Me: Hey everyone, I'm back!

Everyone: Oh hello there…

Me: Huh? No one is happy to see me after a whole year of absence?

Ash: Well it's sorta becoming a habit for you because the last three chapters of this story were posted on the same day for the past three years.

Misty: I'm starting to think that you just don't care about us anymore. (gives me the cold shoulder)

Dawn: How could you do this to us for the third time?

Me: But I…

Drew: No buts, butts are for pooping! There is no excuse for you to forget us!

Me: Wait! I…(Iris walks up sad and showing tears)

Iris: Onii-chan, you…don't like me anymore? (onii-chan can mean either older brother or some male who is older than the one speaking)

Me: Oh Iris! I would never stop liking you! (hugs her)

Ash: I think you better just go to that room and stay there.

Me: Covers my face with my hat to hide my tears and walks into the room until-

Everyone: SURRRRPRIIIIISE! (everyone shows me a cake and a decorated room with a banner that says, "Welcome Back!")

Me: Wha? What is this?

Cilan: Well duh silly, it's a welcome back surprise for you! We haven't heard from you in a whole year and we wanted to welcome you back as we all know what today is!

Iris: Geez Onii-san, sometimes your such a little kid tee-hee! (hugs me)

Ash: Yup, and this time even I remembered! Today, May 15 is when you turn 19 years of age! (gives me a wrapped up present!)

Me: Wow thanks Ash! Oh what do we have in here? (Unwraps it to see a copy of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.) WOW! How did you get this?

Ash: What? The box wasn't hard to get at all, the game is a different story. Turns out not even I can get it until the date of its release, so you have to wait for it to come out in Japan on June 23.

Me: But I'm still learning Japanese and I can't understand what I read! (gets mad and punches Ash out)

Ash: Uhh, you're welcome hehe.

Cilan: How about a slice of cake bro, it's pumpkin pie with a scoop of oreo ice cream.

Me: Mmmmm, delicious, well someone please do the disclaimer! (takes another bite)

Misty: Nope. I'm still mad at you for forgetting about me. (pouts cutely)

Me: Aww, is that really how you feel? (Snaps my fingers as a Tentacruel appears before her)

Misty: (squeals in joy) Ohhhhhh thank you soooooo much! I love you again!

Ash: HEY!

Me:…..Just like is ok Misty hehe. Dislaimor please!

Misty: TH3M4NROCKS doesn't own Pokemon but I'm glad…Uhh I mean we're glad he's back! (glomps me)

Me: Ugh…Misty…I can't…ACK!


"Pikachu, finish it off with thunder!" commanded Dark Ash flatly. Pikachu let out a dark blue electrical shock at the poor Gyrados who has been suffering a huge deal of pain until it finally went down with a hard thud. Gyrados is unable to battle!" "The winner goes to Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town," announced the referee a little scared after seeing the gruesome battle.

Wake did not exactly see the evil in either Ash or Pikachu but had thoughts on what could be happening to the young boy, but was amazed at how much a little Pikachu could do to a Floatzel, Quagsire, and Gyarados. "GWAHAHAHA, you kid are a remarkable trainer!" yelled out Wake. As proof of your amazing victory, I present to you the Fen Badge!" "Congratulations Ash!" Ash took the badge and put it in his case making it four badges and the next thing he did was unthinkable. Ash slowly faded away until he was no where to be seen leaving the gym leader in shock of what just happened. "Hmm, I knew there was something wrong with the lad, but could it actually be what I think it is?" asked the gym leader to himself. Before having another second to think, without knowing, the gym suddenly started to burst into flames. The pool holding all the water Pokemon collapsed, the water was evaporating, Pokemon and trainers running for their lives except the gym leader who stood their in shock, seeing his glorious gym, suddenly collapse bit by bit until there was no more left in his path. It was then that he realized that he was going to be crushed by one last piece of the ceiling still standing up until he was saved by the arms of none other than Happiny who happily held the remaining piece of the ceiling.

"Oh man, sir, are you alright?" asked Brock tending to the Gym leader who only suffered some small burns that Brock started to heal. "Yes…but my gym, it stood happily for over 20 years, and here it is, nothing but rubble and junk," replied the gym leader as he shed a tear. His pokemon were all next to Misty as she healed many as well as calm them down. Dawn, Kenny, Jessie, James, and Meowth all used their pokemon to put out the flames that remained as they saw how depressed the poor gym leader Wake was.

"Name's Wake, thank you kids for putting out the flames and for tending to my pokemon," thanked the tough man. "No problem Wake, it's our pleasure," replied Brock putting the finishing touches on Wake's burns.

"Crasher Wake?" asked Dawn in the back looking sad as usual and concerned. "Yes?" asked Wake getting an idea of what might be going on. "Did a young man by the name of Ash Ketchum with a Pikachu come by and battle you before this mess happened?" asked Dawn wanting to know the answer. "Sadly, yes" "He battled me and easily defeated all my water pokemon without breaking a sweat with just his Pikachu, then he suddenly disappeared and my gym bursted into flames, but not the normal color flames, but the dark purple kind," explained Wake slowly scaring the young trainers at what Ash is doing to everyone. "He was completely being controlled."

