One cold cool night in Dream Land all the food was suddenly disappeared into thin air. The next day, people went to city hall about it. "All the crops are gone!" said an angry farmer, "Where's my food- food?" said a little girl, "QUIET DOWN!" said the mayor. "Now then, who thinks it's that annoying pink blob, Kirby." Said the mayor looking at them. Then everyone raised their hands and said, "Kirby's the THEIF!"

In a small home on a grassy meadow, slept a pink blob on a small bed. Soon a purple blob began tapping on the pink blob's window, and began talking, "Kirby wake up? WAKE YOUR LAZY SELF UP, KIRBY!" Soon the pink blob was on the floor moaning and groaning and walked over to the window and said, "Pur-pur-ple whhy diddid youuuu wakkke meee uppp soooo earlllly," said Kirby yawning. "Because its 9:00 A.M. and there's no food!" said Purple angrly. Kirby and Purple are bff, even through Kirby's a boy and Purple's a girl.

Kirby got up and ran outside and said, "What do you mean?" Do to the fact he was sleeping, he didn't know that the food had all vanished. Purple said, "All the food in town vanished in thin air." As Kirby and Purple headed to town to see what happened last night. But, not knowing about the dark shadow following them.

But, before they could walk another step a huge wind blow them up in the air. Both fell on an island, and were inconsistencies. Until a bomb explosion woke them u, and they decided to investigate. They found a small little thing with two legs, two small arms, a blue hat on its head, a shirt, that looks like it could be a dress. And then a red thing, jumped out of a tree, and shot a beam at the little thing, the red thing didn't even have a mouth, all it had was a big eye.

The little blue thing grabbed a bomb and threw it. "Hi!" "Hi!" said Purple and Kirby. Both figures stopped and looked at them. "Who the hell are you two?" said the blue thing. "I'm Kirby and this is Purple." said Kirby.

"Hehehehe." Said the red figure. "What's so funny?!" said Purple annoyed. "You two, look like that grey figure." Said the red thing. "Anyways, my name is Waddle Doo and this is Poppy Bro JR." said the red thing. "What grey figure?" said Kirby confessed?

"If you want to know battle us!" said Poppy Bro JR., grabbing out a bomb. "Sure thing, prepare to lose." said Purple and Kirby. As Waddle Doo shot a beam at them, which they dodged easily. Then, Kirby pulled his red bandana and Purple pulled out her blue bandana and put it on their heads. Poppy Bro JR. grabbed a bomb and threw it at them, but then got punched on the side by Purple.

Kirby quickly picked up Waddle Doo and threw him across the meadow. Purple also did the same thing only with Poppy Bro JR. Which caused both figures to collide together. And fall face first to the ground and moaned. "Had a enough." Said Purple, willing to continue to fight. Both nodded yes.

Kirby and Purple took off their bandanas and putted them away. Waddle Doo got off the ground and onto his feet and said, "The grey figure calls himself Dark Shard." "He has killed many people including our peaceful people." Said Poppy Bro Jr. "Worst, he doesn't even kill them but, he turns them evil and makes them attack their families." said Waddle Doo. "That's horrible!" said Purple angrily. "I knew." said Poppy Bro JR. "I know the way to Dark Shard's lair." said Waddle Doo. "Ok, lets go and stop Dark Shard." said Kirby and Purple. "The first place we need to go is Dyna Blade's nest." said Poppy Bro JR. And so all four of them headed out to Dyna Blade's nest.


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