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A group of Ninapolitan's friends came together and created a fanfic profile filled with short oneshots, created just for her. A list of single word prompts were provided and each author was allowed to choose up to three. She does so much for the community that I was thrilled with the idea of giving her a little something back. So, this is what I came up with, using the words I selected below.

Many of the renowned writers of the fandom, as well as very talented up and comers, participated in this gift to Nina. I highly recommend checking out the rest of the drabbles.


Prompts: bathtub, chocolate, lick

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I slid the last few cuts of the grilled steak Bella had cooked for dinner around in its natural marinade. There was less than a bite of the mashed potatoes left in my plate. So, I swept them onto a slice of meat and placed the two items into my mouth.

Each morsel was juicy and filled with flavor. I took my time chewing, indulging my taste buds. My sense memory sent me to the mental image of her in the kitchen, bent over the oven, retrieving the rolls she'd made to accompany the main course. It's been said that food is the way to a man's heart. Perhaps it acquires the attachment of other appendages, as well.

I looked up from my plate and caught Bella eying my lips. Was there something interesting about the way I chewed my food? Or was it that I'd held the fork to my mouth for too long, in my cerebral wanderings?

"See something you like?"

"Always." I gave her the smirk that would likely cause a reaction hidden from my sight, but that I knew as well as my own name. She cleared her throat and changed the subject. "Did you enjoy your dinner?"

"You say that as if you can't tell. But since it's only right that I show my gratitude for your efforts, allow me give your ego the boost it so rightfully deserves."

"A simple yes or know would really suffice, Edward." She attempted to look annoyed but her eyes gave away her delight.

Still, I knew before she said so that my appreciation would not be accepted, easily. Bella didn't search for compliments. They embarrassed her more than anything else. She probably did simply want to know if the meal was something she should make for me again or not. Nevertheless, I never missed a chance to worship her.

"I think I'd like to show you how much I enjoyed dinner, rather than trying to find words that are simply unequipped. Why don't I take care of desert?" Her brows twitched in confusion but a grin peeked from one corner of her mouth.

"What did you have in mind?" I leaned unnecessarily closer, as we were the only two in our apartment and she sat less than two feet away from me. My movement triggered an instinctive mimic from her.

"Wait for me in the bathtub and I'll bring it to you."

"You want to take a bath?"

"Is that what I said?"I inclined a brow, waiting to see if she could gather my meaning. Would she figure it out?

"No, but –"

"Well, why don't you do as I said, then, and let me worry about the rest. Please." A full frown settled on her face but she didn't argue further. She exited the dining room while I finished what was left in my dish.

Afterwards, I rinsed our dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, allowing her time to prepare for me. Then, I grabbed syrup from the refrigerator. Cold wouldn't do, so I poured some into a bowl and warmed it in the microwave. Then I headed to our large bathroom.

My Bella was quick. She sat in our three seat tub, which looked more like an outdoor Jacuzzi than a space for bathing, completely naked. Her knees were tucked under her chin, hiding herself from me. Was she nervous? That was doubtful. More likely, she was playing hard to get.

She peered at the bowl as I placed it on the bathroom sink, but said nothing. I captured her attention when I began undressing for her, slowly pulling my black t-shirt over my head and then dropping the dark denim jeans and black boxers, at once. I reclaimed the bowl, climbed into the empty tub, and sat on the edge, staring down at her.

"Is that desert?"

"No, love. This is just the topping." She was still puzzled. "Bella, the only other thing I have a taste for, tonight, is you. I thought chocolate À la Bella might be a little messy, so..." That beautiful scarlet blush filled her features and my body reacted accordingly.

I took the spoon I'd included from the bowl and held it up to her mouth. She parted her lips but I didn't insert the utensil. Instead, I swept it over her bottom lip and then took it between my own.

She tangled her fingers through my hair and unwrapped herself to pull me into her. I felt her tongue slide against mine and knew if I didn't stop, things would get carried away quickly. Pulling away from her was bitter sweet, to say the least.

"Mmm, I like chocolate."

"And I've got an entire bowl here to use, just for you."

"Don't I get any?"

"I'm not opposed to sharing." She sat back then, pleased with her upcoming opportunity.

I dribbled the sweet liquid across her breasts, from peak to peak, rounding each delicate pink orb of flesh. Then, I drew a circle around her navel and thick lines down each of her thighs, which were spread for me. She was trembling from the very first lick.

I started by using just the point of my tongue. This didn't permit me to remove all of the syrup and it took several swipes for me to clean any one area. I tasted her taut nipples, lapping her areolas before sucking and then lightly nipping her tips with my teeth. She'd begun whimpering by then.

I dipped a finger in the warm sticky treat and traced toward her belly button, following my touch with wet kisses. When I reached the hollow of her abdomen, I placed my entire mouth over the coated area. She thrust her hips up from her seat, almost instantly.

"…Patience, love." Her only reply was a huff of arousal and impatience. I couldn't help but snicker at my anxious little kitten.

When I replaced my lips to her skin, Bella's head hit the wall behind her and she combed her fingers back into my hair. I glided over each thigh, nibbling just outside of her folds when I'd cleared both. She was tugging at my hair so eagerly that it was nearly painful, which only encouraged my slowness.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. "Edward, please."

I didn't provide enough time for her to say anything else before my mouth was where she was begging for me, both verbally and physically. She was dripping with need. I skipped the chocolate in this area. I wanted nothing to distract me from savoring her wholly.

There was nothing in this world like Bella. There weren't even words to describe her. I almost felt I could survive on her nectar alone. If given the option, I'd surely try.

I sampled every inch of her wonderfully succulent pussy, drinking her in. Her moans were like music: my movements were guided by the melody of her calls and rhythm of her pulse. That was all I needed to know how much or how little to give her. And my name was the only lyric she spoke. Coming from her, it was by far my favorite song, of all.

Everything always fell silent when Bella climaxed. She'd tense, hold her breath, and cling to whatever was in her grasp until release washed over her and she melted from end to end. When I'd consumed every ounce of her and she'd finished twitching around me, she pulled me up to face her. Then, she kissed me with enough vigor to bring life to the dead.

"How was desert?" she inquired, teasingly.

"I'm sorry but I must admit that it was better than dinner." She flushed, once more, before pushing me a few inches back from her.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that because I'm suddenly famished and it looks like chocolate À la Edward is the only thing around here to eat."

"Well then, come and get it."

The tub: