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There were several ways i wanted to describe what a day for Wally's new life is like for a happy ending, so i chose the ending with a celebration for humanity's return, it's new-found care of it's homeworld, and how Wally cherishes his life with Eve. And for the record, it was quite difficult for me to come up with some suitable and meaningful dialogue for everyone, did a lot of reading other books and fanfics for referencing on human dialogue for characters who didn't speak in the movie. so i hope i did a good enough job.

Also, if my timing is right and memory serves, this chapter was to be published on the 28th of june, 2010, the 2 year anniversary of WALL-E's release! What a remembrance for such a masterpiece.

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And so, the posting we've all been finally waiting for...

...the final chapter and end of the Novelization.


Earth. A world once fabled as the 'blue planet'. Just a small speck of dust left over from the Big Bang, and it was the only place within that expansive void that was capable of supporting complex life.

And of all life ever spawned on that one pitifully beautiful rock, one form of life's significance almost outshined the sheer majesty of Mother Earth. A species that triumphed above all forms of evolutionary wonders, and brought many other races of life, even the Earth herself to her knees by his ways of survival.

And that species was man.

Yet, despite all he had accomplished and conquered, building a legacy unlike anything in the known universe, humanity's way of life became its very undoing.

As civilization grew larger, the power of human spirit and intelligence propelled man to the heavens; the very Earth they spawned and grew from became laid to waste by humanity's impurities, of all the things they created, they also used, spent, and destroyed. When their creations and growth became outweighed by the amount of how unclean its home planet had become, humanity could do little to slow its deterioration. Eventually, they had no choice, but to inhabit the heavens they had been working so hard to reach, and had long abandoned their planet as much regarded as the garbage they left behind on it.

Every continent and every ocean was poisoned and polluted beyond recognition from the planet's former glorious of blue-green beauty. And for seven centuries, it had remained that way: desolate, ugly, disgusting, and devoid of life. Not so different from the new lifestyle man has unwittingly confinded himself to within his starships. Confined to excessive luxuries and sloth, left aboard and scattered across the universe, their vessels filled with people living vain lives as drones, devoid of any actual life and without purpose.

Then, one day, it was forever changed by one plant, stumbled across by one lonely man that lead to a sequence of events towards the return of one great ship.

It was a journey that has been remembered as a testament to human willpower, the ability to change, to adapt, and to pursue the goals humans longed for. It was man's very legacy of his accomplishments that outshone others, the free will to acquire a common goal, a need or desire. And it was the goal of one garbage collector for earning the heart of a beautiful woman, and with the simple plant he brought, the significance of his quest grew into the lives of a ship, that changed Earth, and Humanity forever. That one lone human has brought the rest of our species home, the beginning of man's rebirth. Saved from sloth, uselessness, and ignorance, humanity now had a new purpose. As they had found the home planet they had long forgotten, they knew what had to be done: To revive their homeworld.

Though the secret of mankind's survival was its ability to spread above and beyond the world it originated, humans still had to tend to the delicate planet that had spawned them, like a grateful child caring for the loving mother that gave birth to whom.

They would take everything they had to begin with and rebuild their world into something better. It wouldn't be easy, but man has seen through so much in such a few spans of millenia, and man had the willpower to avoid repeating history, never again to let their mistakes destroy them as they once repeatedly tried to destroy each other. And man shall let his accomplishments propel him to regaining his excellence not as an enduring species that survived at ecological expenses of other species and the planet, but as a prospering, understanding, and caring species.

Not animalistic or violent as it once was, but still human nonetheless.

Earth, and human civilization was being reborn…

Recolonization settlement 'Hope', Sector NA-001, BnLS Axiom Landing Site, 0958 Hours, June 28th, 7 A.X. (2812 A.D.) 7 years after the Axiom's return…

The New York central colonial district 'Hope' was crowded, thousands of people gathered in and around the most predominant structure in the not-so-dry-anymore Hudson Bay, the mighty starship that had brought these people back from the farthest reaches of deep space and now sits unmoving as a museum. It has sat in its landing platform for exactly seven years to the day since its return to Earth. Though no longer useful as a generation ship to wistfully cruise throughout the galaxy but rather a monumental piece of attracting people to see humanity's own Noah's Ark, a testament to the literally unsizable mean's of mankind's survival.

At the center of the refilled bay, surrounded by the Hope colony linked to the land by makeshift energy bridges, was the very vessel that brought the species back to Earth itself, the BnLS Axiom.

Now, standing tall and true yet as she sits dormant, as it will be forever, her gargantuan ion engines cold and silent, never to be used again to keep propelling humanity in space.

Each and every one of the people gathered knew how much the ship meant to them, it is a reminder for them and future generations to see and appreciate how for the human race has come to be on this planet today.

And of all the people gathered, two remember very vividly of how it came to be, with the exception of their daughter of course.


"WENDY! SLOW...DOWN!" Wally shouted out to his daughter, who was putting distance between herself and her father. He sprinted faster but lost his breath to her speed, which was bordering on record-breaking if not superhuman. No doubt she inherited her mother's strength.

Wendy went crazy as soon as her father said they could go. She shot up and ran towards the ship, her long awaited time to see it has finally arrived.

After a game of cat and mouse down the valley, across the bridges and into the dry area towards the central colony, Wendy looks up the side in awe, feeling dwarfed by the massive monolith of iron and steel towering even above the skyline.

Wendy rounds a corner towards the massive terminal stairway that led inside the ship, she's almost there...

"Not so fast young lady!"

Wendy was suddenly yanked up above the ground by a firm grip. Yelping in surprise, then sighing in defeat when she realized it was her mother.

She could leave her father in the dust, but often forgot one thing: her mother could fly. Only as long as Eve still kept her antigrav boots, and kept wearing them she did, regardless of what she wore; mostly nowadays so she had a way to hunt Wendy down and catch up with her at even the slightest hint of any mischief from her.

"We said we could come see the ship, not run to the ship." Eve stubbornly told Wendy as she set her down. "Remember what i said about listening?"

"I did Mommy, you didn't say we couldn't run to the ship." Wendy retorted.

"..." Eve was going to reply back but caught herself upon hearing her daughter's reasoning. Barely 6 years old and she's already talking and thinking like herself.

"I really wanna see 'Everything' today! There's too much stuff I don't know about I wanna know. More the reason for me to run."

No doubt that she has inherited her father's curiosity, plus her mother's intelligent mind and her intuitive drive to learn more about what she wanted. Not to mention a combination of her parents outward-looking personality traits have made her quite interactive and hyperactive; in other words: a troublemaker. If not planting or drawing flowers on random surfaces on public buildings, inside their home, or on the sides of other peoples homes for 'more color', she'd rather run off on her own, or tinker with things that may or will break, shock, or explode.

Eve shrugs off their argument and ruffled a hand through Wendy's hair. "You certainly do scare me, a little of me you are."

"At least now I could run almost as fast as you can fly..."

"Yes you can, but your not suppose to run away from me to begin with and your still not fast enough..." Eve replied, just as Wally caught up to them, collapsing to the ground out of breathe and faint in an almost cartoonish manner. On cue, Eve replied, "...and neither is your father."

Wally collected himself and spoke between heavy panting. "Yes...wendy...you...and...your mother are...going to be...the death of me like this...if I try to keep up."

Both girls giggled and helped him up, once he was back on his feet Wendy piggy-backed on Wally. Finally, in what seemed like a five minute jog for Wendy and a marathon for Wally, they have reached the Axiom.

Wally's whole body ached from chasing Wendy, but now that they were finally going to show her around the ship, he goes with her piggy back instead.

As they stepped inside, Wendy once again went bananas at everything she laid eyes on.

"WOW! Owowowo there there there!" She points towards one of the many buildings inside the ship, only just entering the main deck.

"Ophf, stay calm, Wendy! We'll see everything eventually." Wally said to settle down his daughter, yanking on his hair in excitement.