"Is Ash…turning evil?" asked Dawn getting scared of the idea?" "Maybe he is after all we've done to him," thought Jessie. "Maybe he'll become a terrifying person that will be more powerful than Team Rocket!" said James. "Ohh, I'm gettin' scared jus' tinkin bout him bein' like dis!" replied Meowth shivering in fear. Me too," agreed Kenny. "But, after all the times we've spent as friends, can Ash be showing his true colors?" asked Brock worried about him.

"ASH WOULD NEVER DO THIS!" yelled Misty quieting everyone who just turned to her. "Ash…would never do something as evil as this…I've known him longer than all of you guys, and I know this is not the Ash I've come to know and love," replied Misty both angry and sadly. "Ever since I fished him out of the river, ever since I laid my eyes on him for the first time, ever since I danced with him, I knew he had the heart of a kind and spirited trainer, as he showed me the meaning of pokemon training as well as to dream a great dream, and…even when I…first kissed him," replied Misty blushing a cute shade of pink.

"You've kissed Ash?" asked Brock. Where was I when this happened?" "Brock, this was when you left to help professor Ivy." "It was when Ash and I were on the blimp and Team Rocket captured us, teasing us saying we're love birds," replied Misty. "Ohhhh yeaaaah," responded Jessie and James. "When they weren't looking, I sorta, told Ash that he means a lot to me, and I…kissed him on the cheek," stuttered Misty while turning more red. "Since then, I knew he was the right person for me." For the first time after many hours of constant depression and crying, Misty smiled. She showed a cute smile that looks small, but really sweet and had the cutest blush on her face.

"That was really cute and romantic!" replied Jessie crying tears of joy and happiness. "That's the feelings of a real woman with a man on her mind. "Yeah, there's nothing sweeter than to love the one you love and be loved back!" agreed James wiping the tears he developed. Meowth just nodded and also cried in glee.

"Well, I'm sure he's a talented young man and he might not know it, but he has a really nice young lady who cares deeply for him, following him everywhere," said Wake while smiling. "I want to warn you about something though." During my battle with him, I heard a weird voice emanating from his aura and I know for sure that it isn't his." "All I heard was the word, "revenge." "I also heard the name, "Luna," and all I can guess from the name is the moon, as it has something to do with it," thought Wake. "Revenge, and Luna then huh?" asked Kenny. "Yes, there is a legend about the moon and its tale on how it saves the world from destruction from its other self." "Wait, its other self?" "What do you mean by that?" asked Brock confused.

"Long ago, when the moon was born after parting from the earth, it took part as guardian of the starry skies," started Wake. "The moon holds a special jewel that watches over us and protects us, and that jewel is named Cresselia." She is known to us all as the judge of love and hate," told Wake. "The judge of love and hate?" asked Misty. "Yes." "Legend says that every light has a dark and that includes us all."

"Wait, we all have a dark side?" asked Brock?" "Yes, having a dark side means having a bitter desire and greed over something which controls the minds of us which we won't stop at nothing until we get what we want," explained Wake. Cresselia's spirit was corrupted and tormented by her dark side, until she separated herself between the light and the dark." Every night, when the moon is visible, we see the light side of the moon where Cresselia watches over us however, the other side of the moon that we do not see holds her dark side that has been separated and the holder of the dark portion of the moon is named, Darkrai, king of darkness." "Darkrai?" asked Dawn. Wake just nodded. "You see, Darkrai wasn't evil at first. It has been said that Cresselia tried to pacify the evil aura that emanated from him. Darkrai was destructive at first, causing multiple explosions throughout space, sending meteors down, but in due time he grew to like Cresselia until he finally loved her, until one day she betrayed him, and threw him off the moon just to land in earth." "Darkrai was devastated, and couldn't take in what happened until he grew with rage and depression." "Ever since that day, Darkrai has gone by around the world causing trouble to everyone." "Usually its just small conflicts that he creates but this week is the anniversary when he was turned down by her." "You wouldn't think Ash has been-" started Dawn but was interrupted. "Possessed, yes," replied Wake. Darkrai is most likely hoping for revenge after what occurred many years ago." "He most likely chose Ash as his target because he must have gone through a terrible incident not too long ago." "Wake…how can I save Ash from Darkrai?" asked Misty determined. "Truthfully I'm not too sure myself, unless…the only way someone can be powerful enough to bring down Darkrai would be to have the helping aid of Cresselia," suggested Wake. "Cresselia herself?" asked James. "Yes, and in order to do that, Misty, you have to lure her here to earth by demonstrating your strength in love as she will judge whether or not to help you," suggested Wake. "Ok, but first lets find Ash to get a better idea of what happens next," said Misty. Everyone agreed as they all were prepared to head over to where Ash is now.

Me: Misty, I still can't ack…breathe

Misty: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! (finally separates as I regain my breath)

Dawn: Feeling better now?

Me: Yes and I feel better than ever.

Iris: Onii-chan, promise me you'll update sooner. (gives cute eyes)

Me: Awww, sure I'll do my best! Ok guys so here's another chapter and I promise for real this time that I will do my best to update more quickly but keep in mind I still have college, work, and other important errands. Please review as it inspires me to continue. For now, TH3M4NR0CK5 is out!