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You Want It - Part 11

The Big Finish

Rogue was so proud of herself. She was ridiculous, unbelievable, proud of herself. She was absolutely giddy.

Remy LeBeau had told her, to her face, that he wanted her. Granted, her pole dancing routine probably didn't hurt things, but hey, Remy wanted her!

Running to her bedroom to change for her two o' clock class, the giddiness was making its way through he whole body.

Just to remind you: Remy LeBeau wanted her. Rogue.

And, surprise surprise, Rogue wanted him. Sure, it had taken weeks, planning, and dedication, but victory was practically in her grasp.

Stupid class, she thought, as she dug through her class.

Oh well, her grin was overtaking her face. If reading Cosmo for the last few weeks had taught her anything, it was that the longer guys waited, the more they wanted it.

She could believe that, she mused, she had wanted Gambit (bad) for weeks now, and every time she saw him she just wanted him more. Every time she saw his tall, hard body, she wanted it on top of hers.

Oh, yes, she wanted it bad. Her whole body practically ached for him.

And, she giggled a little to herself, she would have him soon. She would have Remy soon.

Stupid class.

. . . . . .

Remy walked with his usually swagger towards the garage. His confident steps betrayed none of his previous frustration.

Of course, that's not quite how he felt on the inside. Despite relieving himself of his 'frustrations', his mind was still moving at a mile a minute. Rogue's little display in the Danger Room had turned him on something fierce and he finally had a moment to think about how he felt.

He wanted her, and he admitted it. How could he admit it?! She had just gotten him so wound up that there was nothing else he could say. On top of that, well, his feelings for her hand made themselves more than apparent. How could he deny that?

Wait! His steps stopped briefly in the hallway as something finally clicked in his brain. She kissed him! She kissed him! Did that mean she wanted him?

Remy's face earned itself a cocky smirk and his swagger took on a renewed vigor. Yes, that's right; Rogue wanted him. She made a move on him.

Screw the rules. He was going to get what he wanted.

If only he didn't have to teach this stupid class.

. . . . . .

Seven young faces looked up as the Cajun sauntered into the room.

Rogue's eyes widened and she couldn't help but be the first one to speak up. "Remy, where's Logan?"

He ran his red on black eyes over the curious faces staring back at him. Seven young faces in seven young bodies in matching baby blue jump suits complete with embroidered name badges. His landed on Rogue's curious eyes and his smirk deepened. "Well, Chere, 'M takin' over dis class f' Logan so let's get started."

Sam and Bobby grinned excitedly; it was about time they got to learn something from Gambit! (Even if it was just shop class).

Remy had to fight to keep the grin off his face. Rogue was in his class. This could definitely work to his advantage. It's not like he could have planned this any better.

"Now petites, d' any 'f y' have shop experience?" He watched as Rogue raised her hand and Ray half raised his.

"All right, all right, bon. Now, Remy got Cyke's lesson plans an' dey all say teach, an' teach, an' blah, blah, blah." He shrugged with a grin as the students smiled back at him. "Now, Remy say dat we jus get started, non?"

The students cheered, and Roberto pumped a fist excitedly in the air.

"Now," Remy popped the hooded to the X-Van and began to point to and name the different parts of the van, "Let's do dis!"

An hour quickly passed and Remy was surprisingly happy at how his students responded. His students! Who would've thought? Remy LeBeau, a teacher? Well, anything could happen!

"D'Accord, petites! Good job t'day! Y' all did so good dat dere's no homework f' t'day!"

At around round of whoops and cheers, Remy smile turned a little bit sexier, "Yo' dismissed, but Rogue, could y' talk t' moi aft'r class?"

The students turned to leave, but Rogue held back. She could feel her face flushing and her body heating up. Despite the fact that she had been just acting like a sex kitten in front of him not to long ago, it was hard to function around him when 'not in the heat of the moment.'

"Rogue," his voice was unintentionally deep, as he looked her up and down. Dieu, he couldn't understand how some tacky one piece jump suit could even make her look sexy. He knew there were curves under there; he had seen her glorious naked back the day he stripped off her uniform. What he wouldn't give to touch that untouchable skin.

"Yeah, Remy?" Say you want me; I know you do.

"De professor says dat I can ask one o' de petites t' b' mon teachin' assistant."

At that a whirlwind of images entered Rogue's mind. "Uh, yah."

"An'," he was leaning against the front of the Van, the hood still popped. "Since y' have shop experience, I tought y' might b' up t' de job."

She could get him up to something, all right. She smiled to herself, she all ready did that today. "Ah could do that."

"Well," He was smirking, "First, I gotta know y' fit de description. Can y' come here an' name some mo' advance parts o' de van?"

"Sure," she shrugged, surprised that Remy was actually being serious about the assistantship, and not simply implying innuendos like she had hoped.

She walked up to the van and leaned under the hood, for a closer look.

