Okay, this is a series of letters from Peter to Lucy while he's away on his first campaign against the witches army. I was trying to unblock my writers block and this kinda helped. Thanks elecktrum for beta-ing this for me, and I hope y'all enjoy this....... I'd love to hear any feedback that you wish to give me.......

Disclaimer: Not mine.....yet......


Good my sister, I am well. Do not fear for my safety (yet).

I'm very glad to have denied you your request to come with me on the campaign. Already, in just one battle, I have seen more death and bloodshed than I could ever wish to remember.

I have lost two of my trusted advisors, Jaor the Badger and Gotwin the gryphon, along with many other friends. I would not tell you these things so bluntly unless I had a reason and I do. I wish you to heed Father Christmas' warning: war is not women's work. We have lost fewer soldiers than our opponents but I still am not satisfied. Unless there can be a bloodless, deathless war, I will not be happy. Death, no matter the side, is not to be rejoiced over.

On a lighter note: I had a visitor yesterday. You would never guess who it was, so I'll just tell you. Yesterday morning our old friends the Beavers visited me. They brought me biscuits. I managed to eat a few before Orieus came in and took them away, saying that I wouldn't fit in my armor if I ate any more (I think that he just wanted them for himself, so I just gave them to him). Anyway, they were delicious and the Beavers will be escorted to the Cair to drop some off for you soon. My orders to you are that you may have three cookies a day, no more, no less, and you are not to let Edmund have any (you know how easily he gets cavities) and to brush your teeth after every single one. That should keep you from getting a tooth-ache. (but, since you're not going to listen to me anyway, go ahead and eat as many as you want)

The weather here has been absolutely dreadful. It rains every day and it never seems to let up for more than a few minutes at a time. Thus the army has to keep their armor in tip-top condition or it will rust. Orieus taught me how to scrub my armor and keep it well-cleaned, and now I have to do it everyday. I don't really mind though, besides keeping my tent clean and planning battles that never seem to come, I have nothing much else to do except scrub chunks of metal. Oh, and fight a war.

I just had a thought: I should get you a souvenir from this part of the world. What would you like? I'm afraid they don't exactly have snow-globes here or I would get you one to add to your vast collection. People here don't seem to collect spoons either. That's too bad. I always liked the thought of doing that. Let me know what I can send you, some panpipes? Would you like to learn how to play those? Maybe Tumnus can teach you.

Anyway, I must take my leave, It is nearly time for another of my never-ending training sessions with Orieus. I still have to get back into my armor. What a nuisance.

Please write me back soon.

Your Magnificent (and humble) brother,