Title: I'll Be There For You
Rating: T
Setting: After Mash-Up
Pairing: The friendship between Santana, Puck, Matt, Mike, Brittany, and Artie.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or the characters in this story.
Summary: A look into the friendship between 6 members of New Directions and how they realize that they will always be there for each other throughout it all. Dedicated to Hannah, Julie, and Kat over at Fanforum. Love you girls!

"But I studied this time." Brittany exclaimed sadly as she held her newest Spanish test in her hand. She had failed it yet again. "Mike even helped me on it." She said as Santana wrapped her arm around her and led her out the school and to the parking lot.

Santana nodded, reassuringly. "I know Brit, but this was the first test since you started studying. Next time you'll ace it for sure." She said smiling at her. She had seen Brit get all flustered and confused over tests many times before, and the best thing to do was give her a short pep talk and move on from it.

Brit nodded, but there was no denying that she was depressed over it. This all changed when they got closer to the parking lot and saw Mike and Matt standing next to Matt's car waiting for them. She smiled wide and ran up to Mike, who grinned instantly when he saw them approaching, and wrapped her arms around him.

Santana smiled and let out a laugh at the cute couple as she walked over to Matt. "Hey." She said, opening the passenger door and placing her bookbag in. Once she was free of it, she closed the door and gave Matt a small hug. Things were still very new with them, but Matt was a really nice guy. And his credit score was the best out of all the guys on the football team, which is a major plus.

"Hey gorgeous." He said, kissing her on the cheek. It was no surprise to Santana when Matt asked her out after Glee rehearsal. It was nice to feel wanted by someone since certain people decided they'd rather sing Neil Diamond songs to Idina Menzel impersonators.

As they hugged, she could see Mike ripping up, what appeared to be, Brit's Spanish test and throwing it in the nearby trash can. Brit smiled wide and gave him a short peck before the two of them got into the backseat of Matt's car to most likely fall asleep in each other's arm. Those two always kept it PG at most.

She let go of Matt just in time to see Puck entering the parking lot. Her smile fell and she turned the car, opening the door quickly. It was too late though.

"Hey Puck!" Matt yelled, waving him over. She rolled her eyes before turning back around to see Puck heading their way.

It wasn't like the two of them had stopped talking since she dumped them. That had been impossible due to the fact that they were both in New Directions. She had just chosen to keep their interactions to a minimum. Last time she checked, his credit score still sucked and he was still a jerk boyfriend in so many other ways. Either way, she gave him a small forced smile.

"Sup." He said, giving Matt a man hug, which caused Santana to roll her eyes again. He turned to her and nodded slightly. "Santana."

"Puck." She said, already bored with this. She opened the car and got into the passenger seat. As she peeked in the back, Brit and Mike were fast asleep. She had her head on his shoulder and he was snoring softly. Glee rehearsals this week must've tired them out. Santana looked forward and tried to ignore her current boyfriend and her ex's conversation.

"Yeah, I'm thinking that we should all go see Paranormal Activity tomorrow night. It looks sick!" Matt said getting excited. What she assumed was Puck, filled in the silence with laughing. Oh great, all of them going to see a movie together. How…quaint.

As she rested her head against the window, she could see Artie wheeling himself to his car. At least, she though his name was Artie. She never really paid any attention to him until now. The way he got to his parent's car and maneuvered himself into the passenger seat was impressive. It was all in one swift motion. She couldn't help but smile at it.

"Alright man, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Matt open the driver's side and get in the car. "Puck said he would ask if Finn and Quinn if they wanted to go see Paranormal Activity with us." He informed her, obviously excited, as he started up the car.

"Sounds great." She said, lying through her teeth. He didn't notice though. He didn't really understand sarcasm, which Santana spoke fluently, so it made their conversations very interesting.

Matt peaked back at Britt and Mike and smirked. "If only I had my camera." He said, shaking his head. Santana looked behind at them and smiled, before taking out her camera phone and snapping a picture of them. Brittany instantly jumped up and Mike's shot open, causing Santana and Matt to burst out laughing. The car symbolically rocked with laughter as it drifted onto the street and away from William McKinley High School.