It had always been hard for Riley Jones to find the right guy, but some how and some way she found her perfect match in her boyfriend Randy Orton. She started dating him her second semester of her 9th grade year. They have been together for two and half years. She is a junior in high school and he is a senior. Little did she know that everything was about to change their lives completely. Riley and her closest friends Kristen Tynes, Maria Kaniells, Bridget Callahan, Marissa Cameron, Annabelle Johnston, and Jasmine Thompson all were working on their final project for their English class when they notice that Riley was off in her own little world.

What wrong Riley?, asked a curious Kristen

Huh? Oh nothing just thinking about everything that has been going on that is all.

Please girl you have to be thinking about prom., said Bridget

No, she is thinking about Randy like she always does., said Jasmine

I have to agree with Jasmine on this one Riley does think about Randy all the time., said Annabelle with the other girls agreeing with her.

Guys, please Randy isn't all I think about. I do think about other things.

Oh yeah! Like what do you think about?, asked a very confused Maria

Well, I am thinking about this project that we have to get done before next week.

Your such a bad lair Riley. You know that you were thinking about undressing your boyfriend with your teeth., said Kristen

Kristen come on you know that I am not like you are with Ted.

All the other girls just sat there watching Riley and Kristen taking shots at one another until they heard one of the girls cell phone going off. Maria picked up Riley's and notice that it wasn't hers going off, but when they figured out that it was Kristen's it was too later because Jasmine answered the phone for her.


Hey there sexy girl. What are you doing?, asked a male voice

Ummm… this isn't Kristen.

Oh my god. I'm sorry for being rude and what I said, but who is this then?, asked the male voice.

This is Jasmine. May I ask who is calling for my dear friend Kristen?

This is her boyfriend Ted, Jasmine…

Oh wow. You have to be very funny do think that I didn't know who you were Ted.

Your real cute you know that. Where is my girlfriend at.

Well, at the moment she is fussing with Riley about how much Riley thinks about Randy.


Because Riley was spaced out for awhile and no one could get her attention until a few minutes ago and now they are fussing about each others sex life.

Okay. Tell Kristen that Cody, Randy, Evan, Morrison, Cena, Mickie, Joey, and myself will be over at Riley's house in about five minutes okay.

Will do. Would you like for me to tell her anything else lover boy?

No thank you Miss. Smart Ass.

Okay then bye.

Before Ted could say anything Jasmine hung up on him. He had to admit that Jasmine was one of Kristen's friends that he just couldn't get along with just because she always thought that she was better than any of her friends. Randy notice that his friend was frustrated about something and he could guess that it had something to do with Jasmine answering Kristen's phone. Randy couldn't help but chuckle at his friend face.

What is so funny Orton?, asked Cody

Oh nothing. Just thinking about how funny it is to see Ted over here mad as hell over some girl that has to be our girlfriends friend. Did I mention that Jasmine cant stand Ted what so ever.

Wow Orton. You must know a lot about this girl?, said Cena

Well, just put it this way before I got with Riley I dated Jasmine and she really wasn't the best girlfriend at the time. Me on the other hand was doing the same thing that she was doing to me which was cheating on her with every girl that came along.

Dude, you have to half crazy to have dated that girl, stated a very confused Morrison with Joey agreeing with him.

I know that now, but at the time it really didn't matter to me because I knew that I could any girl that I wanted.

Now, look at you Orton. You have settled down with one girl., said Ted

Well Riley makes me feel different than all of the other girls that I have been with, said Randy.

As the guys pulled into the Jones driveway they all knew what was about to go down since Ted had gotten off the phone with Jasmine. As they got out the car they all notice that Riley had walked out the front door with tears running down her face. Randy couldn't help it he got mad because he hated to see her cry. She walked right into Randy's arms and just started balling. Ted on the other hand was at the other side of Riley helping Randy rub her back.

