A/N: I haven't actually seen Paranormal Activity. I just picked a scary movie that was in theaters when I wrote the last chapter so I apologize if people don't actually die in a gruesome way.

It took exactly 10 minutes for Brittany to realize this was a bad movie. Not a cheesy-badly-written kind of way, but a everyone-dies-in-the-end bad. It took her exactly half an hour before she said something. She turned over to Mike, who's eyes were glued to the screen as he ate his popcorn. "When are they gonna perform?" She whispered, right before everyone in the audience screamed. She caught Santana jumping and then leaning over and bury her head in Matt's shoulder.

"What?" Mike said, finally giving her his attention. She almost forgot what she asked him, but then she remembered.

"Paramore Activity? Isn't that a rock band?"

He made a small face and then laughed a little when he realized what she meant. "No, it's Paranormal Activity. It's a scary movie." Someone shushed them in the seat behind, which made Mike whisper the next part. "It's filmed on a handheld camera and the people are staying in a haunted house." He explained.

She looked at the screen just as some girl ran down the hallway. The music was building, and sure enough the girl died in a matter of seconds. Brittany instantly slipped her head in between the seat and Mike's jacket. She shook her head as everyone screamed once again. "I don't like this movie. Make it stop!"

Mike was silent for a few moments before she felt him taking her hand. "Come on." He whispered, standing up. She popped her head out and waited for him to pass before she got up and followed him. As they pushed by Puck and Artie she noticed that Puck was covering Artie's eyes. It made her smile momentarily as she continued to follow Mike up the aisle and out the doors. He looked over at her and gave her a small smile. "We'll just wait here until the movies over." He said, leading her to a bench and sitting down.

She sat down next to him and then looked over at the door. "But aren't you missing the movie?" She asked, looking back at him. She didn't want him to leave her, but she didn't exactly want to go back into that scary place again.

He leaned against the wall. "It's okay. I'd much rather be here with you." He said, squeezing her hand. She smiled slowly and then it turned into a grin.

"You're the best boyfriend in the whole wide world, Panda Bear." She said, leaning in and giving him an Eskimo kiss. He let out a laugh.

"Only to keep up with you, Polar Bear." He said, kissing her nose. She scrunched it.

For the next hour they amused themselves with playing pattycakes, buying Dibs and throwing them into each other's mouth, and then running around to every movie poster in the theater and trying to guess what it was about without looking at the title. Soon enough, the movie was over and people were filing out.

"Oh come on, that was the lamest movie ever. I can get better effects than that on a video game." Puck said, wheeling Artie out the big doors. Artie let out a small laugh, but Matt looked serious so obviously they were fighting over it.

"Whatever, I still say it's the best movie of the year." He said, looking over at Brittany and Mike. "What happened to you guys? You missed the whole thing!"

Santana pushed past them and sighed. "Lucky them. I hate scary movies so much. Now I'm gonna be up all night."

Matt made a face. "What are you talking about? You love scary movies. You told me you saw them all the time." Santana froze at that.

"Uh, well I saw them as in I was in the theater while they were playing. I didn't exactly pay attention…" She said, sitting down on the bench next to Brittany. Brit smirked to herself. She knew all about Santana and Puck's "normal relationship" phase last year where they attempted to be like other couples and go on movie dates. They always ended up making out in the back row through the entire movie though. She looked over at Puck, but he was too busy reading the movie poster above the bench they were on.

"So where to now?" Mike said, standing up. "Should we get some food?"

Brittany smiled and nodded. "Yeah, those Dibs didn't feel me up." She said as she patted her tummy, which Santana quickly stopped her from.

"Do you mind if I join you guys?" Artie said awkwardly. Brittany beamed at him. Artie was one of her favorite people in the world.

"Of course! Come on." She said, taking his bars in her hands and wheeling him out the theater. She didn't look back once to see everyone else look at each other awkwardly before following suit.