Caroline broke out into hysterical sobs as she leaned into her friends embrace. She was sure that that was the last time she would ever see Damon, he hadn't even finished her off; at least that would have been the end of things. No more looking over her shoulder just in case she might catch a glimpse of his perfect, cruel, face. No one would, or really could understand, she had felt the really him; every night, when he stayed with her instead of just leaving after he was finished with her. Or the way he would look at her sometimes. Of course it wasn't a normal emotion escaping through his piercing green gaze, but he wasn't normal either. He hadn't been normal for over a hundred years. As she thought about it, she couldn't picture him as an average guy even before his transition to vampirism.

As she sat in the back Stefan's car, still being embraced and crowed by Elena, she took in everything that just happened. She had seen Damon for the last time, and she was still alive. She always imagined that the last day she saw him would be her last day alive. Why hadn't he tried to kill her? She thought about all the things she was going to have to go through now, like Elena never giving her a moment's piece, or the endless talks and hugs she'd have to deal with. All she wanted was to be alone for awhile. The smell of the leather seats drifted through the car, but nothing seemed real. Not the breeze drifting through the open window, or the sound of Elena's attempts at soothing noises. But the pain was real.