About that time Kristen and the rest of the girls walked out the house just as the door was slamming shut. Jasmine was the only one smiling while the rest of the girls seemed to be very upset. Kristen walked right over to her boyfriend as he put his free arm around her he notice that Jasmine was the only one smiling about what ever was going on.

I told you guys that Riley was thinking to much about what wasn't going to happen., said a very cheerful Jasmine

Shut the hell up Jasmine. You have no idea what is going on with her., said a very angry Kristen who was being held back by her boyfriend Ted.

Oh why should I shut up when I was the one that told you guys what was wrong with her. Did I mention that I was right about the whole thing too.

Wait a minute. What is she talking about baby girl?, asked a very confused Randy

When Riley didn't answer him he knew that it wasn't going to be good so he pulled her close to him and reminded her that she could tell him anything. About that time Riley's mother opened the door and threw out all of Riley's clothes and stuff that belongs to her. Randy motion for Cody to come and hold Riley while Randy tried to get information out of Jasmine. As Cody took Riley into his arms with the rest of their friends right there with Riley, Randy walked over to Jasmine.

What is going on here Jasmine?

Well, why don't you ask your girlfriend since it is happening to her.

Because you know that she isn't talking at this moment and you're the one that seems to be the happiest right now.

Well since you put it that way I will tell. Jasmine took a deep breathe at that moment while she glanced over in Riley's direction. Then she started by saying well your girlfriend was off in day dream land and that was when all the play fussing started between her and Kristen. Well while they were fussing I was on the phone with Ted, but after I got off the phone I notice that Riley ran to the bathroom all fast with Bridget and Kristen not that far behind her. Well about two seconds later Kristen came back out grabbed a box from Riley's top dress and took back into the bathroom. About three minutes later I heard Riley scream and that was when Kristen walked out of the bath just as Riley's parents walked in.

Okay. Are you going to finish telling me?

If you don't mind not saying anything else I will.

I'm sorry. Please finish so I can get back to my girlfriend.

Well as soon as Riley's parents walked into the bathroom and I guess talked her the next thing I knew they were yelling and screaming at her calling her stupid and she was messing up her life for a boy. Then they walked out telling her to get the hell out that she was no longer their daughter.

Jasmine I still don't understand.

Randy you dumb ass. You got her pregnant with your baby!


Yes. Riley is carrying your child and that is why her parents have kicked her out because of the fact that they have never liked you and now you have knocked up their only daughter.

Randy was in complete shock, but when Riley heard Jasmine tell Randy that she was pregnant that just set Riley off. Riley broke out of Cody's hold walked right over to Jasmine and didn't think twice about it. Riley balled up her fists and knocked the holy hell out of Jasmine. Kristen, Bridget, Annabelle, Maria, Mickie and the rest of the gang ran over and got in front of Riley because they saw how Jasmine was looking at that moment.

What the hell are you thinking you bitch., yelled Riley

He asked and I told something you weren't about to do.

I swear I hate you and I never want to see you again.

Fine with me. Just remember that this I had Randy way before you did and you know who is thinking about when he is in the bed with you.

When Randy heard that it made him madder than hell. He started screaming at her You know that you're a slut and you will always be one.

Riley on the other hand just fell to the ground and started crying all over again. When Jasmine finally walked off Randy got down to Riley and said baby girl you know that isn't true.

I know Randy. I am just scared because I have no where to go.

Don't you worry about that baby girl you can stay with me.

What about your parents Randy?

You know they will let you. They have before.

That is not what I meant. I am talking about us telling them about the baby.

Well we can tell them tonight. I know for a fact that my parents are not like your parents when it comes to things like this. So lets get you into the car and we will go talk to them right now.

Riley looked into her boyfriends eyes and she knew that she could trust him with everything that she had. She simply nodded and he helped up and they got into the car with everyone else getting to the two other cars that were and they were off to tell the Orton family the big news. Riley was just hoping that it would go better than did when her parents found out.