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She felt like the most amazing thing in the whole fucking world at that moment. Her mouth was so soft and inviting. I ran my tongue over her bottom lip. She responded immediately as I trailed my hands up her back and laced them through her soft hair. How long had it been since we were this close? Too fucking long, that's for sure. I cradled the back of her head in my hands and pulled her closer to me. As my tongue slid into her delicious mouth that tasted of red wine. My pants tightened. There was just the smallest gap between us but it felt like the fucking Grand Canyon at that point.

I shifted my weight and moved forward to seal the gap. As my now raging hard on, pressed against her body, she moaned into my mouth. I couldnt help but respond, moaning into hers.

I felt her pull her head back slightly but not completely disconnected from my mouth.

"Emmett?" She whispered against my lips, making them tingle.

"Uh huh." I answered, connecting with her lips once again. Our mouths moved together perfectly. There was a time when I did't think that I would ever find someone again that I would want to spend this amount of time just kissing.

I let my hands trail from her head, down the nape of her neck and trace down her back. I hadn't properly taken in what it was she was wearing, as all I could see when she opened the door was her face and the colour purple but my fingers seemed to enjoy the silky sensation beneath them. My hands finally came to rest on the small of her back. I subconsciously kneaded her flesh under the silky material.

"Emmett?" She whispered once more, her lips hovering at mine as she spoke.

"Uh huh." I replied lazily. My brain was now only able to concentrate on one thing at that moment and thinking about anything else certainly did not come into the equation. Where was that sheepskin rug again?

Once again she pulled her mouth away from mine, taking a deep breath. God, I was making her breathless. I smiled against her lips. She responded so well to me. It was as if we had always been together. It was as if her body was made for me. I took my own necessary breath and pressed my lips against her again. I then I remembered she wanted to ask a question. It seemed that we were both so caught up in the moment that all thoughts were forgotten.

"Yes, Bella." I whispered not moving away from her in any shape or form.

"Shall we take the wine into the bedroom?" I leaned back a little and looked into her eyes. Now she had got my attention.

"I'll go where ever you want, Bella. You lead the way. We didn't get as far as the bedroom last time." I grinned.

She pulled away from my hold and looked over her shoulder at me as she walked towards the coffee table. I finally registered what it was she was wearing. I had never seen anything so fucking sexy in my life. She was the sexiest thing alive naked but this warpping had me almost panting. The purple babydoll reached to just about the top of her soft creamy thighs. The fact that it had slits either side, reaching all the way up and seemed to be held together by just thin laces of material in a criss cross pattern, made me wonder if they could be untied. I sure was going to find out.

I watched her intently as she bent down over the coffee table giving me an exquisite view of her perfectly shaped ass. God, kill me now! She had nothing on under that skimpy piece of enticing material.

I swiftly moved forward and stood behind her, reaching around her and taking the bottle and glasses out of her grasp. I needed to concentrate on something and carrying the wine and glasses into the bedroom seemed like a good distraction. She straightened up and stood still for a moment, looking up at me. She gave me a come hither grin and ducked out of the circle of my arms and headed down the small hallway. I followed eagerly. There was no way of getting lost in this apartment but I wanted to keep her delicious and tantalising body within my sights.

She reached what I assumed was the bedroom door and opened it, ushering me in. I stepped into the dark room and waited for a moment for her to switch one of the nightstand lights on. As she did, once again she was bathed in a soft light, emphasizing the rich colour of her hair and beautiful outline of her body.

I placed the bottle and my glass on a nearby cabinet and walked to where she was standing, holding her glass out to her. She took it from me and put the glass to her lips. I watched hungrily as she took a sip of the wine and placed it down in the nightstand next to her. She reached out and took my hand in hers, lifting it to her face and holding it against her soft cheek. As I looked into her face, her eyes were downcast. I needed to look into her eyes.

I brought up my other hand and cupped her chin and tilted her face to meet mine.

"I want to see your beautiful eyes, Bella." I whispered. She smiled back at me and a gave me a small nod.

She snaked her arms around my neck and pulled herself to me, very close. As we kissed my hands slid down her body, along her sides until they came to rest on what I could feel were small bows that bound the thin laces together, either side of her babydoll. I pulled at the bows simultaneously and to my pleasure, they came undone. I worked my fingers up the length of the babydoll undoing the laces as they travelled.

Each time my fingers came in contact with her skin, she moaned into my mouth. This woman was seriously driving me crazy! I traced my fingers along her exposed flesh and under the silky garment, my thumbs running over the outline of her breasts. I could feel the goosebumps form under my touch. That tingling sensation shot through my own body and straight to my ever uncomfortable cock. It was time to step this up a notch.

