Me: Hello everyone. I'm feeling great on this fine day. I have this new story going in progress. It's a Pokeshipping story and maybe Penguinshipping as well if I feel like it. Well here's the summary: Misty goes to Sinnoh to travel with Ash now that her sisters took over the gym, but what happens when Ash and Misty get into another one of their famous arguments and Misty crosses the line and makes Ash leave her and the others behind? Can Misty find Ash, apologize, and tell him her true feelings, or will it be too late and everything will end up horribly? You'll just have to read. Rated T for some language, and attempted suicide.

Misty and Dawn: OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ON WITH THE STORY!!!!

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"Pikachu, use thunderbolt on the ground!" yelled the cocky Ash Ketchum.

"PiiiikaaaaaCHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" ("Take THIS!!!!") YELLED Pikachu shooting a powerful thunderbolt on the ground shooting chunks of rock canceling Onix's stealth rock and hitting it.

"RRRAAAAAARRGH!!!!" yelled Onix before it fell with a thud.

"Onix is unable to battle!" "The winner goes to Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" yelled the referee.

"YEAH!!" "We did it Pikachu!" "We did it" yelled Ash in victory.

"Pikapikachu!!" (Yeah we did!!) yelled Pikachu.

"Way to go Ash and Pikachu, as my honor, I present to you the Coal badge." said Roark in a congratulatory tone. (forgive me but I don't remember the names of each badge since the episodes are really old now so bear with me.)

"Alright!" "I just won the Coal badge!!" yelled Ash happily.

"Pipikachu!" (Alright!)

"Congratulations Ash." "Your very first badge in Sinnoh!" congratulated Dawn.

"Thanks Dawn." (sighs) Dawn's cute, but she's too nice. She's nothing compared to Misty. I miss her so much. If only I told her how much I love her before she left.

"Hello?" "Earth to Ash?" asked Dawn waving a hand in front of Ash's face.

"He must be thinking about Misty again." laughed Brock.

"Hey Ash?" "ASH!!" yelled Dawn.

"Huh?" asked Ash out of his daze.

"Thinking about Misty again huh?" asked Dawn in a joking way.

"I was not!" spat Ash blushing scarlet red.

"Really Ash?" "You're blushing and you know as well as I do that you like her." "Everyone except you two know that you both truly love each other." laughed Brock.

"I like her as a friend Brock ok?" "I just miss her," sighed Ash

"Don't worry Ash, she probably misses you too." I'm sure you'll see her again," said Dawn in sympathy while rubbing Ash's back.

"Thanks Dawn," said Ash feeling a little better. Ok Brocko, where's the closest gym from here?" asked Ash.

"Well it looks like it's the Eterna Gym in Eterna city," answered Brock.

"Ok then, Eterna city, here I come!" yelled Ash in excitement, but deep inside, he's really feeling down since the love of his life is no longer traveling with him. Oh Misty, how I wish you were here by my side, every step of the way. If only I told you how much I love you before you left.

Meanwhile in Cerulean City…

"Oh Ash," said a depressed red headed girl known to be Misty. If only I told you how much I love you before I had to go.

"Hey Misty, what's wrong?" asked Lily coming in with a tray holding two cups of hot cocoa.

"Huh?" "Oh its nothing Lily," said Misty not wanting to talk about it.

"You miss Ash huh?" asked Lily already knowing the answer. "Why don't you just go with him to tell him your true feelings?"

"WHAT!?!?" "LILY WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!!" yelled Misty while waving her hands around like crazy.

"Misty?" said Lily not convinced. "Oh ok." I love him Lily and I miss him so much," confessed Misty while blushing a shade of pink.

"Misty, you know you could've just told us how you felt about him and we would've never gone on that cruise so you could've stayed with him." "You know what, why don't you go to Sinnoh and travel with him again," said Lily.

"But…who will watch the gym?" asked Misty. "Well me of course silly," responded Lily. "Your training sessions really helped me become a better Gym Leader."

"So…you're really letting me go travel with Ash again?" asked Misty. "Of course Misty, I might like making jokes on you, but you know I love you," said Lily smiling. "We can get you a ticket for the next ferry ride to Sinnoh."

"Oh thank you so much Lily!" "You're the best!" said Misty happily while giving her sister a hug.

2 hours later…

"Ok Misty you better get on the boat or you're gonna miss it," said Lily. "Lily…I want to thank you for letting me travel again," said Misty.

"No problem Misty, just go find your man and tell him your feelings." "I'm sure he'll love you back," said Lily. "Oh and Misty, don't be such a hothead towards him cause you'll never know what that might end up to," said Lily in a joking way.

"Yeah yeah, ok, I'll try," said Misty." "Well I gotta go Lily, so bye," said Misty while giving her a hug. "Bye Misty, have fun," said Lily smiling.


Me: well, one down, who knows how many more to go?

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