"You said that like 5 minutes ago, I wanna see everything now!" Wendy whined back.

Eve peaked up at her, "It's a big, big, Big, ship, so it's going to take a while."

In fact, the ship was so massive that at several kilometers away, it casted shadows on their home and over the city even in the middle of the day. The sheer size of the great starliner was an unimaginable engineering accomplishment. Almost hard to believe that something this colossal could actually move, hence the largest moving object ever made.

Before they could continue on, they came across a group of visitors. And an old friend.

A dramatically different Lieutenant Moe, extrovert and lax instead of the timid and compulsive cleaner he use to be, was guiding a group of tourists visiting the main deck.

"Uncle Moe!" Wendy yelled in joy as she hooped off Wally and ran through the crowd, Eve instinctively giving chase.

Moe noticed Wendy poking through the crowd as he spoke, and his face immediately lit up in delight as did the visiting people who immediately recognized the Burtts' daughter.

"Oh my….don't tell me you're here by yourself!" He proclaimed in mock surprise at the infamous 6 year old.

"Of course she's not!" Eve quickly grabbed Wendy's hand before she could run away from her further.

Moe stood at attention, but after seeing Eve not in her Commander's uniform, quickly assumed to be at ease and excited. "Oh, so good to see you again Eve! For a second I thought I'd you we're gonna order a tie-down for Wendy."

"Nah..." Wally approached, further delighting Moe to see another old friend. "...since we're here to just show her around anyway, she won't cause trouble."

Eve spoke again. "And she's definitely not going to roam the whole ship by herself, without someone to show her everything and not get into trouble, not after last time."

Not since after Wendy lost herself to curiosity when she wondered into the alluring lightshow of the colonies power plant, and nearly caused a blackout as she played with the controls, Wally and Eve will not let her out of her sight easily anytime soon, not after how Eve unloaded at her.

"So what are we going to see Uncle Moe?" Wendy sang, her radiant youthfulness pushed that memory aside and happily started asking as if nothing happened.

"Well, as i was just telling everyone, that here was the central area of the Axiom where i had once cleaned a trail of footprints from aft to bow..." Moe fired away as they began the tour, Wally, Eve, and Wendy decide to tag along.

To feed Wendy's inquisitive mind with more realistic details, Eve looked around for something to share memories of her time with as Moe spoke. But which one to start with? She has been…no, she lived on this ship her entire life and could say practically anything about what she saw.

Though everything she saw now was in light of how she and Wally meet and interacted while he was aboard. Making things way more delightful to talk about, regardless how pointless they seemed. Of course, she down-played the life threatening parts of the battle in the maintenance corridors or the ward for the sake of Wendy's young mind.

They continued with their tour throughout the ship, Wally and Eve recounting the memories they shared of chasing one another through the halls during the Ward outbreak from the medical center, to their space chase from the escape pods...and to the Lido deck.

"…and up there, ladies and gentleman was the Bridge. The place where the historic battle between the old Captain and most treacherous officers aboard a starship togain control of the Axiom."

At the forever rememberable site of the holo-detector ( which the device was still raised and any trace of blood was extensively cleaned off), Wally stopped, lost in thought. Though it was a spine-tingling place of memory for both him and Eve, Wendy was as curious as ever to learn about what transpired on this spot of the ship. The historic spot where the ship had reactivated and warped straight home. But she didn't know it was also the same spot where Wally fought to keep the holo-detector open for Eve, and where he was crushed to death underneath it.

Wally never remembered anything about what happened to him outside of him fading into that incomprehensible abyss after death, but he imagined the sight of his own blood pooling on the deck was enough for him to realize it must have been a very horrific sight, especially for Eve.

Wendy tugged at his side. When he looked down at her, he still was in the mindset of how he felt when being crushed by the hollow detector.

He wondered what would've happened if the holo-detector completely closed on him? Not only completely killing him but sealing the fates of everyone on board into an existence of imprisonment in space. And he thought of how Eve would've lived without him? How such a horrible life she would've had to live with the aftermath of his death. They wouldn't have been able to have all of the beautiful things they had today.

No refurbished planet Earth to call home, no freedom to explore the universe around them, no treasuring each other's company, or each other's love, and Wendy would never have been concieved. She would not have existed...

"Daddy? What's wrong?" Wendy nagged on his side again, completely drawing him out of his thousand-yard trance, realizing that the tour was moving on.

He looked at Eve, he was surprised to see that her eyes held a storm of grim speculation, but she gave him an understanding smile. She must have been thinking the same things he was, but also held a glint of cheerfulness of knowing that kind of life was never going to be reality since they prevented it from being so.

He was here. Eve was here, so was the Axiom and because he survived, Wendy was here. It was that and not the what if, that mattered. He was still alive to tell the tale to his daughter. And treasure everything that they had, because he didn't die. Making him all the more grateful that he was alive and well.

"Nothing's wrong, sweetie." Wally reached down and picked Wendy up, planting a reassuring and cherishing kiss on her forehead.

Wendy was confused over her father's sudden act of parental affection, but her father's love made her forget her curiosity for the time being and just hugged him back. Eve also lit up in joy as she silently shared the same thought of gratefulness, Wally felt the gloomy atmosphere that was threatening to cloud their minds completely faded into warmth.

As they walked back to the rest of the tour group, Wally banished those thoughts of almost dying, and replaced them with the joy of his wife and daughter's company, and the touch of his wife's hand intertwinded with his.


After the hours long tour, one long enough to satisfy Wendy, everyone decides to head outside.

The noise of the celebration peaked as the three stepped outside into the cool evening, but felt warm and lively from the activity. Though to Wally it always felt lively to step outside into the colony, there were now 1.8 million people here, rather than just himself. And the scenery if not everything has certainly changed in the seven years with everyone here than all of his years by himself.

After the return, the entire population of the Axiom had all commonly agreed to work together to recolonize the planet as the new home for themselves, and each person participated in rebuilding. Wally and Eve decided to stick with what they each did best, he collected garbage for refining raw materials into goods while she scouted out the sector for other signs of life and took responsibility of being head agriculturist/botanist of the colony's farming.

Eve was more than suited for her duties related to plants, aside from being a trained scout to find and identify them, she was unmatched at surveying the soil content for the appropriate seedlings to grow, how to water the amount, fertilize with the right chemical mixtures, and sew perfectly good cut and fertile crops to harvest food. In the time since they arrived, she had already turned half the uninudated landscape from desert brown to lush green. And soon she will teach others how to plant such scale and such freshness, but never as good as Eve can do it.

In Wally's case, though he had endless possibilities open for him for the recolonization, he chose to stay with what he did best for most of his life despite it being among the most mundane of tasks. Not because it was the only thing he did or knew how to do well (unlike for the most time in his life), because he now had a reason to collect trash, to build a better home for his Eve and Wendy, and for everyone and their future generations; and he was more than content regardless of the injuries he received from his work.

And a final reason, one of a delicate subject he only once ever opened up with to Eve, was so that all of his efforts and the efforts of his long dead brethren and ancestors, were not in vain. That after 700 years of work by the millions of garbage workers who labored, suffered, and died doing the clean up had not been for nothing.

The Captain also worked with them, spending time to take upon researching all the things necessary to make a comfortable settlement for a growing population of 1.6 to 1.8 million people from resource management, to infrastructural needs, and providing some physical stoop labor here and there that had dramatically made him less pudgy. He was even selected to be Governor of Hope, the first recolonization settlement and proved to be a great leader by the people, even working along side them down in the dirt. He even made Eve his new Second-in-Charge, taking what use to be the former position of Commander from whose traitorous officer shall not be named.

The small re-population settlement of Hope had been built around the immediate vicinity of the Axiom and the boundaries of the Hudson Bay, near where resources were readily available to start rebuilding at the time of arrival. Miniature homes had been established by using the ship's escape pods, with thousands of them to shelter the population, and the buildings surrounding the Hudson and portions of New York have been cleared out to shelter the growing colony.

