Nathan entered his house for the first time since 'the accident' and closed the door behind him. He had just left GeneCo, after reluctantly accepting his new job. He was exhausted from everything he had been through recently, and just wanted sleep, but there was one more thing he wanted to do.

He walked through the door leading to Marni's mausoleum and stopped at the foot of her grave.

"Hey…" He said with a tentative smile, as he set his newly acquired GeneCo gear on the floor beside him.

"I'm doing better now, but I guess you know that. A lot has happened in the past few days, I guess I should tell you. You always liked to hear about my day."

Wait, what am I doing? He paused. He knew this was crazy, but he felt crazy. I just want to talk to her…that's okay, right? Yeah, there's nothing wrong with just talking. So, he began to tell her his story.

"You were gone even before the ambulance and GenCops arrived. They arrested me and took me away. I was sitting in my jail cell, head in my hands, when Rotti showed up. He told me I was getting out. I protested at first, I deserved to be there, but he told me everything had already been taken care of, and that they had buried you here. He took me back to his office at GeneCo, and told me that he had a job to offer me. God, that was the furthest thing from my mind at the time, but I went anyways. He shoved some papers across the desk at me, and told me to sign. As I was reading them over, he put the helmet in front of me. See this?"

He picked the helmet up and held it in front of him, as if he was displaying it for her to see, then tossed it aside to its respective jacket.

"This is who I am now. After years of being a surgeon, of helping people and saving lives, I'm supposed to forget everything that I believe in and become a Repo Man? I just can't do it, Marni. I can't take lives just to return organs…but I signed a contract, there's no turning back now. I know how you hated Repo Men, but I swear I had no other choice. I keep telling myself that I did this for Shilo. I lost her when they arrested me, but after I signed the contract, I got her back. I haven't even told you about her yet. Oh, I wish you could see her, Marni, she's so beautiful. Well, I guess it would be just like looking into a mirror for you."

He chuckled, unable to hide the effect that talking about their newborn had on him. After a moment though, the smile on his face faded as he went on.

"I'm so scared. How am I supposed to raise her alone? She's going to need you someday, and then what do I do? Yes, she's going to ask about you, but you're gone because I-"

He stopped, words getting caught by the lump in his throat. He swallowed hard and continued.

"Because of what I've done. Don't worry; I'll spare her the grisly details of the story. I suppose I'll just make something up. She doesn't need to grow up with that on her mind. No, there are a lot of things that she shouldn't have to know; things she doesn't need to see. So, how do I shield her from that? From the evils of the world? I don't know, I just don't know…" He let his voice trail off. He was pacing now, fingers running furiously through his hair. He stopped to breathe, but lost control and fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face.

"Oh, what have I done? God, Marni I miss you so much. I don't want to be here anymore, not without you. Our little girl needs me, I know, but I need you. I-"

Just then, an alarm sounded, forcing Nathan back into reality. He slammed a hand down on his wristband to answer the call. It was Rotti, explaining the details of his first repossession. When the message concluded, Nathan took a few moments to regain his composure, and gathered his things from the floor. He walked back towards the door, but stopped just before exiting.

"Goodbye, Marni."