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Voltury's Tale

The Cullen was watching The Volturi came with wary eyes. They knew why they bother to come from Italy and they did not like it.

They had come for Harry.

Edward had already dreading the day Volturi heard about his little lover, now fiancée. And heard they did when Alice saw Dimitry spy upon his lover in his small cottage. Immediately, Edward removed Harry to his own house, even though Harry said that it was all right.

"Where is your fiancée?" Caius asked, saying the word 'fiancée' like a curse.

"You will not harm him!" Edward shouted at him, his eyes burned with venom.


Blinked, Aro came forward and incredulously spoke, "Why we should harm him for?"

"What?!" Emmet shouted.

"You did not come because you want to dispose Harry for knowing about our secret and engaged to Edward without turned?" Rosalie asked skeptically. After all, she knew how the Volturi was.

"Well," Aro scratched his head slightly, "we do come because of the engagement but not for the 'dispose' bit."

"Whadya mean?" this time it was Alice. She, like the rest of her family, was dumbfounded with this situation. She definitely did not saw this! However, to be frank, she never could get the exact vision of Harry, so… maybe this was one of them.

"I mean…" Aro could not finish his explanation before he was interrupted with…



…the disturbing sight of Harry and Aro in a hug.

Edward had already seen many things in his long lifetime. However, this was definitely took the cake. His Harry hugged the Volturi leader. His Harry hugged the Volturi leader. His Harry hugged the Volturi leader.

His innocent human fiancée hugged the infamous Volturi and called him Daddy?!!

Edward could not take it anymore, so shakily he asked, "Harry…what?"

Blink innocently, Harry said, "Didn't I already tell you a few days ago that my family will come to see my fiancée's family?"

"Yes, but…" Edward tried before interrupted by…

… by an enraged Caius who said, "But, I would never approve it, ever, Cullen. Prepare for your demise!"

And, thus began the predicted fistfight.

"Ah," Alice smack her forehead, "so that's what I saw about."


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