The Axiom's external hull was gutted in some places, exposing internal structures; the scavenged components parts were used to build better homes out of the pods into sizable living structures (which were serious upgrades compared to the confined spaces of the ship's rooming), reconstructing destroyed buildings in the old city, and making new essential refining facilities to turn garbage into raw materials and in turn, make complex commodities. To provide power for it all, large superconductive cables ran from the starship's main ion engines' core into power line distributors below, linking up with the colonial electrical supply plant.

The humans now had infinite power from the ship's twin fusion propulsive reactors, and the trash towers provided all the great amounts of recyclable construction materials they needed to rebuild the metropolis they intend to repopulate in efforts to spread out to restore the sector, which was also taken care of by turning the hoverchairs into useful transportation of necessities other than blobs of humans.

There were only a few traces of desert left in the resurrected landscape of New York, the unnatural prevailing winds that barraged the city with storms of sand have ceased not too long ago, freeing people to travel about without worry of being buried alive, with some of the remaining flat areas of land turned into slush green crops of grown fruits, veggies, and plants. It helped the air quality pleanty, stopping the spread of abrasive sand throughout the region and the carcinogens or chemicals present in the air, and instead let it set into the soil. The sea level of the Atlantic Ocean had slowly risen to begin refilling the scorched valley of the dried up Hudson with a series of branched rivers, bringing in an abundance of greatly needed water to be desalinized for supporting the people.

There were hundreds to thousands of square miles left of garbage to collect, but with the help of the hundreds of thousands of strong people instead of just one man, the total cleanup of the northeastern sectors, possibly a portion of North America, could be within reach.

And that wasn't the only exciting thing, they have even made contact with other BnL starliners out in space.

Since the return, it became among one of Eve's secondary tasks were to assist in re-establishing superluminal communications from Earth to all human starships still cruising throughout the Milky Way. Though it took a long time in order to get any response from the continuous signals sent from the Axiom. Everyday she would report to the ship's com spire with Governor McCrea's handed-down starship commander's authority codes and send out their messages to the ancient BnL radio-telescope array established on the far side of the Moon, sending out a subspace signal unfiltered by electromagnetic or ionospheric interference in all directions. The messages carried an encoded subroutine that ordered all First Officer recipients to respond, overrule General Order A113 and return to the planet Earth immediately.

Eve, sometimes accompanied with Wally and McCrea, continued that routine and monitored the receiving end of the coms in hopes of getting a response for a few weeks...then a few months...and for the next six and a half years...

Until finally, someone answered the Axiom's call on last Christmas when the Axiom's long-range sensors detected an in-system space-time rupture within the Sol System, and tracked a BnL starliner transponder heading towards Earth.

Hours after the event, Eve's six years of superluminal communications work has paid off when she received a signal from the Axiom's sister ship: the BnLS Exodus, that it has made planet-fall in BnL Cleanup Sector EU-003, formerly the European megacity of London.

It was the first human starliner to successfully make contact with; it was the closest ship to Earth, cruising through the Lepus constellation approximately 111 light-years away. The Exodus had just recently recieved the very first signals sent out from Earth six and a half years before, the subspace boosted radiowave had to travel such astronomical distances as fast as subspace and the laws of space-time astrophysics could allow. Though it was also a big accomplishment for Eve that her encoded command for overriding General Order A113 had worked when the Exodus's First Officer confirmed it, and also a program for the other crew that allowed them to bypass their holo-detector's programing to activate their ship's translight drive and navigate their way back to Earth without a specimen needed.

Though the Exodus still couldn't be reached since point to point suborbital travel was hazardous with the satellite-crowded sky, but the Axiom could still talk to her via VHF radio until the Axiom's atmospheric transports are operational again to fly across the Atlantic to finally meet the people of another BnL generation ship in person. Those over in Britain say that while trashed landscape was still everywhere, patches of lively plant life was breaking through the ruined soil, and the Exodus will soon begin it's own recolonization of the Isles, and will soon make plans to cross into mainland Europe to rediscover the continent for more signs of life.

It took six and a half years to hail just one ship back to Earth, but if other ships were still lurking around neighboring star systems within the Orion galactic arm, it'll only be a matter of time before they recieve and return from the next few months to a few decades; there will still be plenty of cleaning up to do on Earth, and Eve will be waiting at her post until then. Eventually she'll get to work on some FTL probes that could be built to go back into space, getting better chances of spreading the return signal for all human starships scattered across the galaxy.

The rest of the human race will return very slowly, but surely.

Everything had been kept running 24/7 since day one after landing, to get Earth back to her former was going to take a long, long, LONG time, but at least they could get it done for their descendents to live on a nice clean planet with a certain future.

But not tonight, no. Tonight was one of only times out of the year that the people have stopped to rest, and celebrate.

It was the seventh anniversary since the Axiom's return to Earth, once every year on the 28th of June. 7 years to date since mankind returned to finish the clean up the mess of Shelby Forthright's legacy of a polluted planet. Often considered the new marker for another year's eve.

Tonight, was to celebrate the anniversary of not only the reuniting of Earth and Man, but of a different couple. The two that made it all possible. Wally celebrating 7 years of his new life with actual people to interact with! And not just any kind of people like those who tried to harm him and hunt him down like those long before this was all possible. No, these were friends, and now, family.

Wally and Eve spent their time strolling around, everyone greeting them as old friends whilst Wendy stayed out of trouble (a very rare thing for her to do considering her hyperactivity). While Wendy busied herself with playing around in her parent's plain-sight with her best friend Hannah, Jon and Mary's daughter, the adults all conversed with each other, sampling the cuisine of lost human culinary arts made by hand instead of just liquid lunch in cup; they laughed over silly accidents, sang long forgotten songs, and shared new knowledge or old memories.

And customary to the celebration, everyone went to see a young tree growing out of an elevated patch of grass. It was surrounded by smaller commemorative seedlings planted in shoes and decorated individually, and accumulated over the years at this spot. And beneath the tree was a copper plaque with a shoe made of bronze, and a tiny copper weed. The plaque read:

What You See Here - The tree that had brought a species to it's home planet. This tree was the exact same spot where our species left the Earth and returned again. All because of the one thing this world has spawned, harbored, tried and tested; and the species known as 'Humanity' defined it.

This is the Tree of Life.

It was the exact same plant that Wally and Eve had fought so hard to bring it the Axiom, and in turn bring it back to Earth again. As much of a monument the goliath Axiom was compared to this pitiful plant, the plant was the memorial for Humanity's return. Named for its literal symbol of life on Earth, for the people of the colony, hence it's namesake, was the hope of returning to find and rebuild life.

An tap on a loudspeaking system draws everyone's attention to the base of the Axiom. Wally, Eve, and Wendy make their way toward the growing sounds of music, so does the voice of some familiar old friends.

"Come On Everyone! Let's Get Some Celebrating Started!" Jon shouted over a microphone, gathering everyone's attention to a light-gridded amplitheater set up at the Axiom's boarding terminal.

"Thanks, Jon." The old Captain McCrea, now Governor of the colony and incredibly more built with still a few extra pounds to lose, took his place at the podium and began the night.

"Tonight...we celebrate the day of new life. We celebrate the day our kind has been saved from the sloth of meaninglessness and indulgence. Today we celebrate the day our kind has been reborn...Tonight!...We Celebrate Our 7th Anniversary of the Return to Earth!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as Jon picked up an old musical device called a 'guitar', picking each string and it's sound amplified around the gathering.

"To commemorate this historic day, let us bring out what we felt of coming home. Here's a song Jon and I found from the old abandoned record studios in the city, after screening it through the archieves, we found it to be a song by a very popular musican about planting our feet back onto sweet mother Earth."

"A song that let's us remember to care the mother of our kind." Jon said as he got to the center of the stage.

"It's called: 'Down to Earth.'"

