E/O Challenge: "Pry"

Sorry I've missed the past few weeks! Life is being a bit hellish right now. Anyway, spoilers for Season 4, standard disclaimer, you know the drill. I included "feel" and "road trip" in here as well (dunno what the other one I missed was), and it's twice as long as normal.

Killed the Cat?

It's funny, really, because for the past few months it's been all about getting Dean to talk, to the point where Sam was considering some kind of power tool to pry his brain open and pull out the answers.

Why the hell does he always need to know? It's like he's eight years old again. Quit asking, Sammy. But what else is he supposed to do on this endless road trip to nowhere, when his brother is the one having nightmares now?

And once Dean finally opens his mouth, Sam doesn't want to hear it. Because of the horror, because of the look in his brother's eyes. Like he's...vulnerable, helpless, back on that damn rack. And oh, wait, that's Sam's fault.

But his own stupid mouth betrays him. Asks Dean to describe it. Because part of him wants to help his brother get through this, and the other part...well, let's just say his brain doesn't think visualizing sunshine and rainbows will help him atone for his mistakes.

He couldn't save Dean from this. And he needs to know it all, needs to feel it all.

If that's not emotionally unhealthy, he doesn't know what is.