I moved her gently so that her back was to the bed and ending the kiss, carefully laid her down. Her hair fanned out behind her and she kept her eyes open, watching my face the whole time. She wriggled across the bed a little more.

I began to undress. Her watching me do this was such a turn on. Her eyes darkened with lust with each piece of clothing that I removed. When I finally stepped out of my pants she sat up and moved towards me. I knew instinctively what it was she was going to do. I shut my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. I opened them again when I felt her gentle fingers slide down along the waistband of my boxers and begin to slowly push them down over my cock and down my legs They pooled at my ankles and I watched as she placed her lips around my head and kissed it making it throb with the need to be inside her one way or another.

She seemed to know exactly what it was that I needed as her mouth opened and she enveloped me completely.

"Oh. My. God." I moaned. The warmth of her mouth around me was unbelievable. I instinctively rocked forward and she placed her hands on my hips to keep me still. I relaxed slightly and let her take control. She moved her mouth over me, licking and running her tongue along it's full length. My stomach muscles clenched hard as my breathing became my main focus. If not I was going to come then and there. Seeing to my own needs in the mornings was nothing compared to this woman's mouth. This was heaven!

Before I knew what was going on I realised that she had removed her mouth from me and the cold of the air hit my now wet cock. It twitched at the loss of her, as if it were signalling to her to come back and not go.

She tilted her face up to me, showing me how her desire for me was now clearly evident in the form of her soft pink flush. I had the perfect view of her breasts from this angle and my mouth literally watered to suck on them.

She leaned back on the bed again and positioned herself in the middle of it. She held out her arms to me as an invitation; one I was not going to refuse.

I slipped off my shoes and socks, stepping out of my pants and boxers and crawled along the bed leaving kisses on her legs along the way. As I reached the hem of the babydoll I nudged it up with my nose only to be greeted with the heavy aroma of her arousal. She smelt so sweet and even at the angle I was, could see how wet she was for me. I placed a soft kiss over her clit almost tempted to stay there for longer but I continued to kiss her making my way along her torso, the material gathering ahead of me. She reached down and lifted the material completely out of the way and quickly removed it without causing me to break contact with her flesh.

My nose continued to trace along her body. The heady scent of delicate flowers eminating from her was intensified by the heat of her body. She reached down with her hands and threaded her fingers through my hair, tugging at it to bring me closer to her. Miss Swan was growing very impatient. I smiled to myself at her eagerness and traced my mouth up to the underside of her left breast, peppering her with gentle kisses and licked her hardened peak when I reached it, nipping gently and then kissing it before I continued. She writhed with pleasure beneath me, her breathing by this time, heavy and laboured. I reached with my right hand, running my fingers over her right breast making sure that it didn't feel left out. I circled my thumb over its peak and gave it a pinch between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned again and tugged on my head with a little more force, finally bringing my face in line with hers and pulled my mouth down onto hers. She allowed my tongue entry immediately and held my head in such a vice like grip I could hardly believe that this was the same woman under me. Her growing need of me was becoming almost too much to bare.

She moved her legs so that they were now very much apart and happily accommodating my hips between them. The tip of my cock was finally in line with her wet folds. I felt her legs wrap around my waist and she moved ever so slightly down the bed and impailed herself on me, taking me by surprise. I groaned into her mouth at the sensation of finally being where I had wanted to be since our first time together. She fitted me perfectly, like a glove, making me feel warm and protected from the world. All I could feel was Bella. All I could smell was Bella. All I could hear was Bella. And all I could taste was Bella. And all I wanted was Bella.

I set a gentle pace, moving over her but not pressing down on her. I was acutely aware of my size and weight against her own small and delicate frame. We ended the kiss in order to take a much needed breath and she spoke.

Her voice was deep and husky. She seemed to be having problems finding the words.

"Emmett. I need. Your tongue. On my lips." She gasped. I smiled and held still for a moment. She opened her eyes, I assume to gauge my reaction.

"Absolultely, Bella. Anything for you." I slowly slid out of her and reversed my movements making my way back down her body, once again kissing her and worshipping her unbelievable beauty.

As I reached her clit again I teased her and flicked my tongue over it. She writhed again and it was my turn to hold her hips and keep her still. I lay down between her thighs and dragged my nose over her, taking in her scent once again. All I wanted to do right now was please her. My needs could wait. Ladies first, as I had always been taught.