The crowd cheers wildly as he situates himself onto the center stage with McCrea at the keyboards and a different set controls. Suddenly making the stage change shapes and colors as the light grids pulsated and disappeared, suddenly the stage background and set changing to interactive pictures, moving from caveman pictures of the Axiom in it's landing pad, then to ancient Egyptians of the new colonyitself to Mayan mosaics of a newly reborn planet Earth. All reflecting the rebirth and rewriting of human history that began seven years ago.

Jon began singing into the microphone, and looking towards the sky. He was playing the voice of one of the most beloved musicians of humanity's past, Peter Gabriel. And of the song they were playing, there was no better fitting one for the commemoration of returning home.

Before Wally could join the crowd around him into cheering along, Eve held onto his shoulder and took off with him and Wendy in tow. They we're well outside the outer perimeter of the gathering where she stopped and faced Wally.

"Evah? You don't want to stay for the celebration?" He asked as a grin came across her face as she replied, "I have a better idea..."

She held up a fire extinguisher.

As Wally scrutinized the object, confused—then he remembered that spacewalk memory immediately. The most tranquil moment he felt to the definition of the word. No gravity, no sounds, no worries, just peace, and Eve.

In her other hand she held up just the things that made it possible: her antigrav boots and flickinger fields. And from what she was suggesting, make another spacewalk possible.

"Did you think that your feet had been bound, by what gravity brings to the ground?

Did you feel you were tricked, by the future you picked? Well, come on down..."

Wally looked back at the stage to see the main act has began. He looked to Eve and back for a moment of hesitation. Eve noticed and her grin shrunk, growing concerned.

"What's wrong? You don't want to go?" Eve uneasily speculated, she'd be okay with any decision Wally wanted. But over a cherished memory...

"Oh, nonono, I do want to go Evah. I'd never refuse to relive our spacewalk." Wally reassured her.

"It's just...ummm..." he thought for a moment, looking back at the stage and at Eve again. Thinking about how to say his intentions without spilling what he had planned.

'Oh, what the heck.' He shrugged and turned to Eve with a grin. "It's just I'm worried about getting back here in time for after the show. Since i've got something...planned for you." He chose his words carefully.

Hearing that, Eve looked at him with bewilderment, and excitement. "A surprise? For me?" Her face immediately lit up with joy. "Oh, What is it? What is it?"

Eve loved surprises, especially from Wally. And he loved to keep her tense and excited over what he had in store to savor her prolong excitement. It was his way of teasing her. So, a spacewalk would be a great way to keep her occupied for the time being and tense over the surprise.

Wally chuckled, "Oh you'll see. I don't want to spoil it for you. And...a spacewalk would be fun if we could get back here at least in the next..." He checked the celebration again, the song still in the beginning, he made a guess.

"...17 minutes."

A bright mile wide smile grew on Eve's face, seventeen minutes to get to orbit, dance, and land back in the same place.

All the time in the world for her.

"...All those rules don't apply, When you're high in the sky.

So, come on down. Come on down..."

The only problem was what to do about Wendy?

Wally looked down at her and back up at Eve, who surprisingly enough, had spare flickinger fields. Looking at her, Wendy, and back again, Eve's expression said it all. They'll take her along, she'll be out of trouble while in their sight.

"Wendy." Eve turns her daughter around from her gazing at the concert to get her attention.

"What is it, Mommy? Can we join the dance?"

"We don't have too Wendy. We're going to a special place for a danc—"

"Back on the ship!" Wendy excitingly interrupted.

"Nope, someplace much, much better." she and Wally slip on her flickinger field gloves and help Wendy out with hers, activating the translucent fields and supplying their own air and protection. Realizing what her parents were preparing themselves for, Wendy's eyes go wide in shock and excitement.

"Are we..." She managed to get out, her breath caught in her throat and eyes wide as saucers like she just got the perfect Christmas gift. Wendy's never been into orbit before.

Eve smiled brightly before Wendy could reply. "That's right sweetie. Now..."

She picks her up and holds onto her with one arm, and in the other, Wally braces himself against Eve's body as her antigrav boots kick into high gear for a high-G liftoff. The fields begin shielding them from the blast and pressure of wind.

"Here We Go!" Eve shouted as she felt the Earth fall away from her, Wally and Wendy place their trust into Eve as they clenched onto her as tight as they can.

As the family rockets into the stratosphere, a thunderous crack of a sonic boom echoes throughout the landscape, but the crowds gathered around the stage don't seem the least bit drawn away, and instead, the blast of noise fuels the rising cheers and beats of the song...

We're coming down to the ground!

There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

Like so many years ago, Wally clang onto Eve to fight against the g-forces of suchincredible speed. But felt confident enough to rather enjoy the high speed ride, like Wendy who was straightening out her arms and legs to pose like a superhero. Wally laughed at the sight, but his attention and that of Wendy's was soon perpetrated by the strange smoothness of the rough flight up, and the darkness of the sky and dead silence. As they looked around, the answer was given to them by the remarkable sight below them...

Did you think you'd escaped from routine
By changing the script and the scene?
Despite all you made of it
You're always afraid
Of the change

You've got a lot on your chest
Well, you can come as my guest
So come on down
Come on down

They didn't go quite as high to see the entire planet, but just high enough to float freely in zero G, the Earth looked a little different. Not the way Wally remembered when he first say the small, pitifully exhausted planet from space. It was more like a ball of junk in space the way he remembered it. The ocean and atmospheres hazed with a disgusting phlegm-like color and unrecognizable shapes of land, continents literally made of trash. What Wally was seeing was not the Earth he remembered.

No, what he saw we're pure, puffy white clouds, a light-reflective sky on the curved horizon, the deep blue of the Atlantic ocean and the healthy greenery that spanned a portion of lower New England. This wasn't the Earth he remembered. But it was still Earth. Only now, it looked refurbished in a patch of land and sea. Just a single spot of the world that's clean.

Wendy stood frozen in place as she drank in the awe-inspiring sight of her homeworld. Even when only 300 kilometers up and the curved horizon in all directions, she never knew it looked so...small.

"Here sweetie." Eve grabbed Wendy by the shoulder, not realizing she had floated out of her parents' grasp loosened by the majesty of Mother Earth. Eve handed Wendy a downsized fire-extinguisher.

"Don't want to fly around up here without it."

Wendy smiled a real smile, cute and childish like she was given a present she shouldn't have. She was going to have fun.

Unable to contain her eagerness, she squeezes the handle of the extinguisher, rocketing away.

As Eve watched her daughter zig-zag in all directions trying to navigate, she missed Wally passing by her and towards the cluttered satellites in high orbit. She chases after him...

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

They had seen Earth from orbit before, it use to not be such a pleasant sight. A world once covered in grime and littered with satellites was just unfathomably disgusting to look at. It was a wonder on how such an primative-turned-advanced civilization could taint such a beautiful and fragile planet.

Like the fish in the ocean
We felt at home in the sea
We learned to live off the good land
Learned to climb up a tree
Then we got up on two legs
But we wanted to fly
When we messed up our homeland
We set sail for the sky

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

But now, seeing the Earth from space again seemed to have a brand new view; knowing now that humans had returned for good and with the intent to reverse everything, it almost struck Wally and Eve that Earth was indeed, a very fascinating and beautiful planet, no matter what she was going through.

We're coming down
Coming down to Earth
Like babies at birth
Coming down to Earth
We're gonna find new priorities
These are extraordinary qualities

700 years of being rendered uninhabitable is not very long considering the planet's 4.4 billion year age and of all the natural disasters the universe and nature herself threw at it. It was a cycle, the planet experiences everything from celestial impacts to tectonic displacement, all of which had lead to mass extinctions, and in the end, the planet always survived and it's always changing face weathered its scars, returning the biosphere to its natural glory as if nothing happened.

Now, after seven hundred years of being submersed in the leavings of human civilization, and upon humanity's return aboard a single starship; Earth, was once again healing back to normal.

