AN: It's rushed, it's hurried, but it's done. I had some strong motivation to just get the thing completed finally. I still need to work on my other one but at least I can say after all this time it's complete. Thanks for those who stuck with it, and for new readers I hope you enjoy. And if you're bored read my other Dramione "The Seven Deadly Sins". A bit darker than this one but still happy in the end.


"Hear the clock ring midnight

in this garden we're bound together

and we'll lie awake till daylight

only to stay away forever

And with the strength of voices we'll sing

in a garden full of power;

a song of lies and dreams,

to the sun in dawning hours.

And here in this garden,

our garden of lies.

Gathering and growing,

till everything dies.

And when it is over,

and evil has won;

we'll look back and sing,

of the wrongs that we've done.

So come away to our garden,

let your evil souls feed.

The rage will not pardon,

your innocent greed.

And as darkness succumbs,

to the heavens you'll cry.

And the angels will come,

to forgive all your lies.

And here in this garden,

our garden of lies.

Gathering and growing,

till everything dies.

And when it is over,

and evil has won.

We'll look back and sing,

of the wrongs that we've done."

~Written by me

19 years later

Platform 9 ¾ was bristling with the sounds of excited students and harried parents everywhere. My husband was busy trying to lecture our oldest against terrorizing his younger sister, who would be starting her first year at Hogwarts. Both kids had their father's blonde hair color but naturally the girl got stuck with the unruly curls. Somehow they managed to look better on her than they did on me.

"Scorpius listen to your father or we'll take back the new broom we got you." Mother to the rescue. The oldest, both a trouble maker and a surprisingly smart kid stopped in his tracks and pondered for the moment.

"Low blow mum. Well played. James!" And off he went to meet his best friend, and Harry and Ginny's oldest. It seemed that Albus Severus was also getting the same talk that we had to give to Cassie about not being afraid of whichever house they get.

"Cassie honey, you and Al will be in the same grade. So is Rose. You have plenty of friends already. That's more than I ever had when I first got here." I looked into her soft brown-green eyes. She had a dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose just like I did at her age.

"Really? You didn't have any friends when you were here?" She asked quietly.

"Not at first. Then I met your Uncle Harry and Ron and we became really close friends."

"Weren't you and dad friends?" she asked curiously.

"Nope, we pretty much hated each other until 6th year." The man in question snorted at my blunt honesty, but never contradicted me.

"What changed?"

"He finally stopped being a brat, and I realized he wasn't as bad as he pretended to be."

"What your mother meant to say is that she disguised herself and couldn't keep her hands off me."

"Draco! Don't tell her that! Cassie, go on up and sit with the others." I told her as we loaded her trunk into the train.

"Behave yourself, write often. And no dating till you're 30." Draco shouted through the window.

"Draco!" I growled at him.

"Okay, 40."

"Starting your daughter off right I see." I would recognize that smirk anywhere. Pansy Parkinson Zabini exclaimed with a smile. She was impeccably dressed as always, tailored suit and perfectly manicured nails and hair.

"You know it." Draco smiled back and hugged his longtime friend. Blaise stood off side and shook hands with his friend and smiled at myself. Beside him were twin boys, both a year to young to attend Hogwarts yet. Only one had inherited their mothers golden colored eyes.

"Rumor has it that our son has a crush on your daughter. We're taking bets. Care to wager in?" I asked her with a smile.

"My daughter marry a Malfoy. Never. But I'll place my bets. I say he'll be too nervous to ask her out until either she does it, or when they're older. Say 16."

"I have down 15. Draco's trying to influence him to be a man and get it over with. And apparently Blaise threatened to cut off Draco's balls if his son goes near her on fact that Malfoy's tended to be womanizer's in their youths…"

"Now that doesn't sound right." Draco joked as our group made their way over to the other two families waiting beside the train. Harry and Ginny were standing with their youngest, Lily Luna who would attend Hogwarts next year with Pansy and Blaise's boys. Ron and Lavender's youngest, Hugo, would also be in that year. Jokes were made that the group planned to have their kids all around the same time. Truth was once the first group started it turned into baby crazy fever in their households.

The future had turned out better than anyone could have expected. We survived to the best of our abilities and found friends in unusual places. Had anyone told me all those years ago I would be standing here with my soulmate, a Slytherin. That at one point in time I possessed the powers of a Grecian goddess and fought against the darkest wizard imaginable, I would have told them they're crazy. I had a choice all those years ago, to take a chance on magic, or to keep myself grounded and continue on to study muggle medicine. Though I have loved and lost many people since then, I would not change a moment of today's happiness for it could mean a completely different outcome. Watching the next generation pull away in that famous red train I was once again reminded of Pandora holding that box of hope. In the garden of evil that once controlled our world, we found the good, and released it for all the world to share.