 4.

We reached her apartment block and neatly parked. I retrieved my cell and quickly sent mom a text to say that I would be a little late. I watched her as she stood at the main entrance waiting for me, as I shut my phone. With the car secured, I walked over to her. To my complete surprise she grabbed the front of my button down and pulled me into the lobby, shutting the door behind her. She didn't let go of me.

"First floor. Number five." She said. I nodded. Wow she's eager! A smirk came to my face. Our faces were so close.

"Ms Swan, are we a little impatient?" A single eyebrow arched as she looked me in the eyes.

"I can be as impatient as you want me to be." Still gripping my button down, she pulled me to her, our mouths crashing together. No sooner had our tongues touched, she let go of me and was half way up the stairs before I realised what had happened. Hell, yeah! she's eager. I certainly have no problem with that!

I followed her, taking the steps two at a time. By the time I reached her door it was already unlocked and she was standing inside, ready to shut the door behind me. As I stepped into her living room, I heard the front door shut with a satisfying thud. I turned to see her standing against the door. Her hair looked wild and her eyes were dark and full of desire.

She pushed herself away from the door and walked over, slowly, to where I was standing. I watched as she reached up to the buttons on her blouse and began to undo them, one by one, starting from the top. I stood unable to move. Shit! I was getting my own striptease show. My cock was pulsing in time with each button that came undone. If I don't concentrate then I will be next!

By the time she had undone the last button, she stood inches from me. I swear she was looking at the rather large bulge in my pants. She grinned again, obviously pleased that she had gained the reaction she wanted. I was only too happy to oblige. She stood there with her blouse undone, revealing a dark blue, lacy bra. My God! I bet she's even got the matching panties on.

I think I must have looked at her for too long because she took another tentative step forward and then I realised what it was I should be doing. Have I really been out of practice for that long?

I reached out and placed my slightly shaky hands, gently on her shoulders and pushed the blouse down, revealing the bra straps. The blouse trailed down her slim but toned arms, until it finally floated to the floor by her high heels. I licked my lips at the sight of her creamy flesh, highlighted by that dark blue bra. I trailed my fingers back up her arms, feeling her flesh react to my touch. Goosebumps formed along the trail where my fingers had been. They continued their journey over her shoulders, at which point she shut her eyes and tilted her head back. I leaned forward and took advantage of her sensitive state and kissed her shoulder, just where it met with her delicate neck.

She shuddered. Only momentarily but she did all the same.

My fingers continued their journey over her collar bone and to her chest, finally reaching the soft flesh that spilled out from the top of her bra. My kisses followed the direction that my fingers had taken. When they eventually caught up, my hands were cupping her perfect boobs. A perfect fit for each hand. I rubbed my thumbs over the the top of each lace encased nipple, feeling how hard they already were. God, she is so responsive!

My hands continued downwards on their journey, skimming her small waist and came to rest on her hips. She had too many clothes on, I decided and reached for the button and zip on her skirt. As I pulled down on the zip, the skirt more or less, slid down her legs at its own will. It pooled at her feet, making a gentle wooshing sound.

I looked down for a moment to confirm my suspicions. Damn! It is a matching set. Her head straightened up and she gazed into my eyes once again.

"Mr McCarty, you seem to be rather over dressed for this lesson, don't you think?" I inwardly groaned at her use of the word 'lesson'. Oh yes, I'd be only too happy to attend her lessons. I'd never cut class and as for coming early, I'd like to think that that would be a rare occurrence.

She reached up to my button down and began to deal with the buttons deftly. She kissed my flesh each time a button was released, causing me to shiver at the delicate touch of her pouty lips. I watched as she slowly made her way down my torso until she came to the last two buttons that were tucked inside my waistband.

I inwardly smirked as, instead of pulling the shirt out from the confines of the waistband, she undid the belt and button. She then undid the last two buttons. Her fingers brushed against the sensitive flesh of my happy trail. My cock twitched in response. Of course she noticed and looked up at from under those dark lashes. Her hands reached up to my shoulders under the shirt and I shut my eyes, relishing her gentle touch. Before I could comprehend anything, the shirt was gone and she trailed her fingers down my chest, over my hard nipples, down my rock hard stomach until she reached the open waistband. Oh God yes! I know what's coming next!

I took a deep breath, exhaling over the top of her head. She was just too much. It was almost like torture. Sweet, sweet torture.

In one swift movement the pants were down around my ankles. She still had two items on. One too many.

I reached around the tops of her arms, to her back and followed the line of her bra, arriving quickly at the clasp. Gently unhooking it, I slid the garment down her arms and to the floor. I took in the sight of her. She was delicious. I licked my lips again and cupped her left boob in my hand. She was so warm and soft.

As I took her nipple in my mouth she moaned, grabbing at my boxer shorts, pushing them down to join my pants. The cool air immediately hit my cock but didn't diminish it's soldier like stance. He was ready and willing for action. As I kissed along her flesh from one boob to the other, not wanting to play favourites, she wrapped her hand around my cock, gently moving her hand along the length of it. She grazed the slit with her thumb and trailed my juice around the head. With my mouth over her left boob I groaned at the sensation and felt the vibrations on her flesh, through my lips. I sucked at her boob and then turned my attention to my hands.

I reached for her panties. They might be dark blue but they have got to go.

The whole time I watched her face. Her eyes were shut. The gentle flush on her face begged me to continue. My hand trailed down her stomach and came to rest at her folds. I hadn't felt anything so wet for such a long time. Did I really have this affect on her? Was all of this just for me? Yes, my head answered and so did my cock.

I carefully stepped out of my pants and boxers, still at my ankles, not taking my hand away from her. I could feel her pulsate against my fingers, inviting me in. How much would she be able take? Would I be pushing my luck at three?