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

"Hang On!" Eve shouted over the deafening roar of re-entry. Though the fields were more than powerful enough to take the extensive heat, Wally and Wendy held onto the only person they could trust who could navigate through the satellites and into Earth's atmosphere. Eve handled her every move through the atmosphere without doubt in her mind, masterfully flying back down instead offalling like back in the early days of space flight, like that of their ancestors with their primative free falling capsules or shuttles, where everything had to go perfect, if too steep, they'll incinerate, if too shallow, they'll bounce off the atmosphere and back into space.

But not for Eve. Not with her abilities and the flickingers. As soon as they passed into the stratosphere, she spread out her arms and fell freely with them clinging on, feeling the thrill of flying as they descend rapidly towards the colony below.

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow up on the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

We're gonna find new priorities
These are extraordinary qualities

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow upon the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We'll hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

We're coming down to the ground
There's no better place to go
We've got snow upon the mountains
We've got rivers down below

We're coming down to the ground
We'll hear the birds sing in the trees
And the land will be looked after
We send the seeds out in the breeze

Redefine your priorities
These are extraordinary qualities
To find on earth

Comin' down, comin' down
Comin' down, comin' down
Comin' down, comin' down
Comin' down...


Eve makes a perfect touchdown right in the same area where she lifted off from, nine orbits ago, only right next to Jon instead of the tree. With fireworks everywhere and the final notes played, they hardly jumped at the sudden entry and the entire crowd erupted into applause at the epic display. Almost as if in confusion, Wally and Eve to everyone around them for her pinpoint landing next to Jon, who bowed for his performance.

Checking the time, Wally realized that now that they were back on the ground, with a few seconds to spare of the seventeen they began with when they took off, they were just in time for the last of the show.

"Evah..." Wally turned her around to get her attention. "...guess what! We're back just in time. And right where we needed to be too."

"So what's falling in place for your little plan?"

"Oh...you'll see." Wally looks over to Jon and McCrea who have retreated to the back of the stage and nodded in return. It was time for the last song.

The murmuring of the crowd died out instantly as the stage suddenly went dark. Things started to change around them as a three dimensional grid of light engulfed the darkened stage. The dim lights pulsated and pulsated until it faded into blackness like nightfall in the middle of evening. Yet in the darkness, something changed in the shape of unknown silhouettes within the enclosed stage.

Different light sources came from what looked like street oil lamps that lit up around the stage out of nowhere. It remained somewhat darker than usual with the Axiom's lights on, giving the atmosphere around them a soft, comforting night glow that felt safe and intimate.

As the new lighting illuminated the stage, it suddenly didn't look like the stage it was, instead of the artificial instruments, the colorful dioramas of the last performance, and flashy metallic show lights, it turned green and lush, with trees, a sidewalk and a bench, and ancient backdrops of 19th century buildings lining the trees.

A spot light shone down on Wally and Eve gasped in shock and wonderment at what she saw.

Instead of being in his regular clothing he was where just moments ago, Wally was somehow dressed in finely pressed, detailed gray suit, a earth-brown vest, red bow-tie and shiny black shoes. His hair was neatly combed to the back of his head in a freshly groomed manner. How did he change into those in mere seconds in the darkness?

She put her hands up to her mouth in surprise, and noticed something else. She didn't recall wearing extremely comfortable looking dress gloves...

She looked down and stood astonished as she looked herself over. Somehow, instead of wearing her civilian clothes, she rather was wearing a very different attire. She wore a comfortable and exquisite Victorian dress in all sorts of shades of red, that made her crystal blue eyes shine out more than ever before; silver wrist-length gloves, a long scarlet silk gown with a crimson red blouse that blended fittingly to the shape of her slender torso, making it look classic, yet elegant to her taught body, and most of all, beautiful.

The crowd and even Wally awed collectively at her sudden change of appearance drawing so much eyes to her. Especially Wally, who gazed at her as stunned as he was when she wore her wedding gown. No matter what Eve wore, her beauty somehow looks more intensified, making Wally more drawn to her.

The soft jingle of ancient, 1960's romantic music played. The crowd suddenly applauded wildly as the first notes played out, they immediately recognized it as the always memorable loving tone of Wally and Eve's most treasured song. And the latter's just froze in surprise remembering how her and her husband so oddly resemble the two faces in the song in question; or more appropriately...their song. None other than Cornelius and Irene Molly, the destined couple of It Only Takes A Moment.

The cue for Wally's character, Cornelius, to sing began and Eve squealed like a school girl in excitement for their song to come, reenacting the exact same song as they did on the night of their wedding exactly seven years ago, and now about to relive it.

But as the exact moment as she had seen in the movie came and went with no voice of Cornelius played when it should, Eve was taken aback. Was something wrong with the recordings?

On cue, in the moment, and in character, Wally steps toward her, facing Eve and holding her hand tight. Then did something Eve had never seen him do so beautifully before, and maybe never as beautiful again.

Wally began singing to her.

"It only… takes a moment…" Cornelius, the only persona that could be voiced and impersonated in this manner.

"…For your eyes to meet…and then…

…Your heart knows… in a moment…

…You will never… be alone again…"

Eve was, without disappointment, totally shocked beyond belief. She had to keep herself from girlishly giggling out loud and crying in joy from seeing her husband singing their song. His voice sounded soothing and practiced, he still had rough vocal cords, but it didn't matter to Eve. He was singing their song by himself, to her.

His singing voice had now just become the most beautiful thing Eve has ever heard.

"...I held her...for an instant...

...But my arms felt sure...and strong...

...It only...takes a moment...

...To be loved...a whole life long..."

Governor McCrea and Jon joined the duo, not entirely blended into the background enough if this were an actually play. And loud enough for McCrea's voice to resound his rehearsed lines of this point in the IOTAM movie, acting as the clerk.

"I missed a few words back there, Jon. Right after 'it only'-"

"...Takes a moment!" Everyone in the entire audience said simultaneously, they too had shared the wonderful passion of such a song, and had learned and loved as much about it was the most famous couple on Earth did.

Then, the crowd started swaying side-to-side, singing to the tones they remember so vividly, down to the last background choir note...

"...For your eyes to meet...and then...

...Your heart knows...in a moment...

...You will never...be alone again..."

"He held her...for an instant...

...But his arms felt sure...and strong...

...It only...takes a moment..."

She felt her eyes moisten, glimmering so bright and loving, making Wally weak at his knees.

Eve felt so overcome with happiness seeing how not only has Wally put together the greatest surprise and anniversary gift of all time, but with so many people involved, just for her. And she still couldn't get over the fact that she just heard Wally's own voice put into melody of the their treasured song, like he had somehow made it possible to describle everything he felt of the incomprehensible purity of their love.

Somewhere inside Eve, she felt something take control of her actions, and started stepping towards Wally as she felt her own voice seep up and fill the void of unsung words of their relationship.

She started singing too, her voice as beautiful as the music itself, as much as the love she wanted to convey to Wally.

Eve didn't need a cue for their song, she knew it and sang before by heart;and she now literally singing her heart to Wally as he had done for her.

"He held me...for an instant...

...But his arms felt safe...and strong...

...It only...takes a moment...

...To be loved...a whole life long..."

They found themselves not role-playng their favorite characters of Cornelius and Irene, they became Cornelius and Irene.

"And that is all...That love's about..."

"And we'll recall...when time runs out..."

"That it only...took a moment...

...To be loved...

...a whole...



Wally and Eve's voices resounded the final note throughout the plain of the open concert, and faded into thunderous applause. As soon as their voices faded, Eve couldn't contain herself from the sweetest and utterly most brilliant surprise he has ever given her, and locked her lips sensuously with his as everyone applauded even louder for the happiest couple on Earth. Except for Wendy, who stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"Eeww" Wendy said as she watched her mother and father kiss on stage.

They kissed long, completely tuned out of the world around them even as Wally broke the kiss and looked at his wife with a broad smile.

