Why am I writing this? Do I even like this pair? Did I even think it'd work? I ask a lot of questions don't I?

Okay so…this has a totally reasonable explanation…

Remember that scene from DL4 when they played the message from Atobe and he blew a kiss at the end of it, then Hiyoshi swatted it away? Zing, inspiration. DL4 was awesome! Tenimyu is awesome! And I am such a loser for even writing this.

Atobe and Hiyoshi belong to Takeshi Konami, and he is impossibly amazing.

Tales of the Storage Room

.Purple. Chocolate. Stars.

Atobe leaned in against his blonde kohai, brushing the long, straight hairs blocking his eyes along with the radiant, scarlet blush covering the younger boy's face.

"B-buchou, what are you doing?" Hiyoshi stammered, whimpering slightly, though he'd never actually admit it, even if this was his captain.

For far too long Hiyoshi had shielded his feelings, keeping to himself and no one else. There were already far too many candidates, all aiming for Atobe, and he didn't need that drama.

So if nobody knew, it'd be better that way.

They were alone in the storage house, putting away tennis balls, and the only reason Atobe was doing such a commoner deed was that he was frankly quite hard for the younger boy at the moment.

The heir had Hiyoshi pinned up against the cold metal wall behind a tall pile of boxes which blocked any sunlight from entering the space around them. Atobe's trained arms were laced around Hiyoshi's thin waist, preventing the team's mushroom's legs from giving way and causing his to collapse onto the floor.

All Atobe could come up with as a response was a simple hum, and with the skin of theirs necks pressed together, the vibration caused a sudden rush of pleasure to rush down Hiyoshi's spine, straight to his groin.

Atobe's soft lips connected with Hiyoshi's slightly opened mouth, his tongue swirling through the entrance, enticing the blonde's tongue to engage in a passionate dance with his own.

Hiyoshi's groans filled the storage room and the sound was absorbed by the dusty cardboard boxes that surrounded them, preventing any passerby to even drop a thought about the noises they thought they were hearing from the storage room.

The silver haired god preceded lower and ravished Hiyoshi's neck. The smaller boy struggled to remain silent. He was supposed to hate his captain by now, but something in his gut just told him to shut up and enjoy it.

"Buchou…why—" he managed to groan out, while debating whether he's wanted this or not.

Hiyoshi was effectively silenced by Atobe's lips over his own, confirming Hiyoshi's wishes of absolute possession of his captain.

The warm sensation returning to his chest as his cock continued to harden. The bulge was kneaded by Atobe's free hand while the other busied itself with running through Hiyoshi's soft blonde hair.

Once the bulge in Hiyoshi's pants became notably large, Atobe smoothed Hiyoshi's hair and looked deeply into his eyes.

"You won't shoo away Ore-sama's affection now will you?" he asked in the sincerest voice Hiyoshi had ever heard, get past his narcissistic captain's lips. The tone was almost pleading, and begging for the younger boy to not refuse.

The younger boy could only nod dumbly and practically melt into the captain's touch when his jersey shorts were pulled down and revealed a whole new plain of skin for Atobe to ravish.


Right, I also forgot to mention this is my first time writing yaoi. So try not to slaughter me too much in the reviews ;P Constructive comments are good though! Please no flaming xD