Hot lips grazed the skin of his neck, causing a shudder to envelope his body. This was like a nightmare...or a really weird, really wet dream. His muscles spasmed, his head tilting back to allow the other to access it more, legs spreading slightly as he felt the other slide into his lap, fitting between his legs rather well.

Those lips opened, the murmur of his name against his neck. A clever, nimble hand slid up his thigh, teasing in its caress and he felt the mouth against his throat curve into a smile before it opened wide, the other's hot, wet breath ghosting over his neck before the other's mouth closed in over the flesh.

It felt like a pinprick, but it was enough to make him jerk. His fingers clenched at the bed sheets, his eyes fluttering closed and head tilted back more than before. One of his eyes opened, looking down into half-lidded orbs of hazel. The other's eyes were half-lidded, a purr beginning to vibrate in his throat as drip, drip, drip his blood left his own body, his heartbeat like a drum.

After what seemed like eternity, Usopp pulled away, his hands resting on Zoro's knees as he licked his lips, excess blood flicking up into his mouth. A smile slowly curled its way across the sniper's mouth, dangerous.

Funny. Zoro had never considered Usopp dangerous before. Like a demon, like a devil. His crewmate leaned in, tongue sliding up his neck, cleaning the puncture marks that seemed to make all of this real. One of Usopp's hands came up to rest on his shoulder and the sniper leaned in, hot breath enveloping Zoro's ear.