Alone in the Darkness- Ch. 1

The moon hung high above the city of Gotham, spreading ominous shadows across its' tall buildings. Many shadows of the night slithered along the dark alleyways, tempting those to venture near.

Among the darkness, a slim figure could be seen strolling along the sidewalk. It was distinctly female judging by the curves along their body. The young woman, appearing no older than 21, walked at a calm pace to her apartment with her hands stuffed into the pockets of her long black coat. She was an attractive girl, yet different. Her long hair rested just passed her shoulders and was as white as snow. Yes her hair was pure white. Many people claimed that she dyed it, but they are wrong. She was actually born with white hair. It was rare too, because although her hair is white, her eyes gleamed with a dark forest green color. As strange as her coloring was, it gave her a unique beauty.

Her skin was almost as pale as her hair, giving her an ethereal look in the moonlight. She was currently dressed in a simple pair of dark blue jeans, a thin black v-neck shirt, and her favorite black coat which went down just past her hips. Simple as the outfit was, it kept her warm and it fitted to her curvaceous figure nicely.

This young and unique woman was named Kiera.

Kiera sighed in content as she walked around. She would often take walks to the small park near her apartment at night. It was relaxing and it often helped clear her mind of her troubles. Her face scrunched up in irritation just thinking about work tomorrow. She waited tables at a very fancy French restaurant downtown. Her boss was a horrible wench who constantly gave her grief. It definitely was not her ideal job, but it helped pay the rent.

She snorted and pulled her collar up to shield her neck from the cold breeze. Her friends would think her insane for walking her alone at night. Kiera was not stupid. She was well aware that the scum of Gotham wandered around at night looking for victims. Kiera may not look it, but she could hold her own in a fight. When she was little, she would train with her uncle who was a master in Martial Arts.

She also tended to keep her switchblade on her at all times. It gave her a sense of security and she rarely left home without it. She had an apartment, a job…..she lived a completely normal life……except for one little detail….

…..she was also a thief during the night hours. Kiera had not ever intended to become a thief. After she was orphaned, she didn't have much choice. Her mother had died when she was only 6. She did not know much of her father aside from the fact that he was a vile womanizer. After her mother died her Uncle had taken her in. He raised her as though she were his own daughter. He had trained her in the form of Martial Arts and loved her deeply. Sadly, he had been killed in a bank robbery when she was about 12.

For years her anger towards criminals grew until it nearly consumed her. She focused her mind on her mother's kind face and her uncle's wise words. She had no other family members that she knew of. So she had lived on the streets for years. She began stealing at the age of 12. She was by no means an amateur thief. Over the years her 'skill' grew. She could now sneak into just about anywhere and with the stealth of a shadow, take what she desired.

As she got older, she was able to acquire a job or two. She did her best to make an honorable living my working. However, she always felt the urge to steal something. It had given her a rush of adrenaline for years. She was making no attempts at thievery tonight though. No, tonight she just wanted to relax and cast her problems into a river and watch them float away into an abyss.

With a contented expression, she turned on her heel and headed to her home. Her long white hair swished across her shoulders as she walked off into the shadows.