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"SCENE CHANGE" cause they just won't save.

Kira sat watching the news as he did some work for his professor on his computer.

The reporter on screen claimed to be standing within a few K's of the battle that was in full swing at that very moment but some how he didn't think that was the case when you took the scale of the Ginns in the picture compared to him.

Across from Kira sat a girl slumped onto the table, she had dull red hair that hang to the bottom of her shoulders. She was wareing a dull gray hoody and brown cargo pants with lots of pockets on the thighs and waist with tan combat style hiking boots. Kira looked up from his work and notice that the girl had fallen asleep aguin.

"Nami? wake up Nami" the girl didn't even twitch as Kira called to her. Kira gave a small smile as he shook his head and went back to work. Nami was supposted to be helping him with the work the professor gave him but he figured that she had just been overwelmed by the complex and confussing programming work that they always got, not that she didn't try, Nami did very good work most of the time and Kira was always happy when she was around to take some of the load.

No most of the time Nami just seemed to be too tired to think clearly, like she was spending every night working on some school project, which Kira know she wasn't cause they hadn't been assigned a project like that.

Kira was just finishing his project when a loud voice caused him to nearly jump out of his skin.

"Hey there Kira! what cha' do'in?" said Tolle as he appeared over the top of Kira's computer. Before Kira could answer a girl walked up behind the boy smited him with a rolled up newspaper.

Thump "owww! Miriallia why'd you do that?"

Mir just gave him the 'your being an idiot' look and walked behind Kira to get a good look at the news on one of his side windows. It was showing a reporter standing down the street from a pair of green Zaft Ginn mobile suits as they block the street.

"Anything interesting on the news" Tolle asked.

"Ya Tiawan got hit" Kira said as he expanded the screen so Tolle could see better.

"Wait this video is a week old! so they could've already take'n it over by now".

"It fell three days ago" a voice said from near by. Kira looked over at Nami to see her left her head and start to rub the sleep from her light green eyes.

Miriallia straitened up with a worried look on her face.

"With all this happening so close by, will the homeland be safe?" she asked.

"For now" Nami answered.

"Oh come on Nami, Orbs neutral so theres no reason for Zaft or the Alliance to attack them" Tolle said when he saw Mir's distressed look, Nami gave him a look that said she didn't agree but wouldn't bring it up yet.

"Is there a reason you two are here or is it just luck?" Kira asked as he close the screen of the news playback.

"As a matter of fact there is" Mir said as she grabbed Tolle's arm, "The professor is looking for you two, something about needing your talents for something?"

Kira and Nami just beat their heads on the table and growned.


Outside the colony an old Alliance freighter slowly backed into the harbor. On the bridge a young, blond haired man in an Alliance officer's uniform watched while waiting for a chance to go ashore.

"Well thats it, this ship has just finished it's last mission without incident, I thank you for your vigulance as our escort Lt. La Flaga" the captian of the vessel said after he'd confirmed that the docking prosegures were completed.

"I'm just glad that we didn't have a runnin with any Zaft vessels, by the way are there any in the area?" the Lt. replied.

"We picked up two as we were docking but their a ways off and can't do anything once we're docked."

"Cause the colonies neutral? what a joke that is!" La Flaga replied.


In a secret part of the colony a bunch of Alliance officers stood over looking their shiny new battleship while Morgenrate worker rushed about to complete the final system checks before launch.

None of them every noticed the Zaft commandos that were sneaking around placing explosives.


Nami, Kira and their friends arrived at Morgenate to find Sai and Kuzy waiting for them with a stranger. Before ether could comment on the person Sai walked up to them with a disk in hand.

"The professor said to give this extra stuff to you." Sai said as he handed the disk to Kira, "I'm going to assume its something important for Morganrate?"

"Never assume things Sai" Nami looked over Kira's shoulder as she talked to Sai, takeing at good look at the disk in Kira's hand.

"For instance this is just a set up to improve the frame" Kira said as he held the disk up, "It's nothing more then a program analyse."


