A New Beginning

"Boy, I'm tired," Naruto thought out loud.

He sighed heavily before leaning back against the tree he was sitting by. How long had it been since that horrible finale? How long had it been since he had fused with the damn fox to become the new Kyuubi? One week? One month? An eternity is how it felt. He was just so tired of it all.

Sure the power had allowed him to defeat Madara and save his best friend but at a terrible price. Never again would he see the faces of the Hokage Mountain, or laze beneath the trees of Konoha. By becoming the new Kyuubi, Naruto had unwittingly also became the de facto ruler of Makai. Damn Fox had failed to mention that part, guess he got the last laugh after all. And so he had descended to the Demon world with the other bijuu in order to seal off their world from that of the humans for all time.

Naruto groaned and shifted as he stared at the crystal like pond situated at the center of the forest of trees that served as a haven in front of his large Japanese style house. It was one of the three buildings that comprised the huge compound which served as the royal palace of Makai. It was far more than he was used to; his bedroom took up a whole wing of the house for Kami's sake! He looked down the path in the direction of the other two buildings, which housed the court and rooms for visiting youkai, mainly his fellow Bijuu. Another pain in the ass Naruto thought sourly to himself for while not being anywhere near the majority of the population they were the biggest problems. In fact the other two classes which consisted of;: low level monsters of raging instinct and the far more dangerous high ranking shades demons of great power and control whose beauty was used to entice humans to do their bidding, were easily with the proper words and actions. In a class by themselves were his fellow biju; Shukaku Ichibi, Nekomata Nibi, Isonade Sanbi, Soukou Yonbi ,Houkou Gobi, Raijuu Rokubi, Kaku Shichibi, Kyo Hachibi. These demons were the only others in all Makai who could come anywhere close to matching his power, and although they all professed their undying loyalty to the New Kyuubi, Naruto had his suspicions. How could he not? After all they were demons and worse were used to power and in his experience those with power always refused to bow to anyone else. He could just feel that something was coming, something big, but how to forestall it or better yet nip it in the bud? Maybe I could….

"Kyuu-bi sa-ma"