Chapter 9: Practice makes perfect.

Hello all, probably thought I'd up and died didn't ya? Well that's partially true. My muse kicked the bucket when my favorite fan fiction author decided to take a hiatus from my favorite story. She says its not abandoned and that she does plan to finish it….but its been like 5+ months! I mean really…T_T. Regardless my story will continue, updates dependent on review amounts…I used to not care but how else can I know if you guys are enjoying it?

P.S. I am planning to have Jubi as Naruto and Nibi's child

P.P.S. Nibi's name is Nibi. Her title has become her name, at least in this story.

P.P.P. S. I hope to add a bit more of the ninja world into this fic because as I reread it, I found that aside from the names I'm using, almost nothing in my story has anything to do with Naruto at all!

"Hirashin no ju…" An echoing crunch of rock could be heard throughout the clearing.

"Really Kyuubi-sama, shouldn't you be giving this up about now? I'm sure your body must be agreeing with me." A purple haired demoness quipped from where she was sunning herself.

"No way in hell. I'm not going anywhere until I master this." A muffled voice from under the rock pile stated. Several began to tumble down as a blonde figured begin pulling itself from what was left of the mountainside. "And besides I thought I told you to call me Naruto when we are alone." He groused as he spit out a tooth. Sighing he finished extricating himself only to land in a pathetic heap next to his rocky tomb.

A little less than four days ago he had finally succumbed to Nibi's advances and in the time since all hell had broken loose. Shades, vampires, werewolves, yuki-onna, and all manner of demonic females had gone berserk at the news of his mating. It did not help matters that Nibi had strolled into the palace proper with a tank top that highlighted the mating mark on her neck. That had gotten the familiars tongues wagging, and it turn had spread like wildfire to the masses. In less than a day he had had to bar everyone but his fellow biju from entering the palace lest he have more bodies to clean up. Nibi was proud of her accomplishment and extremely vicious to anyone (male or female) who dared insinuate that her mark was artificially acquired. At the rate she was going there would not be a demon in the kingdom who would dare to work in the palace…Naruto had remembered doing all kinds of menial labor during his D-ranked mission days and had no desire for a repeat performance especially for an eternity. So he had done the only thing he could think of at the time. Held a royal audience to formally announce his mating to Nibi to a collection of the highest ranking demons from across Makai (a task made almost impossible to achieve with any amount of decorum considering that Nibi had made it clear that she was not going to sit anywhere but on his lap.) After which he had abandoned the palace complex post haste with Nibi and adjourned to her lands. It had been three days since he had last seen his friend and that was weird, especially for the new enhanced shade Sasuke. To kill some time Naruto had decided that he should at least practice some ninjutsu to keep his skills up…and hey if he was going to bother practicing in the first place, why not try and learn one he had always wanted to? Of course a massive chakra increase was no guarantee of success hence his current pathetic state.

"I'm sorry Kyuubi-sama, I forgot"

"Of course" He knew she was lying. And it could be for any number of reasons. Maybe she wanted to be subservient to him and this was just her way of showing it. Or maybe she hated his human name since she despised them all. Or maybe she just enjoyed teasing him. Who really knows how a woman's mind works, Naruto thought to himself. Pushing himself into a sitting position he crunched his face up in thought, trying to figure out exactly what he'd done wrong. He just knew those seals were right so that meant…

Nibi stretched out along the flat surface of the rock, trying to get as much warmth from demon realm's sun as she could. She wore her normal attire of a loosely fitting pale purple robe that really was a joke as a garment. She hadn't even added a belt today, so she had flashed her mate several times already and she knew it was wearing on him. Since their mating, Kyuubi's resistance to her charms had all but crumbled. At times he could be difficult, too stubborn to give in to what his body clearly wanted but more often than not a simple flash of skin or a gentle teasing touch was all that was needed to attract his attentions. And she needed his attentions or more accurately his seed. She needed to have his offspring in order to solidify herself on Makai's throne as queen. And the sooner she was pregnant by him the better. The only problem…high ranked demons generally did not breed as well as low ranked grunts and humans. Being functionally immortal unless killed and having enough power to blow away a mountain came with a heavy price. Which meant for Nibi (who happened to be in heat, which only happened twice a year) had to get her mate back in bed and back into her as soon as possible or she would have to wait another six months in order to try again. Frustrated by this reality check she sat up in with an audible huff…only to be thoroughly ignored by the fox.

Popping up with a cry of triumph, Naruto reset two of the seals necessary for the basic Hirashin. "Alright, this time for sure! HIRASHIN NO JUTSU!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Nibi squeezed her eyes shut; she really didn't want to see her king make a fool of himself. Again. But the tell tale sound of squishy flesh hitting rock never came. Cracking her left eye just a bit she dared to look fate in the face…and she was rewarded.

There, on the far side of the clearing they were using as a training ground, stood her mate in all his demonic glory. His blood red garments billowing gently around him as the displaced air sought to settle itself. His fangs just barely protruded from his lips making his grin appear absolutely feral. As he turned to face her, she could see his eyes flashing between red and blue as his chakra stabilized. Her heart fluttered, reminded once again why he was the perfect choice for a partner.

"Kyuubi-saamaa" She mewled, beckoning him cutely with a shapely hand. She simply had to have him.

Naruto, now riding the adrenaline high from his accomplish, was feeling very manly, and her call had struck a chord in him. Deciding to show off his new found skill, he prepared to the technique once more. "Hirashin no jutsu!"

"Naruto, you dope, where are you? I've been looking all day…oh Nibi-sama have you seen…"

A resounding thud. A blur of flailing limbs. Muffled curses. And then the crunch as a tree basically disintegrated.

Nibi gave a frustrated sigh. So much for the mood.