Deep inside Morganrate a timer reached zero, signaling a chain of powerful explosion to ripe through the facility, killing most of the Alliance officers there and blocking the enterance to the secret harbor.

Around the colony people were knocked off their feet by the shockwaves coming off the blast, and out in space a blond man in a white uniform wareing a mask gave the signal for his two ships to launch their Ginns and advance.


Nami and Kira were just finishing the program analisis when the tremor hit. Everyone had been thrown around alittle and were now making wild guesses about what had just happened, Nami managed to get to the door first and opened it to see alot of people running down the stairs.

"Whats going on?" Nami asked as she grabbed a person as they ran by.

"Didn't you hear?, Zaft is invading the colony. their have been sightings of Zaft mobile suits and infantary attacking a convoy not far from here." the man shouted before he yanked his arm free and ran off.

Everyone stood stuned for a moment before they were forced to act when the stranger shoved past Kira and went running down a hallway. Kira went tarring after her and Nami would have followed but she got a message on her phone that stopped her.

"DAMN IT!" Nami shouted as she started down a different hall. "You lot get out of this building now! and find a shelter."

"What about you?" Miriallia asked as Tolle pulled her away.

"I'll be fine, just have to take care of something." Nami shouted before rounding a corner.


Not far from the factory three Zaft pilots were celebrating as they finished revamping the OS of the three mobile suits that they and their team had just captured.

"Oh this is so sweet!" Ysak yelled as he finished his update and worked his mobile suit into a standing position, "Hay Dearka hows yours?".

"Update finished, power on, all stats green" the pilot called Dearka said as his machine joined Ysak's.

"And Nickel?"

"Just a few more seconds" the third pilot said as he typed furiously on a keyboard before his machine joined the other two.

"Alright then lets get these three back to the Commander before the naturals find a way to break them." Ysak said as the three mobile suits took off under the escort of a pair of Ginns.


Kira was in quite a fix.

First he finally runs down the stranger from professor Kato's lab, then he finds out that its a girl and nearly gets scalped for it, then as their trying to find a shelter they run accrossed a battle in full swing over a pair of mobile suit on maintance trays and nearly get shot by a factory worker. Oh and then when they do find a shelter it only for it to have only one open seat so Kira stuffed the girl in and started to back track which took him BACK past the battle were he saved a worker by alerting her to the sniper that was stocking her only for his exit route to become a flaming path of death and be called down by the worker, who is then shot in the arm by a Zaft commando, who just might be his old friend Athran Zala, who ran away when he saw him and jumped into the other machine while the lady knocked Kira into the machine he was now sitting in and taking off just before the building was reduce to a flaming pile of scrap and making the clumsiest landing he had ever see. Only to look up and see a Ginn that had been standing next to the other machine draw a sword and start trying to KILL HIM!.... ya Kira decided that this day just plain sucked.

Kira had just finished patching the OS into something that might work when he happened to look in the rear view screen. There were most of his friends standing directly behind him and at a loss for which way to run next. Kira reoriented on the Ginn attacking him and started looking through the registary for a weapon but all he could find were a pair of twenty milimeter miniguns and a pair of combat knives.

"All this thing has is a pair of knives? you have got to be fucking me!" he yelled.

"Watch your mouth kid!" the lady yelled.

"Put some more weapons on your mobile suits!" Kira yelled back as he popped the knives and started to manauver away from the Ginn and hopefully lead it away from his friends. for a while it was actually working but then something happened that made Kira certian that the fates were aguinst him.

Three more Ginns arrived and joined the first in trying to surround and pummel him with swords and machinegun fire. Kira was now hard pressed to avoid their attacks and they wern't allowing him to get any farther away from where his friends were hiding.

Kira glanced at his power gauge and noticed another problem. His battery had lost a third of it's charge just from taking hits to the armor, and with the pounding he was currently taking it would be gone in a few minutes. Kira was so focused on the power problem that he almost missed it when a Ginn land just in frount of him a started to raise it's rifle, Kira was about to jet out of the way when he noticed his friends in his rear camera. They were in the line of fire and if he moved they might get hit.

