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Monday August 8, 2004

Randy had just gotten back into the habit of working. He knew that he was going to be the 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam and he was really excited about it. He was more excited about the fact that he has his wife and kids at the arena with him. Things seemed to be going good for him, but everything was going to change because little did he know that his mother-in-law, Stacy and his wife's ex boyfriend Brandon was there to fulfill their plan. Randy was off training with Batista of course he had RJ with him because RJ follows his daddy where ever he goes. Riley was hanging out with the rest of the divas and some of the girlfriends of wrestlers. Ted and Cody still in OVW was there just to watch what was going on.

All of sudden Riley heard Torrie screaming as she came running out of the diva's locker room. When Torrie caught up to Riley she grabbed Riley by her free hand and she pulled her with her. Riley didn't understand what was going on until she saw her mother and Stacy standing at the other end of the hall. That when she put two and two together instead of just standing there waiting for them to make their move Riley grabbed Torrie as she was holding on to Peyton for dear life and ran into a locker room. Little did she know that the locker room was Evolution's locker room, but she didn't care she locked them into the room while Carol, Stacy and Brandon were banging on the door trying to get in.

Torrie do you have your cell phone?

Umm.. I…. I don't know..

Torrie calm down. Just check you pockets right now okay. They are not going to get in here okay..

Okay. As she started going threw all of her pockets she finally pulled out her cell phone.

Here it is.

Okay Torrie call John.


I can't get answer.

Okay call Randy's phone. He has it on him just in case I need to get RJ.

Okay.. She called it and it rang twice


Randy. Its Torrie.

Hey what is up? Is there something wrong with Peyton or Riley.

Randy, baby you need to get RJ out of here right now.

Riley why? What is wrong?

Randy, my mother, Stacy and Brandon are here right now. Just get our son out of here before it is to late.

Alright. I'm calling the police. Baby where are you at?

Torrie, Peyton and myself are locked up in a locker room.

Okay. Do you have any idea what locker room?


Do you see any bags there?


Okay, baby look and see who bags are in the room.

Riley I think that this is your husband clothes. Torrie said

Randy I think we might be in Evolution's locker room.

Okay. Just hang tight baby girl.

I will. Randy please just get him out here right now.

I am don't worry.

Before she could say anything else Randy had already hung up the phone. Torrie was holding Peyton while Riley stood by the door. Just then Torrie's phone went off and it was a text message. Riley looked at her and asked her who was it from? It is from John.

Hey Torrie where the hell are you?

Before she could answer him back they heard a big thud at the door. Riley jumped back to where Torrie and Peyton was. They were beyond scared at that moment, but they knew that Randy was doing everything that he could to get them some help. Little did they know that it was Randy and Dave making the noise outside of the door. About fifteen minutes later Riley and Torrie heard sirens. Riley still holding on to Peyton and Torrie gripping Riley's hand. They heard a knock at the door Riley and Torrie didn't make a move until they heard the door being unlocked that was when they went behind the couch. When they saw the door swing open and saw Randy and John were standing right there they just couldn't hold back their tears anymore.

Randy ran over to Riley and Peyton. He took Peyton from Riley's grip checked her out before handing her to John and then he grabbed Riley and just pulled her into his chest and she broke down even worse. Torrie was by John who was holding her in one arm and holding Peyton in his other arm just watching Randy comfort Riley. Riley looked up at Randy looking for RJ and she was scared to death that something happened to him.

Randy where is RJ?

He is with Ted, Cody, Bridget and Kristen.

Why didn't you stay with him?

Because you and Peyton were important at the time and I just needed to get to you girls first.

Randy, you know that we were locked in here.

Yes, I know that and I also knew that they couldn't get in here unless they had someone with keys, but you know Stacy. Plus I found out how she got in here.

Really. How did she get in?

Kelly was helping her out.

Mr. & Mrs. Orton? The man asked.

Yes that is us.

I am Officer James. I am here to take you statements.

Okay. Riley are you up for this right now?

Yes. I just want to get it over with.

Mrs. Orton can you tell me what happened?

Yes. I was on my way to the Diva's locker room to hang out with someone of my friends when I heard Torrie ( she was pointing towards Torrie) screaming. She ran out of the locker room and when she got to me she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me and daughter down the hall some more. When we stopped I saw my mother and Stacy Keibler standing there and before I had time to think I pulled Torrie into this locker room right here and shut and locked the door. They banged on the door for a good twenty minutes. Torrie tried to call John, but she couldn't get answer and that was when she called my husband and we told him what was going on. I guess that is when he called you. That is all that I know besides us hearing a thud outside the door.

Okay Mrs. Orton. Thank you and if you can remember anything else please call. Officer James said.

Thank you. I will.

As they were walking out of the building Riley notice her mother and Stacy were in the same police car then she saw her ex-boyfriend Brandon in another car with Kelly in there with them. Riley was about to go say something to them when she heard her son calling her. She turned just to see him running up to her with Ted close by. Her face lit up like Christmas morning she bent down and scooped her son up her arms and just held him there. Ted hugged them both with Kristen, Bridget, Cody, Ted, Randy, John, Torrie and Peyton joining in at the last minute. Carol was watching them with a discussed look on her face. Stacy on the other hand couldn't fight it anymore she knew that she wanted Randy and if she couldn't have him then no one will, but she would have to plan it out because they way it is looking she is going away for a very long time.

The Trial

October 8, 2004

It has been two months since Stacy, Carol and Brandon tried their little plan of kidnapping again. Now they were in a court room facing jail time because they got caught. Brandon knew that he wasn't going to jail because he wanted a deal and that is what he got because he was going to testify against Carol and Stacy. It took about three an half weeks for the everyone to show their case. Carol was sentenced to 45 years in prison for conspiracy to kidnap and commit murder. Brandon was committed to an insane asylum for the rest of his life. Stacy was committed to and asylum that had 24 hours of supervision. As court ended Riley stood up and watch them take her mother away and it really didn't phase as much as she thought it would. She has been without her mother for so long that it really doesn't bother her because the mother that she has and considers to be her mother is her mother-in-law.

St. Louis

March 30, 2005

Everything seemed to be falling into place. Peyton was now one years old and she was growing into herself well. She knew that she was the princess and daddy's little girl, but she also knew how much her mother loved her. RJ was more like his father. He always thought of himself as a pimp. He was always hanging out with John, Ted, Cody and his father when ever he could. Randy had become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, he was kicked out of Evolution, he had a love triangle with another diva (which of course pissed Riley, but she knew that he was coming to home to her so she really didn't let it bother to much), he moved from Raw to Smackdown so he could start his rivalry with the Undertaker. His career was going great for him and he couldn't be happier with his life on the road and off the road.

Riley has been doing much better since her mother being put away. She has been working hard at finishing her college education while being a wife and mother to her family. She is more in love with Randy than she ever thought that she could be. Her kids are her pride and joy. Her life really hasn't changed all that much it just more exciting than it ever has. Her friends were now expecting their first kids and she was more than happy to help them plan since she has one of each. She could help them out with some baby clothes depending on what they were having. They lived happily ever after for now.

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