Title: Making Love

Rating: Pg:13

Summary: Harry cried while making love...HP/CW Slash.


Last night, while Charlie hovered over top of me, and held my hips tightly in his grasp, I felt tears run down my flushed cheeks. I smiled and didn't even attempt to wipe them away. I wrapped my arms around my lover's shoulders and buried my crying eyes into his neck.

Safety. Love.

His movements stopped, he could feel my tears. "Harry?" he asked me gently, softly. Neither he nor I like to talk loudly during these tender moments. "Are you alright?"

He caressed my side and gently kissed my hairline. I was completely fine. I nodded and he wrapped his arms around me tighter. I returned the favor but continued to cry.

I was not in pain, nor I was overloaded in physical pleasure. I was feeling a physical manifestation of love. In that moment, I knew why Charlie called it "making love" because that was truly what we were doing. And it brought tears of joy to my eyes.