Just as Kira was starting to panick a green bolt of energy curved through the Ginn's arm from above, Explosively removing the arm and tossing the rifle towards the Strike. Quick as a flash Kira stowed his right hand knife and snatched the rifle out of midair, swung it around and double tapped the Ginn in the other arm just as it pulled it's sword, causing it to drop the sword and stagger backwards, right into another green bolt that punched through the armor next to the head and come out through it's groin. The Ginn just stood there for a sec before it's battery failed and it exploded.

All the mobile suit pilots just stared at the burning wreckage that used to be a Ginn when proxcimity alarms started screaming for attention. All the pilots looked up to spot a bone-white and teal mobile suit with a large, rectangular shield and a short, snubbish looking gun in it's right hand, dropped from above then charged the nearest Ginn.

The Ginns backpedalled while firing their rifles, trying to break this new mobile suits momentum but the pilot just put their shield forward and keep come. Kira used the distraction to stow his other knife, switch the rifle to his left hand and boost forwards to grab the fall sword and charge the nearest Ginn. The first Ginn never saw what hit him when Kira dumped a whole mag of seventy-six millimeter AP rounds into his side, ripping him apart. The next Ginn over tried to bring it's rifle to bear but Kira took the arm off with a swipe from his stolen sword before holding the tip of the sword to the Ginn's copit and activating his radio.

"Open your copit and surrender." The Ginn's pilot seemed to be thinking about it when a crash from nearby draw their attention. The other Ginn was laying aguinst a building, a bunch of smoking holes in it's lower chest. The new mobile suit was now headed their way.

The Ginn's pilot made their desision and lowered the Ginn onto it's knee before popping the hatch and stepped out. Kira was surprised, he didn't know he'd been fighting a girl the whole time but when he thought about it he shouldn't have been. Over a third of Zaft's fighting strengh was female and over half their pilots. The girl pulled off her helmet to reveal short, green hair then cross her hands behind her head.

"Your ah girl?" Kira was so shocked that he said the words before the filter in his brain could stop him and he instantly regretted it, the Zaft pilot had been looking pretty depressed before now she looked ready to start crying at any moment. Kira was about to appalagise when his female copilot smacked him over the head then passed out from her wound.

"Geez do all Alliance pilots have to be dumbass, you remind me of Kira and his random acts of stupidity!" yelled the pilot of the white and teal mobile suit. Kira was shocked aguin when he recignized the voice.


"Kira! what the hell are you doing in that mobile suit?" Nami yelled as she lower her suit to kneel next to the captured Ginn. Nami popped her hatch and climed out onto the extented arm and over to the Ginn's pilot and started cuffing her with reenforced handcuffs. Over in the Strike Kira secured the female workers wounded arm and started to move her onto the Strike's hand so he could lower her to the ground.

"Long story, why are YOU in THAT mobile suit?" Kira yelled back.

"Even longer story buddy" Nami called back as she finished cuffing the Zaft pilot and pulled her torwards the hand of her mobile suit.

"Whats your name pilot?" Nami asked.

"Nina, Nina H-amph!" Nami clamped her hand over Nina's mouth before she could finish.

"I don't need your whole name yet, just something to call you by for the time being," Nami said as she forced Nina to sit down then hit the control on the wrist that would lower them to the ground.

"Now listen very well Nina, I need to go have some words with that lady from Morganrate over there. While I'm doing that Kiras going to come sit with you and you will do as he says until I come back. Is that clean?" Nina could only nod as Nami still had a hand over her mouth.

"Good girl" said as she started to walk away before she seemed to remember something and walked back. Nina started to asked what she wanted when Nami slapped a piece of duck tape over the green haired girl's mouth, smiled reassuringly and walked over to the boy that was helping the woman in and orange workers out fit. Behind her she left a scared, cuffed and now mufulled Zaft pilot.


Kira had just finished bandaging up Lt. Ramius's (he found her I.D. in her packet) shoulder when Nami arrived.