I began with one. Slowly but surely my middle finger entered. Her warm throbbing walls caressed the digit as she let out a moan. Her grip on me tightened for a moment, the pressure just right. Damn, she's good at this.

Her lips parted again as I reached further inside her. I captured her mouth with mine just as she moaned again. I had begun to anticipate her reactions. As our tongues danced, her walls expanded. Time for number two.

I withdrew my middle finger just a little and placed the index next to it. As they made their way back up, her arousal spilled down their entire length. I captured the next moan in my mouth and returned it to her as she gripped me tighter.

She pulled away from my mouth. I watched as she took a deep breath and finally opened her eyes.

"I can hardly stand any more." She whispered. I knew how she felt.

"You lead, I'll follow." I breathed. Right now I'd follow you anywhere.

She let go of my cock and I gently removed my fingers. We stood for a moment, I lifted my fingers to my mouth. A single eyebrow arched at the realisation of what I was going to do. She watched as my tongue licked along the length of my fingers. She tasted so sweet. I licked them clean as she stood transfixed, her boobs heaving with her heavy breaths.

As she backed up towards the coffee table, I was once again able to let my eyes take in all of her. She's still got those heels on. Good.

I slipped off my shoes and socks quickly, not breaking my gaze on her and moved forward to where she now stood. I registered the softness and almost immediate warmth, beneath my feet.

She reached for my hand and slowly sank to the floor, pulling me down with her. I placed my hand at the back of her head and gently laid her down. As her hair fanned out, it was then that I saw the reason for the softness and warmth beneath us. It was a large sheepskin rug. Perfect.

I hovered over her, resting on my knees, perfectly placed between her legs. As I moved my hand from behind her head, I trailed it down the length of her pulsating, pink flesh. My eyes followed the trail, noting every peak and every dip in her torso. I then placed my hands either side of her body, digging my fingers into the soft, furry pile.

I reached down and kissed her mouth, as she snaked her arms around my neck to pull me closer. I pulled away just as I felt her tongue touch mine.

"Right now the lesson is, that I have waited too long for this Ms Swan." As the words filtered through her brain, I lowered my body to hers, stretching out my legs behind me and positioning my cock at her throbbing entrance.

She nodded to me and bent her legs, to open herself up for me just a little more.

"Duly noted, Mr McCarty." She grinned and took her bottom lip between her teeth, biting down and shutting her eyes as I entered her.

I had to be still for a moment. The build up had been such, that my resolve to restrain the surge, might not hold. I shut my own eyes to concentrate. I wanted her to enjoy this as much I knew I would.

I began to rock backwards and forwards, coating my cock in her arousal. With every thrust I reached deeper and deeper. Her flush darkened as each small climax eminating from her core, registered with the rest of her body. I lost count after five as my own urge to spill into her intensified.

She reached her arms above her head and fisted the rug, pulling at it and lifting it off the floor.

I lowered my arms, elbows either side of her now, grazing my own flushed chest against hers. Her hard nipples stroked me with every movement.

As I moved backwards and forwards. Backwards and forwards. She held me in a trance.

As her heart rate increased, the pulse in her neck throbbed, delightfully, pumping the blood around her body and intensifying her colour to that of pomegranate juice.

"Oh fuck!" I growled. The surge in me pulsing, at the base of my cock. My stomach muscles had clenched hard and fast.

"Oh God, yes!" She moaned. The pleasure I was giving her, clearly evident in the movements of her walls, clamping down around me.

I felt her legs wrap around my waist, pulling me deeper into her. And then I felt those heels press into my back.

"Holy fuck!" I moaned, squeezing my eyes firmly shut. I was now on my way to heaven.

I captured her lips with mine and plunged my tongue deep into her mouth, immediately rewarded with the touch of hers. As the next thrust filled her further, the build up in me began to surge forward along my length. Slowly, slowly. I told myself.

The last thrust came, reaching what felt like the very centre of her. I opened my eyes to steal a glance at her flushed face and panting body, now wet, not just on the inside but on the surface too.

And there it was the tell tale signal of the end. My mind went blank as I shut my eyes again to allow the sensations course through my entire body. The rush of blood. The contracting muscle that enabled my release to spill into her. Her walls clamped down tighter than before. I didn't think it possible

We both moaned at the same time. Holding on to each other for dear life as we rode out the tidal surge. She milked me for all I was worth.

I lowered myself down, gently. I shivered as the sweat on my back began to cool me, burying my face in her neck and once again inhaling her scent. She disconnected her legs from around my waist and lowered them, to rest.

She gently trailed her hand down my back. My flesh came alive with goosebumps.

"That was a very fulfilling lesson, Mr McCarty." She breathed next to my ear, sending another shiver down my spine.

"Indeed Ms Swan. Very fulfilling." I kissed her temple.

"I fear our meetings will have to come to an end now, Mr McCarty." My heart gave a little jolt.

Of course this couldn't continue. It's rediculous of me to think that we would carry on like this. She would be in so much trouble and I know that Tom would disown me.

Why is it whenever something feels so right, it is invariably so wrong?

I pushed myself up onto my hands, disconnecting from her slowly, not wanting too. I then drew up my knees under me and sat back on them. I took one last lingering look at her, spread out before me. If nothing else I would have this memory of her.

I stood and reached out my hand to her. She took it gratefully and I helped her up to her feet. Without a word I turned and retrieved my clothes that were scattered on the floor. I heard her gentle footsteps behind me as she left the room. I dressed quickly, not wanting to drag out the inevitable.

With my car keys in my hand, I headed for the door. I resisted the temptation to look back. If there was one thing I had learnt over the last few months it was just that.

Don't look back!


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