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Jack was fixing up his Jackbots. They got torn apart by the Xiaolin Monks the previous day. Again. He was really getting tired of fixing them over and over. Why did he anyway? They would only get re-torn apart by the monks when a new Shen-Gun-Wu revels itself.

"Why do you fix them when you know they will only be destroyed again?"

"Eeeeeekkkkkkk!" Jack screamed(very girly)in surprise. He spun around to see Omi perched atop one of his Jackbots. Omi smirked at him.

"Did I scare you Jack? I am most sorry," the little water dragon said, not looking sorry one bit. Jack sighed. What was he doing here you might ask? Well, for some reason, for the past few weeks Omi would just show up and talk with Jack. That's it. No 'Jack Spicer vs. Xiaolin Warrior to save or rule the world.' Just Jack and Omi talking about whatever.

Jack sighed again and returned to working on his 'Bots. "It's my hobby," he said, answering Omi's question. Omi nodded, then just sat there, watching Jack work on his project. It was silent for a moment. 'It isn't an uncomfortable silence,' Jack reluctantly admitted to himself. 'I guess it's kind of…nice.' Jack had gotten used to Omi being around. He maybe even…liked the little guy being there. Sometimes Jack would turn around to share his excitement about a new project or something to Omi, only to realize that he wasn't there. 'Sigh.'

"You sure sigh a lot Jack," Omi said suddenly, "Are you alright?" Jack turned to look at him. Omi looked a little worried. About him.

"I'm fine," Jack replied, not liking the sad look on Omi's face. It was like looking at a kicked puppy. "Just tired."

"Oh!" Omi exclaimed, "Then you should not be working on your Jackbots any longer! You must rest!" Omi jumped up and quickly took the tools right out of Jack's hands.

"Hey!" Jack tried to get them back, but, Omi being a Xiaolin monk and all, moved away easily so he couldn't get them. "Omi, give them back!"

"No! You need rest, Jack," Omi was suddenly right beside Jack and was pushing him toward his bed.

"Omi!" Jack complained.

"Please Jack!" Omi's face was suddenly very sad and worried. "You must rest. You need to regain your strength. I don't want you to be hurt…" Omi trailed off, looking away, a blush coming across his face.

"…" Jack didn't know what to say. Sure, him and Omi had a sort of friendship now, but they never really talked about their…feelings. Jack felt strangely touched that Omi would worry about him.

"Okay," Jack relented, wanting Omi to go back to his happy-go-lucky attitude. Omi beamed at Jack and dragged him to his bed. Omi even tucked him in.

Before Jack could drift off to sleep, Omi put a light kiss on his forehead.

"Good night, my friend," he whispered before disappearing. Jack laid there, now wide awake, marveling at the strange event that had just happened.

"He kissed me…" Jack thought. But what was really strange was that-

Jack had liked it.

A/N: My first Jami (Jack x Omi). Came up with the short version myself! *pats herself on the back 'cause she feels so totally proud of herself*

Now don't worry about my other story, Truly Timeless. I'm still writing it, it's just that I had a sudden need to write a Jami(X3) fanfic.

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