"How ya doin?" she asked as she approached.

Kira looked up at Nami then went back to working on the Lt's shoulder. "The bullet only hit flesh so most of her problems will be blood loss related but other then that she fine." He said before rebuttoning her shirt and standing up.

"Thats good 'cause I've got some question for her but at the moment I'm worried about you" Nami tried too get a feel for what Kira was feeling but he just shragged it off.

"Fine, Why?" Nami was sure he was in denial but wasn't going to push it at the moment.

"Well if something comes up come fined me," looked back at Nina as she continued "Kira I need you to watch our Zaft visitor while I ask this lady some question, ok?" Kira looked torn about something and let Nami know about it.

"Actually Nami, I was going to go look for the others, they were REALLY close to the battle and I want to make sure none of them got hurt."

"WHAT! we were fighting on top of them?" when Kira nodded Nami started banging her head on the Strike's foot "go, but be back in ten minutes, oh and grab the trailor with the number five on it thats near there will you" Kira nodded and run off after giving Nami Murrue's I.D. card.

Nami read the I.D. as Kira rounded the corner and felt a headache coming on. This lady was a damned Earth Forces officer, now all she needed for this day to get any worse was for that doubly damned La Cruseu to come barging in there after the Strike.

Little did she know that at that moment a silver GCUE was being loaded onto the Nasca classes's catuplt for launch.



Name/nominclature: XMS-002 Hound.
Type: Exparimental/Limited production mobile suit.
Maker: Northrop Grumman/Northernwolf Dragoons.
Powerplant: High Capasity batteriesx3 (Emergency/Internal/External)
Armor/Protection: Laminate armor, 1xHeavy Combat Shield.
Weight: 68 metric tons.
Thrust: burst: 136 tons/ constant: 34 tons.
Turning Radius: 400 meters to 90 degrees at full forward speed without speed loss(Space.
Fixed Armarment: 2x25mm Chainguns(Head), 1x60mm Autocannon(Chest), 2xFighting Knives(Thighs), 2xHeavy Beam Sabers(Thighs.
Optional Armarment: 1x60mm Beamgun(Hand), 2x60mm Beampistol(Waist), 1x76mm Submachinegun(Hand), 1x76mm Heavy Beamrifle(Hand and Shoulder), 1 or 2x Triple Gunlaunchers(Shoulders), 1 or 2x127mm Rocket Canisters(10)(Shoulders or Shins), Land/Space Mobility Packs.
Crew: 1(Pilot.
Description: looks kinda like a Ground model GM from 08th MS Team with a large shield. tipically they are painted in camo colors like black or green.

History: the XMS-002 Hound was a last gasp effort by Northrop Grumman to stave off bankruptcy and supply the Earth Forces with combat ready mobile suits. While the Hound has the Ginn and its faster causin the CGUE beat on paper it lack an OS compattable enough for a Natural to us it in combat and the company folded before it could be revised. Most of the design team went to Morganrate but the core team was scouted by the Northernwolf Dragoons, a mercenery company looking for mobile suits to replace the Mobulis mobile armors that they had been using.

By joining the Dragoons the designer got access to something that the Earth Forces lacked, Coordinators that could produce a natural friendly OS to operate their designs. The result of this was that the Hounds didn't just reach the design abuilities, they exceeded them! The XMS-002 was designed to beat the Ginn and Zuet, with an upgraded OS they were found to trounce ANY mobile suit or mobile armor until the arrival of the X series of Gundams from Morganrate or the Lagowe or Quaize for Zaft(and that isn't by very much ether!).

A Hounds main advantages in combat are it's tight turn rate and heavy armor and armarment. While the Hound dosn't have Phase Shift Armor(they were designed before PS armor was proffered) they Laminate Armor is the best next thing and actually protects better when entering the atmosphere then PS. Numerious thurster give the Hound the fastest spin and roll rates of the war outside the X-10a and a simple but balanced assortment of weapons ment that a pilot always has something to throw at the enemy.


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