"Surprise." Wally calmly said. "Happy anniversary, Evah."

That drew a giggling fit out of Eve, but also a stir of happy feelings remembering that it was 7 years to the day since they first kissed.

And then they resumed kissing, but with all the passion that could flow through them, holding each other and succumbing to the pleasure of their connection as they did on that day. Wally running his fingers through her long vanilla mane of hair as Eve moaned to the smoothness of his touch, and carassed him tighter, not wanting to let go of him.

The two lovers parted slowly and rested their heads on each other's shoulders, in the moment of just being together, dancing privately for what felt like several minutes.

Just holding each other softly, feeling the stimulation of each other's love move them back and forth as they slow danced together, humming to the soothing melody of a soft ballads in the back ground, subconsciously in euphoria...

...until Eve felt Wendy nagging on her dress.

"Mommy, daddy…"

"Hm?" Wally and Eve looked down questioningly at their daughter, who (rarely-seen) looked energy-spent, she yawned a large gulp of breath to stay standing. "…I'm tired, can we go home?"

They looked around to see the crowds have slowly dissipated and went back to their homes. "Oh my!" Wally looked up to see the red sun had crept below the horizon, turning the sky deep purple and the black of night well approaching.

Eve smiled and took Wendy's hand, lead the three out of the ship. "Alright sweetie, let's go home."

Eve picks up a sleepy eyed Wendy and leaves the stage with Wally. As they do, their Cornelius and Irene outfits dematerialize into nothingness, having left the barrier of the interactive holostage, now back in their original civilian clothing. It felt like coming back to reality from a dream. And as reluctant as they are to leave such a place to live their most treasured characterization of their love, they can always feel more in each other's love once they get home and into bed...

As Wally and Eve briskly walked their way back to their home in happily spent-tiredness and silence, Wally let his mind wander between Eve and the night sky above him. The stars shined way more brightly than they did years ago, and they were a wonder to see every night, knowing that he had been to some of them on that journey in the A.R.V., trying to stay with Eve.

He looked over to the said woman, holding hands with her as they walked. She reminded him of how wonderful the night sky seemed and how the sky reminded her. The two beauties of Eve and the cosmos have totally masked his senses of his surroundings. He thought back to when they danced, what felt like a moment holding each other in the passage of time was actually several hours. Now, Wally was at the beginning of understanding advanced human knowledge and theories, but he often wondered that the love-filled moments he shared with Eve were so precious that he often confused them with time travel; where time for them slowed down and time around them sped up unnoticed.

Speaking of unnoticed, Wally's foot steps onto an uneven bump in the ground, making him tumble over.

"Wally? Are you alright?" Eve stops and lowers down to Wally, wondering what that was all about. Though Eve was startled out of her trance, Wendy failed to stay awake and she fell asleep in her mother's arms just a half-way on their 5 kilometer trek home.

Wally lifted himself up to his feet, brushing off his pants as he fell in the dusty road.

"We're you daydreaming again?" Eve giggled when she saw the trace of wonderment in his eyes, she understood what he was thinking; most likely about how beautiful she was or how happy he felt with her or of the like.

Wally blushed a bit, knowing he yet again had been caught gazing out. But, he's done it so many times he might as well say so.

"Mmm, just thinking about the stars." He points up to the sky, and then to her. "…and you. They keep reminding me about you and you keep reminding me of them. Where you came from and when we went to the Axiom. I can see so many things that keep relating to both you and the stars. I'm so blinded by beauty."

Eve giggled; he could come up with a thousand and one ways to describe their deep feelings, from poetic to scientific.

"You always find a way to sound so sweet."

They take each others hands again and continue down the now remarkably clean and green road towards home.

Though still half a kilometer to go, they were walking up the path that was part of their 'frontyard'. Outside and around the house was a lush, green garden with a mix of multi-colored plants and seedlings that stretched all the way down the dirt path from their home towards the old city, down a slight slope that had once been the on ramp to the Brooklyn Bridge which now looked more like a dirt hill, being reclaimed by the Earth.

Even at night with only the moon and ground lights to guide them, Wally admired the beautiful scenery of the thousands of different species of flowers that populated their very own front yard Garden of Eden, they were all of Eve's creations. She was a gardener of her own kind. She essentially turned the whole landscape of the sector green and here was where she had managed to plant even on the surface of the remainants of a concrete/steel suspension bridge. Wally was surprised to just how talented his wife really was.

Due to the bridge being eroded beyond repair as well as energy bridges being put in place, the colony didn't feel the necessity to rebuild it and relocate The Burtt's home; besides, it didn't pose a danger to their home while on concrete/soil foundation, and it made a great elevated 'patio' for heir home, providing an impressive view of the colony below.

Home for Wally was pretty much anywhere with his family, but when it came to living standards; their place on the Brooklyn Bridge hadn't changed in location, but physically looked changed drastically for the better.

A converted A.E.V. fitted with the very truck Wally had spent most of his life in, only both had been disassembled and rebuilt with different materials and modules; forming a new, elegantly designed single story and single entry house with two bedrooms (Wendy's and the open master room just next to Wendy's), a living room, hygiene room, and a kitchen. It looked small on the outside, but spacious and comfortable for the three.

Wally takes the sleeping form of Wendy from Eve to ready for bed and takes Wendy to her room, it was as adorned as Wally's when he was living alone; with almost all of his prized trinkets, knickknacks, the makeshift TV that had the Hello Dolly movie player, and oddities given to her to learn and play with, much like he did. But most of the things she had were newer salvaged things, for another thing Wally liked about his redefined purpose in garbage collecting was that Wendy often help cleaned up with him, and in the process would find new things to take home. Wally couldn't be anymore happier to have his daughter help out with the recolonization efforts and have fun with it; she was so much like him.

He gently slips Wendy into her bed and tucked her in. Wally also grabs her favorite toy and slipped it in her sleeping arms, and she subconsciously smiled as she snuggled with it once it was in her arms. It was a very old, tattered, stuffing missing, but well-intact cowboy doll named Woody.

It was Wally's once, one of his oldest possessions that he first found amongst the landfills, it was probably the only possession he had left of his past life, so close it was his companion. It had been his source of warmth for so many years after the death of his mother and helped him see through the darkest years of his life. Then one day he had lost it in the chaos, heartbroken like he had lost his only friend, and never thought of it again until recently when Wendy found it in the garbage piles, still intact as it was decades ago.

It had almost brought Wally to tears at seeing the stuffed doll again, filled with good and terrible memories; he let himself hold the doll one last time after Wendy found it, and finally gave it to her. Now it was Wendy's source of warmth, her companion.

Taking one last, loving look at Wendy, Wally retreats to the master bedroom; a circular space with large, darkening, crystal window-walls adorned with holo-pictures, trinkets, a dresser, a shelf lined with several thick books of lost knowledge reclaimed from the trash, and some very special flowers hand-picked from Eve's garden. His faithful canine friend Hal slept contently by the corner, having patiently awaited their return from the celebration but slept to early to see them again, but he will tomorrow though. A huge master bed with silk sheets and pillows dominated the center of the secluded room, lying directly under a transparent, operable ceiling that darkened the light of day and enhanced the starlight of night. This was a very peaceful place that sealed Wally and Eve off from the rest of the world, a place where it was only just the two of them to rest and to love. Their own little slice of heaven.

Already Eve lay sprawled facing up in the cream-colored sheets, with nothing on but her alluringly distracting, silver-colored silk night gown, awaiting her husband to join her. Letting out a yawn, Wally undresses down to his sweats and shirt. He slips under the covers where Eve tiredly wraps herself around him in a tight embrace, adding more comfort to the memory-foam mattress with the company of each other.

Wally stares up to the ceiling, or rather, to the stars, noticing how the Moon was already at its highest in the sky. Outside, they could hear slight winds picking up. On a breezy, starlit night like this, Wally and Eve won't let the opportunity to pass for a little enjoyment of a seldom night breeze under a majestic light show as the dark blue sky twinkled of trillions of distant stars and planets, back dropped by the disk of the reflective Moon after a long walk home.