I licked my tongue lazily over her folds tasting her arousal. I then pushed my tongue into her, feeling her soft walls pulsating around me. She was delectable and the sounds that came from her mouth were equally pleasing and spurred me on. I moved my tongue to her throbbing clit that now begged for attention. From what I could tell she was already very close. No doubt she would come within minutes. My mind filled with the sensation of my tongue teasing this tiny part of her that would give her so much pleasure and release. As I moved my tongue up and down over it, I could feel it pulsing in response. Her stomach muscles clenched beneath my thumbs as I held her still. She spread her legs wider apart to heighten the sensations coursing through her body and they began to shake. It wouldn't be long now.

As my pace increased, she began to gasp for air. I looked up at her from beneath my lashes and saw her eyes were firmly shut and her arms where stretched out either side of her and fisting the comforter beneath her as if needing to anchor herself. I slid two fingers into her and moved them in and out reaching what felt like the very centre of her. As she arched her back and trust her breasts into the air with this added sensation, her clit twitched and pulsed. I moved my free hand to the top of her tigh to hold her still.

She suddenly called out my name and at the same time I felt her clit double in size as she climaxed and a fresh dose of arousal spilled down my fingers and into the palm of my hand. I moved my mouth away from her and watched as her body shook and rode out the orgasm to just the point where her legs had almost stopped shaking. I then entered her hard and fast with my cock, making her come again. She immediately brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist again clinging to me. She let go of the comforter and grasped at my shoulders, pulling me down to her. I was now laying flush to her body. My whole weight on top of her. And then all thoughts vacated my mind as my body went into automatic pilot mode. I didn't need to think this through. I could feel her pulsating around my cock pulling it further and further into her with each thrust. As I moved over her she kissed the side of my face, my cheek, my jaw, my neck. Each kiss spurring me on to our ultimate goal. Another orgasm coursed through her and then another. This woman did nothing in a small way.

I could feel my pace become frantic with the need to spill into her. My breathing matched hers, both of us gasping now and clinging to each other.

"Emmett!" She called, hoarsly. "Emmett, please, please." And that was enough. The force that had built up inside of me and was throbbing at the base of my cock ready to be released, had finally been given the consent that I never knew I needed. As the size of my cock increased by the last inch, I could feel her final orgasm, that was to accommodate me, begin. I spilled into her, groaning with each thrust.

"Bella, oh fuck, Bella. Oh God!" She held onto me tightly, pushing her hips against me and moaning with pleasure.

As my pace slowed, I was breathing heavily. Her grip loosend on me and her hands slid down my arms and came to rest either side of her body. I shuddered as I finally rode out my orgasm and shakily pushed my body away from hers to allow her to take in more air. We were completely spent. I looked down at her and her eyelids fluttered for a moment until she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling lazily.

I looked down her body. Once again it was beautifully tinged with the colour of pomegranate juice. So delicious I could drink her.

I disconnected from her and she gave a little moan of disapproval. I grinned at her.

"Bella. I need a drink and to lay down for a little while." She smiled back at me and adjusted herself on the bed, leaning up against the headboard so that she was supported enough to take a mouthful of wine from her glass.

I made my way back to the bed and sat upright against the headboard, glass in hand. She certainly knew a good wine to drink. As she shuffled over the bed to rest her head on my chest, I wrapped my arm around her and wondered what kind of food she had in her fridge. I was beginning to feel hungry. It had been hours since I had eaten and I did not intend leaving just yet to go home. Whatever mom had left for me in the fridge, could wait another day.

Bella kissed my chest gently.

"So." She began, bringing my attention back to the room.

"Where are you celebrating Thanksgiving?"

"We hold it at the restaurant. My brother owns it. Since he bought it, our family Thanksgiving's are held there. The staff go too and they bring family along."

"That sounds like a really wonderful thing to do. Will you be cooking?"

"No, that job will belong to our Commis Chef, Mike. He should do a good job of it. He has talent."

"I can hardly wait to go. I suppose I will be Tom's guest, as it was his idea?"

"Umm, well, yes. I think that was the idea. I suppose it would be better to keep us a secret for now."

"Absolutely." She replied and nodded against my chest.

My stomach suddenly growled like an unhappy bear cub. Bella put her hand on my stomach and looked up at me.

"Is that a subtle hint that you're hungry? Let me go and fix you something." As she disengaged from my hold on her, she got off the bed, took another sip of her wine and slipped on a soft lilac robe over her body.

"Let me go and fix something?" I offered as I sat up, feeling slightly guilty that she was running around, willing to do this for me.

"No, you stay right there." She ordered gently, tying the sash of her robe securely. "I'll just do something quick like scrambled eggs." She smiled, as I nodded to her and she left the room.

