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Prompts : Camcorder, Handcuffs, Muffins

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I'd woken up to an empty bed. Most days, Edward stayed with me until I was alert. He'd pull my hair behind my ears, kiss me tenderly, slide his fingers over my blush, and then ease out of bed to begin his day. He only ever left me without following that routine if he had something that he believed was better in mind.

Well, this morning, I had something in mind, too.

I'd flown from under the warmth of our comforter and into the bathroom, attempting to brush and shower in five minutes – I actually took my toothbrush into the stall with me. I didn't know how long he'd been gone and how much time I had left, but I could bet he'd return soon. He would do his best to make his errand quick.

I stumbled into my stilettos, nearly knocking my head into the dresser in my hurried efforts, and thanked whatever luck had allowed me to miss it by the millimeter or so that I did. While I was sure he'd enjoy the glow and slight sheen of my skin, an injury wouldn't bode well for either of us this morning. I grabbed the navy button up he'd worn the day before from the floor, slipping my arms through the sleeves, neglecting to fasten, and setup the last few props I'd need for his little surprise.

I was able to take one deep and calming breath, with my eyes closed, before I heard him re-enter the room. I could tell that he'd stopped in his tracks because everything fell silent. He'd even held his breath.

I looked up and found my husband with a brown paper bag in one hand and a carrier containing two cups of coffee in the other. A light dusting of rain water was sprinkled in his hair and the drops he wasn't unable to outrun were scattered over his long sleeved, grey, fitted t-shirt. His eyes were wide, his lip bitten down, and his face was turning red. Without any effort, he refreshed the flush of my skin from my revived need for him.

"What's in the bag?" My voice was raspy and nearly without sound.

"Muffins." He finally walked to the bed, placing the items on the night stand and kneeling between my spread legs. His lips hovered above mine. "How did you do this?"

"It wasn't without some effort. You like?" He nodded once and finally took my lips between his. The kiss said thank you. It said he loved and adored me. Mostly, it said he was doing everything in his power to not attack me.

"Is it on?" He shifted his head in the direction of the camcorder. I grinned and raised a brow. "Bad girl."

"…Hence the imprisonment. I am at your mercy."

He peered around the room, doubtfully. "I find it incredible that you managed to bind all four of your limbs without any help."

"Edward, do you want to analyze the mechanics of this set up, or do you want to punish your 'bad girl'?"

He smirked and split his shirt so that my breasts were thoroughly exposed. Then, he lightly pinched one of my already perked nipples between his teeth, lapping his tongue over it so that I could see the motions. His mouth closed around the swell, as he bathed it, entirely, in the wet heat within. The throaty moan that sprang from me was completely unintentional and unexpected.

After a few moments of insanely brilliant torture, he tore his tongue from me and I whimpered, displeased. He kissed down my stomach and, in a break, argued, "Prisoners don't get to complain."

He rose and pulled his shirt over his head. I groaned, again, still uncontrollably. Apparently I'd forfeited all rule once I'd bound myself to these posts. He stood from the bed and dropped his jeans and briefs in one swish. Then, instead of reclaiming his position, he placed his arm behind me, encouraging me to shift forward. I opened my mouth to question and he shushed me.

"Move frontward for me." I'd given him the power. I could only obey.

He'd clearly gauged that there was enough slack in the satin ties for me to move around, and I congratulated myself for not choosing the handcuffs. He made his way beneath me, so that I was sitting between his legs. Once settled, he placed his lips over the lobe of my ear and his hands on my breasts, thumbing my nipples, slowly but firmly, just how I liked it. I felt myself thaw against him, lost in the sensations. Only Edward would take the opportunity to please a captive. He lived to serve.

One of his hands trailed down my stomach, and he tickled the inside of my thigh. Next, he ever so lightly grazed over my ridiculously sensitive clit, in the same moment he started to suck on the curve of my neck. My hips flung upward, and he pushed me down with his palm cupped over my center.

"You know how much I love you in blue, my naughty Bella."

"I do."

"And the heels—nice touch." He purred, literally, and licked behind my ear in the same second that his fingers slid into me. He was cruel and giving, all at once.

He'd placed two on my clit and three inside, swirling, twirling, and pressing. I was pinned in place by his bar like arms and the force of his hold on my throbbing and melting pussy. I panted, moaned, and then whined his name when enough was enough.

I was going to cum, if he'd let me. It was nearly over. I was ready to beg and plead. To promise a lifetime void of naughtiness or filled with it, if that's what it took.

And then, he rapidly slipped his hands away from me and perched them on either side of my hips, gripping with enough strength that it hurt, just a little. All of the sudden, my ass was in the air and I was flying backward. Before I could blink, I'd connected with his cock and he was gliding me onto him.

I came that instant, and instead of allowing me the chance to subside, he started easing my hips back up, and down. It was slow and hard, and I just kept cumming.

I only stopped when I had no air left in my lungs and he'd decelerated to shift gears. He was no longer thrusting vertically. Now, I felt my hips ellipse his, as he rounded me, stretching and filling, and we met in a new way. I was so wet that I moved along him with ease, relishing the thick and solid gift inside me. He got deeper with each lap, and I knew I was nearing another.

I caught the flicker of the red light from the camera and realized I'd get to watch. I'd not only see how I made him feel, in a different light, but I'd witness what we did for each other. The mere thought sent me over and I began clenching.

"I feel you," he said. "You're cumming for me, again."

"Yes! Oh god!"

He moaned, loud and hoarsely, as he spilled into me. Neither of us was holding back. We were giving ourselves something to remember, and we'd have a million chances to see it in repeat. Better still, we'd have just as many to recreate the show.

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