With a wave of his hand over the counter next to the bed, the ceiling glass soundlessly opens and the cool, summer wind blows a slight breeze into the room, bathing the couple in bliss and the precious full moon light.

As they both dwell in the tranquility of the wind blowing into the room, Wally reminisces the very good day up to this point, a good time to sleep in, wake up to a tickle torture, a great long walk to the ship, around it, dancing, music, old friends, the spacewalk, their song… and this beautiful night to lay back and look up in awe with the woman he loved to death. Oh what a beautiful June 28th it was.

Coincidentally it was also Wally's 37th birthday as well, as best as anyone could guess; though they didn't do what anyone else does traditionally involving cake or presents for each new year of age, he was satisfied that all he could ever want was to celebrate the return with everyone he knew.

Somehow reminded of how old he was and how he lived so far, Wally tilted his head over to the adorned crystal window-walls of their room, almost every square inch of them overlapped with holographic moving pictures of the last seven years on Earth with Eve.

He slowly looked over every picture that changed into another to cherish the memories of the past seven years. The larger pictures showing his most memorable, such as him and Eve sharing a kiss in the same hospital bed during his recovery on that fateful day, both of them bandaged and in tears of happiness; to Wally, McCrea, Eve, and Moe standing in front of the Axiom with the plant in the ground and thousands of people cheering. Then there were the moving pictures of him and Eve at their wedding, dancing while holding each other and staring into one another's eyes; the next with him passionately holding Eve from behind while standing in front of their new home, his head resting on her shoulder and his hands interlocking around her five month pregnant belly with her own hands, and then to them holding a week old Wendy in a still, black and white frame, smiling and in glimmering eyes of total joy.

The rest showed him, Bernie, Moe, Va-Qum, and the crew of the Axiom working through the wastelands for the cleanup, Eve triumphantly holding up a fresh corn from the first successfully grown crop on Earth with a group of farmer trainees; Eve at her promotion ceremony receiving her rank of Commander, with a very proud Captain McCrea pinning her uniform with an even prouder Wally and three year old Wendy applauding along with the entire Axiom population present.

And finally, Wally's personal favorite, him and Eve sitting on the same bench he took her when she was frozen to watch the sunset, a crimson red sky illuminating them in an intimate glow of them cuddling into each other when Eve captured the moment on camera with the trash can in the background that still bore the heart and Wally + Eve inscription he etched in so long ago, also with what Eve etched in it with his laser: ...Forever.

The pictures were countless, almost anything he saw was a beautiful and noteworthy image in time to be captured, like collecting a trinket. He only wished he could add their dance together to the holoscreens, what other way to celebrate his new life and the return of life to Earth by just enjoying making his wife happy, from big surprises to little common things in the day or night to cherish.

Wally looks over to Eve, her hands interlocked with his as she stares off into the ceiling and to the stars. And of course, he thought, not to forget to celebrate by thanking Eve for the greatest gifts he could ever get on this mark of a day long since passed.

The day that the ship returned to Earth, the day she saved him, and kissed him.

"What?" Eve smiled as she notices that her husband was starring ever so happily at her. Wally realizes he had been caught by her beautiful eyes that rivaled the clearest of night skies, including this one.

"Nothing…" He sighed as he kept looking at her admiringly, "...just…thinking about how beautiful you look in this moonlight."

Eve blushed as Wally conjures on how he truly feels of her beauty, never failing to make her feel so special.

"…and how much better life gets every day with you."

Eve sighed in relaxation, and raised a questioning yet teasing brow at his statement.

"So being happily married for seven years, starting a family, living easy, having an entire colony of friends, taking us to the Axiom, seeing Moe, Jon, Mary, McCrea, the concert, our space dance, singing our song together, our walk in the night, and this little moonlight bathing is going to be outmatched tomorrow and every day on, eh?"

"Yup." Wally simply replied.

Eve shifted in the bed to face him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Really?" She spoke in a nonchalantly but in a soft curious voice. "How so?"

Wally chuckled slightly and continued, but with more of his heart.

"It mean's I get to live another day with you my love, so I can have more experiences and memories like that, knowing that I spent those seven years and can spend the rest of my days because of you. Before, I had lived through meaninglessness and near-death. After saving my life, I owe you this much to make you smile every day. Your happiness is my happiness. And I'm glad to be with you, right now and henceforth, to live with and for you."

Eve's crystalline blue eyes began to well up as she remembered what he was saying, the exact same time of day just years prior to that fateful moment, the moment he woke from the dead, and held her hand.

"Wally..." Her throat tightened, though as much of the most wonderful moment in their lives, she couldn't help but wonder. "...I-I couldn't have been able to live on without you. When you...died. I...I felt likeI wanted to die with you."

He felt a ping of sadness grip his insides, remembering full well how Eve had been so distraught and hopeless, believing that he really was lost forever. She once told him of her considering if he had never woken up, she would've died with him, to join him in the eternal abyss of whatever lay beyond death.

And he told her of what happened to him in that time period, feeling nothing and floating within nothingness, like in the vastness of outer space. He wondered if they did die together, that forever expansive limbo would at least be luminescent by the presence of the two lovers, to spend their afterlives together forever. But he dismissed those ideas already, they were alive; he was alive, and now they could cherish everything they never had until the fates decide it was time for them to pass.

Tenderly, Wally caresses the face of Eve who lay facing him with moist eyes.

"Evah...I know. I would've thought to do so if you were lost from me too. But we're here, alive and well, and happy all because of you. And not to mention that we had Wendy because of your preserverence in my life. I owe my soul to you to see you smile for as long as we live. I wouldn't want it any other way...I love you, Evah."

The nth most touching thing ever he has said to her today, their song included, there was no other man on this world who was as devoted to see his wife happy every single moment with his own words; and would never allow anything to come between them.

Wally and Eve turned and huddled closer, both of their eyes' moist of unshedded tears. Eve took a moment to just look at him as his resounding words made her melt, entranced by the radiant love in his large, spectacled hazel eyes that shone silvery while bathed in the reflective lunar light.

It was true, that because of her existence in his life, he was given the power by her to bring mankind back to its homeworld, and had found a reciprocal for his lonely soul. In many ways, Wally believed that it was Eve that should be the hero. But they both knew that without one another, finding their purposes in one another and everything that had brought the human race back together, would never have been possible.

Touched by his words, Eve reaches out to Wally and kisses him, taking both of his hands and putting them around her so he could pull her to him.

Returning the intimate gesture, he presses her soft body into his as Eve caresses his thin and calloused chest. Despite now living a healthy life being more well feed in a day than he ever did in a year as a cleanup worker and having less hazardous work conditions, Wally's body was still skinny and horribly scarred from his lifetime wounds, some of them were from Eve's desperate field surgery to rebuild his body, broken by the battle for the Axiom. They left their mark as a reminder for how close he came to truly dying, atoning for all the other wounds that had nearly took his life from her, since long before she came to Earth.

There were too many injuries on his body to keep track of the passage of time in his lonely and painful existence; some of his past he dared not to remember or tell about to Eve, at least not yet, unlike some experiences that made their mark on him that he did tell about made her feel horrified, shocked, saddened, or even proud sometimes. Wally physically bordered on unattractive to female's standards of male appearance; but as for him being her soulmate who, despite her initial hostility to him, had traveled across the galaxy and nearly died for her, with even more marks ravaged into him as proof of his commitment to do and/or give up anything for her, he was more than worthy of her intimate touch that they both never ever took for granted. As much as they will treasure every waking moment together.

"I love you so much, Wally..." She spoke between breaths of air for each long and deep kiss, even planting one on his chest, over the scars covering his rebuilt pacemaker. "...More than you'll ever know."

