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Kitty looked at Kurt, Kurt looked at Rogue, and Rogue looked back to Kitty. Rogue's eyes narrowed and all three pressed their ears a little closer to the door.

Professor X knew they there, of course. But he always knew that teenagers had a tendency to snoop, and he was not one to harp on them for something so simple. He'd continue to do his best to raise these kids right, but he always knew they were young and anxious for the same freedom inside the Mansion's walls as they had outside during certain trying times. If the conversation was not as serious, he'd probably chuckle allowed at the thought. Trying to spy on a telepath, really?

"Eh, I don't know, Chuck," Logan seemed to mull it over, reluctant at best.

Professor X understood Logan's hesitation, "Well, he was a rouge mutant –"

Nightcrawler elbowed Rogue in the side, 'Hey! You're a rogue mutant!"

Kitty started giggling and Rogue shot him a look. She held a gloved finger up to her lips, "Shhhh!"

Professor X let a slight smile curve at the edges of his mouth, "Logan, what did you say the children were doing?"

Logan, knowing where this was going, smiled. "It's a mandatory study hour. The pups know if I catch them away from their books, it'll be trouble."

The aptly named trouble making trio all locked eyes at the same time. This wasn't good. Rogue and Kurt felt themselves phase through the floor before they had one more second to think about it.

"So," Logan looked back at Charles, "what's exactly the reason behind this, Chuck?"

"That's a good question, Logan." He nodded. "Although, this is certainly not for personal gain, if he did feel like he found a place here, he would certainly be quite the asset to our team. And, the reason I first considered offering him a temporary place to stay is because he did, indeed, help us. He provided quite a bit of useful information about Magneto and the Acolytes that I believe will be of good use in the future. He's only looking for a roof over his head and a place to train. From what I gather from him, which is not much, his mental shields are quite strong, he seems sincere and even humbled in about his need of a roof for a little while."

Still debating it, Logan gave a rough shrug, "If you trust him, I'm behind ya, Chuck. You know that, I guess I know what's it's like to be a little down on your luck, I just worry about his influence over some of the young ones. He wasn't always our friend, you know."

"Ah, yes, I know. But what better way to show our open arms if not to extend an invitation to Gambit."

Logan nodded.

So that was it. . . Gambit was moving in.

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