I relaxed back on the bed and drank some more of the wine. I shut my eyes for a moment thinking about how everything had turned out. I could hardly believe that me, Emmett McCarty had caught the eye of the beautiful Miss Swan. I sighed as I realised how difficult it was going to be, to not to be able to touch Bella at the Thanksgiving dinner. As far as anyone else was concerned she was just the very kind teacher who had taken Tom under her protective wing and helped him in so many ways since we moved here.

The fact that she had also helped me in so many ways would have to wait for the time being.

The aroma of eggs cooking and bread being toasted drifted into the bedroom. It smelt like the best thing other than her, that I had smelt all day. The simple foods are usually the ones that appeal to us the most. Scrambled eggs reminded me of times when I wasn't very well and was one of the foods that mom cooked, that would always cheer me up. Even now she would do the same for Tom if he was feeling a little 'under the weather'.

I opened my eyes when I heard Bella making her way into the room. She was carrying a large plastic tray with two plates of scrambled eggs and toast. I straightened myself up and drew the comforter over my body up to my waist. Bella grinned as she set the tray down at the end of the bed.

"That smells really good, Bella. Thanks. Next time I'll cook, okay?"

"Next time?" She smiled at me playfully and slipped under the comforter carefully and then reached down to retrieve the plates of food with the cutlery. I took a plate and cutlery from her and began to eat. She turned her head and looked at me a little seriously for a moment. "Yes, Emmett. Next time." She whispered as she planted a kiss on my shoulder "I've always liked a man who has a good appetite. I love to cook. I find it very relaxing." She added and then began to eat from her plate.

"And I love a woman who can cook." I leaned over to her and kissed her cheek. "Thanks for this, Bella."

"You are most welcome, Emmett. Anytime."

"So that's an open invitation, is it?"

"Yes. You have special privileges." She sighed.

"What like a hall pass?" I joked.

"You, Emmett get to have a pass for everything and everywhere. The hall, the kitchen, the lounge, the bedroom and even the bathroom." She said in a sultry tone. I could already feel my body recovering and hearing her speak like that was only going to make me recover more quickly.

As I set my knife and fork down on the now empty plate, Bella took it from my lap and placed it along with hers, on the tray and set the tray down on the floor. She turned to me and pulled the comforter away from my body and very quickly straddled my lap. This woman really knew what she wanted and when. God, she had my mind spinning.

"Is there any chance that you can stay the night? I'll set the alarm early. I really don't think I can let you go just yet." I smiled at her as she leaned in and brushed her nose against mine. My hands found their way under the silky robe and I lazily began to caress her thighs.

"How can I refuse a request like that? I would be a fool. Set the alarm now, before we forget." I answered. I was already willing and most definitely able. She stretched over to the nightstand, not moving from her place perched on my lap and quickly set the alarm.

"Five thirty okay?" She asked, arching her eyebrows at me.

I nodded. "That'll be fine for me. I can always go back to bed after I've taken Tom to school. But won't it be a little early for you?" She set the clock back down and turned her attention back to me.

"Nope." She began, cupping my face and peppering it with kisses. "I can also get a little more sleep after you've gone. So, no problems." As she finished talking she covered my mouth with hers and caressed my tongue with hers. I could already feel how wet she was. My cock twitched impatiently against her stomach.

She was fucking insatiable. And I loved that about her. I quickly undid the knot that secured the robe and opened it so that I could touch her body again. I kneaded her flesh as we continued to kiss, cupping each breast and rubbing her already hardened and sensitive peaks with my thumbs. She slid forward and snaked her arms around my neck, lifting her body just enough so that she sheathed me entirely. We both moaned and I traced my hands down to her waist and held her steady as she rode me for all she was worth.

This time neither of us wanted to take our time. We both needed to feel the rawness of just coming together as fast and hard as possible. I watched as her body moved over me. She then sat up and reached behind her, gripping the tops of my thighs for leverage as she moved up and down on me. The perfect timing of our orgasm stunned me and left me breathless.

Bella leaned forward and rested her head on my shoulder as we both recovered from the feverish want that had overtaken us. Breathing heavily, she turned her head and kissed my neck. I pushed aside the fabric on her shoulder and sucked and nibbled on the exposed flesh. I felt her body grow heavy with exhaustion and gently repositioned her so that she was laying down. I switched the light off and then snuggled up to Bella, enveloping her in my arms and pulling the comforter over our bodies. It was a good feeling to hold her, to feel the sense of protecting her from anything and everything that would dare to intrude on us.

Before long, Bella was fast asleep breathing evenly and it wasn't long after that that I drifted off into a deep sleep.

End of Chapter

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