*Authors Note: So Ive had this idea in my head for a while, and though it is similar to the story under my other penname Kandimoon, I wasnt wholly satisfied with it and decided I like this idea better. Not to mention I have become an avid Dramione fan so much to the point that I am forgoing my research for my grad school paper to get these ideas onto the computer before I forget them. One thing I hate to point out is that Im terribly inconsistent with loading chapters up on time, and if I get side tracked it takes me forever to finish a story, please bare with me for that. Also this story will keep aspects of books 1-5, and some of 6, but from then on it is completely different so if you dont like it, well then go read something else. Now onto the show.


All my life I always wanted to fly. I always wanted to live like a hawk. I know youre not supposed to be jealous of anything, butto take flight, to soar above everything and everyone, now thats living.

She wasnt supposed to be in Slytherin, all her life she was raised to believe that she was favored amongst her magical community; a pureblood. From the moment she received her letter all she could think about was making her parents proud by learning to be the best witch she could be, marry a handsome and extremely wealthy pureblood wizard, and produce perfect pureblood offspring to raise and mold in their image. Lies, all lies

Our lives are like bubbles in a small pool of water. Once in a while; and for only a few times in our lives, someone or something comes along and splashes the water, dispersing the bubbles. Our lives are disturbed, our beliefs are shaken, some of our dreams die. However, the bubbles will come together again eventually, as we all recover from our pains and sorrows. And life goes on. But the shape of the original pool of bubbles will never again be the same

She wasnt supposed to have survived. The unfortunate incident that had claimed the life of her beloved mother should have destroyed her as well. Instead she had survived, but barely. Her body aged as everyone elses around her, but her mind would forever hold its youthful innocence of a child. It often felt as though the part of her mind that had matured was trapped behind a wall that no one could ever release. And so she went on with life, her father, her friends, no one truly knowing the real her, for the real her could not escape its mindful prison.

I feel my glowing center grow

I feel alive

I stand

Not crawling

Not falling down.

She wasnt supposed to have been born. The last and only daughter from a large magical family, she should never have existed in the first place. The complications from her older brothers birth ensured the parents that he would be their last child, the healers told them so. But on a night like any other an image appeared in her mothers dream, telling her that her wish would be fulfilled, and nine months later she was born; the first girl born among a sea of boys. The fire of hope to her mothers eyes.

But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.

She wasnt supposed to be magical. The only child of two normal, hard working muggles that loved and daunted on their only child since the moment she was born. Never had there been any inkling of the power that ran through her very veins until the day an old man dressed in a costume robe knocked on the front door and changed all of their lives forever. He explained about the girls power, even so much as demonstrated some smaller charms and tricks, and then left a note of instructions on how to purchase school supplies and where to appear on September 1st. Even then she could not believe it, even when she saw firsthand what magic truly was could she fully understand what the old professor shown her. Her parents did not seem as phased as she had, and left the choice up to her. She loved her school, she excelled in every subject and at the age of 8 decided she wanted to be a doctor like her parents. Now there was something new thrown into her path and it was up to her to chose her own path. This new world opened a whole new set of possibilities that she never could have dreamed before. Not to mention if she did not care to stay, she could always return to her parents and continue her non-magical education somewhere else. Years later her friends would joke about her stern hard working attitude and her notion to always follow the rules, but theyd never that if it wasnt for one small ounce of rule breaking or spontaneous adventure streak, she never would have agreed to enter this new world to begin with.