Wally felt so fortunate to behold such a white-haired beauty as Eve; there could never be another soul like Eve, a woman who could endure and give so much in the simplest of ways to Wally. Her heart, his new life, and their child. It made him more in love with her by the moment he thought of it.

They busied themselves with giving in to each other, Wally dared not to break from the kissing as he carefully pulled the blankets up and placed a pillow under Eve's head and massaging her back as he caressed her with him over her. Protective, caring, warming, and safe.

Eve felt so fortunate, sometimes undeserving, to have Wally as her soulmate. Here was a man who is faithfully devoted to how she felt and how happy she was, his touch made her feel so delicate, cherished, like the most important thing in the whole known universe. He was so pure, so committed to her happiness that it was strange he calls her an angel, its no doubt that he was an angel of a man.

In the seven years they were married, Wally and Eve hardly ever had a disagreement, or held any indifference against each other for their flaws or from the vastly peculiar lives they came from. For they always remembered that they owed each other their lives after being tried and tested through their journey; they were a match to be, perfected by the innocence and compassion molded into them by being brought up by living impossibly different lives. And despite representing polar opposites of humankind: him a humble, feral servant and her a gorgeous astronautical woman, they had the most inseparable hearts of all.

Eve tightened her legs around Wally and switched positions, with him under her as she straddling his hips; Wally soon felt the swelling that threatened to hint an intention for the way she pressed herself on him, but he did not resist the urge, and rather surrendered to it. She kissed him fiercely as she riffled her fingertips through his unruly scalp, which is due for another haircut soon. Wally held her as he kissed her every perfection on her alluring body, his kisses moving from her soft lips, cheeks, down her neck and to her breasts as he slid his hands underneath her nightgown; slowly feeling every inch of her up from her seductively firm thighs, past her smoothly curved hips to the small of her bare back. Eve giggled as he passed a couple of ticklish spots on her sides with his calloused and prosthetic fingertips. She then moaned in delight while he nibbled on the peaks of her breasts through her thin if-not transparent gown, closing her eyes and surrendering herself to her husband's tender touch.

The sweet intoxication of nibbling Eve's soft and firm womanly chest, combined with hearing the even sweeter sound of her in such heavenly bliss fueled Wally's insatuable need to pleasure her even more. He wanted to love his wife into senselessness, to show physically how much he loved her.

Eve locks kisses with Wally as he toyed lovingly with her body, his gentle hands moving from her tight abdominan down southward, underneath her satin panties toward her womanhood area, making her gasp through her deep kiss with him. Even with Wally between her thighs, Eve could barely quench her burning desire to want even more of him, his delicate touch of inticing ecstasy made her dig her fingernails into Wally's skin as his passionate touching found the right spots, making Eve moan even louder in pleasure, unable to resist being smitten by such intimate foreplay any longer. Eve takes her sweet time in taking each others clothes off without even parting for air nor Wally protesting of her undressing him, for the heat of the moment was too much to ignore, as both of their desires told them that they needed more of each other.

As the last articles of clothing are discarded, Wally and Eve forget everything about the outside world upon seeing the bareness of each others' bodies. Looking at each other and into each others eyes as if they were the world itself. Wally couldn't believe that the nude, one and only angel of a young woman whom he held was everything of the definition of beautiful, who saved his life and his soul from never experiencing the wonder things in the universe could give him, a beautiful soul of a woman who has given him a reason to live; and was all his to love and care for. Eve couldn't believe that the grizzled man before her who was such a kindred, childish, noble and faithful soul whose large innocent eyes could harbor anything in them; seeing whole lifetimes worth of longing and pain bottled within the one and only such soul with those eyes. A pure soul of a man whose pain has been banished forever, who has become her whole universe and her reason to live; has made such a bond with her that could not be shaken nor outshined by any mortal. And would do anything to fulfill her deepest wishes, was all hers to love and cherish.

No matter how many times they've slept together, they never ceased to be amazed by one another; not out of lust, but out of intimacy. And out of their gratefulness that they could, and not retained by either temper, impotency, or sterility. Their love as blossoming, bright, lively, and as beautiful as the first time on the night of their wedding. They lost their collective breathes as they lunged for each other, about to make such wonderful love once again.

That is until the creaking of the door interrupted the moment.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Wendy whispered with a slight-twinge of fear in her voice.

Wally and Eve's eyes jolted open and turned around in surprise, but safely not caught too deep in the moment when the door completely opened. Revealing Wendy with her doll and nibbling on her forefinger, uncertain of something.

"What is it, Wendy?" Wally asked in concern, wondering how a sound-asleep girl could come in here so suddenly. His shirt and sweats were gone but kept his boxer shorts, Eve had only the blankets to cover up, but her undergarments and her discarded gown were close enough for her to put back on.

"Can I sleep with you and mommy? I don't want to be in the dark alone."

Eve and Wally looked at each other sympathetically, the afterglow of the shattered moment all but faded away. While they loved their own flesh and blood daughter, they still couldn't risk the exposure of how she came to be with what they were almost doing.

Eve gave Wally a reassuring smile, the moment was taken but it's only for tonight. And they always made up for lost moments together better than the previous times.

Wally smiled to Wendy. "Of course you can sweetheart, come sleep with us." He patted an open spot next to him.

"Thanks Daddy." Wendy smiled brightly as she climbed up to the edge of the bed with her doll in hand, and snuggled into Wally's side. Sure enough she fell asleep immediately in the safety of her father's company.

Wally turns to Eve to see succumbing to sleep too. Sighing tiredly, but with a trace of the previous intimate moment in him, he gently lays his head down on her chest, nuzzling comfortably between her soft, perfect breasts, feeling her slow and shallow breathing and pulse. He plants a nibbling kiss directly over her heart, gaining a small moan out of her. He looks up to see her stroke her slender fingers through his messy hair with a faint smile on her face before Eve fell asleep completely, taking the bliss of her lover's tender touch with her into peaceful slumber.

As she slept, Wally slowly and tenderly placed his arms around her seductive midsection, and planted a soft kiss on her strong abdominmen, which, as Eve had discovered only days prior and had also been another reason to extraordinarily happy, was carrying the growing embryo of his unborn second child thanks to the steady number of nights spent by their love-making.

He looks in between Wendy and to Eve's midsection and smiled; for he can hardly wait to tell her the surprise. Wendy did not know yet that in seven months or so she was going to be a sister. Though she is quite a handful to keep in line and out of trouble, that was part of his child and he loved her for it. Wally wondered about how this underway son or daughter might keep Wendy occupied with a sibbling companion, he could see it in his mind, with Wendy having so much fun with a little brother or sister just as hyper as she was, causing such hectic activity and being such an active duo. The image and the idea of raising more children made him smile widely.

Now at the edge of losing consciousness himself, Wally sets his glasses aside, lays down on his back and caressed Eve and Wendy in both arms; he looked up into the stars as he once did long ago, the night before he meet the angel in his arms that changed his life, and all human life, forever. He looked between his family in his arms and the star field of the night sky; he looked at the stars not in hopelessness and longing, but in gratitude and wonder about how life can be so mysterious to how events play out for a human being, regardless of how they were brought into existence. After thirty years, since birth, of living through nothing but forced labor, unjustified prejudice, pain, suffering, and death itself, his life was finally paying off with long overdue happiness and a family he never had. He was feeling more fortunate than probably any other human in history.

Before he falls to sleep for another gift of another day spent living with his beloved, he took hold of Eve's hand, and felt that she subconsciously squeezed back, a loving, dreamy smile on her lips.

Wally smiled as his eyes close over the tranquil image of his pregnant wife and child (or rather to be soon, children) in his arms. Indeed, as Cornelius said as he took Irene's hand; the same outcome of life fell upon Wally as he held her close, feeling so strong through life and love, all to it was to just hold her hand.

Life couldn't be anymore beautiful.

And that was all that love's about…

They'll recall when time runs out…

That it only took a moment…

to be loved…a whole life long.


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