Remy had moved back as Rogue had moved in, just so he could get a look at her. Her ridiculous jump suit was pulled tight across that perky rear. He would love just to sink his teeth into it.

Rogue was about to turn around when she heard a low groan, but couldn't because she quickly felt a body pressed against hers. Her whole body shuddered.

Remy groaned again as he pressed his body against the smaller one in front of him. It just felt so right. He was also bent at the waist, and he could feel perfection as his erection rested comfortably against her backside, and his back covered her back.

"Remy." She said his name almost breathlessly. She had never felt a man this close to her before. She could feel that he was hard, and the fact that she had done that to him absolutely thrilled her. He fit against her like nothing else and her heart began to beat harder. Every fiber in her being wanted him, and she was finally going to get him. Oh was she going to get him. She shivered as she felt one of his hands lightly run up and down her side, over her ribs, through her stupid shop jumpsuit. She felt like the fingers were burning into her. Oh how she wanted this.

"Professor." It was a simple statement.

One that Rogue didn't quite understand. "W-what?"

He smirked as his hand continued to stroke her side. "Well, 'm yo' teacher, no?"

That was when the idea hit her. Well, honestly, she couldn't say it was that moment exactly. It had occurred to her in the past and was on her 'plan b' list if she hadn't been able to get to Remy. Clearly, she had got to him, but the plan would still apply.

She pushed him back, turned around, and stood up straight.

Frustrated, Remy scowled a little at the girl in front of him, who was smiling so innocently. "Tease," he muttered.

Her 'innocent' smile just grew and she placed one gloved finger under his chin. "Ah would love tah beh yah TA, sugah."

She had to fight her grin as Remy gave the exact answer he wanted to hear.

"Oui, Chere." Tease. "Y' wanna go over de material f' next time."

She would never admit it, but there was a large chance that she may have just batted her eyelashes at the gorgeous man in front of her. "Sure, but let meh just get changed. Ah'll meet yah in yahr room in 20."

Before Remy could respond he watched the scowling girl-turned vixen strut saucily away from him.

She would be the end of him, for sure.

. . . . . .

As soon as Rogue was out of the garage, Rogue broke her strut and took off in an all out run.

Twenty minutes was not long at all. She should've given herself a half hour at least!

Barreling up the stairs, she made it to her room in record time. Had she had Kitty's powers, she would've made it there faster, but there was no time for that! She ran to the bathroom first and quickly turned on her curling iron, figuring it would need the most time to heat up.

She unzipped her shop class clothes and ignored them as they fell to the floor. She just about ripped off her tshirt and jeans as she made her way to the closet. She all ready had on sexy under things, so at least she didn't have to worry about that.

Knowing exactly what she was looking for, because this plan had been thought out previously, of course, she pulled out the shirt she was looking for and stumbled to her dresser. She opened up her sock drawer and pulled out the pair of nude thigh highs she knew she had.

She grinned to herself; they were perfect. All the looks of perfect, naked skin without the worry of y'know, a coma. She rolled the thigh highs on purposefully.

Moving back to her closet, she pulled out the short red plaid skirt she may or may not have bought for an occasion like this. Okay, truthfully, she bought it with all intent of using it as a tool to get under Remy. She grinned; at least she was going to get her money's worth.

She pulled on the plaid skirt and then pulled on the white (long sleeve) fitted button down shirt as well. Looking in the mirror, she was absolutely giddy. If she learned anything from those smut movies that Tabby kept hidden under the bed, it was that no man could resist a schoolgirl fantasy brought to life in front of them, in the flesh. (Albeit untouchable flesh, but flesh nonetheless.)

It may have been overkill, but she scourged the Internet to buy a matching red plaid tie. So what? This was her fantasy too! She could do what she wanted!

She would never admit to it, but she practically skipped to the bathroom, nerves buzzing with anticipation. If Remy's body moved the way in the bedroom that it did in the Danger Room, then surely she was in for a treat.

She brushed her hair and parted it perfectly down the center. Leaving her trademark streaks out to frame her face, she pulled hair into two high ponytails. She used her curling iron to turn the pigtails into two perfect spiral curls.


As she looked herself over in the mirror, she felt her pulse start to pick up. She thought back to all the dreams she'd had about a certain Cajun lately. He'd made her so hot. It was about time.

. . . . . .

Remy casually got up from his bed when he heard a knock at his door. He set the folder he'd received from Scott on his desk. Stupid folder.

As he walked to his door, he thought about his and Rogue's little 'moment' in the garage. What was that? Clearly he wanted her, but what game was she playing? She had 'kissed' him in the DR, and it was so sudden and surprisingly that it was just downright sexy. What angle was she playing?

As he turned the doorknob and pulled the door towards him, his jaw dropped. "Mon dieu." He was barely able to think. Rogue – his Rogue – was standing in front of him dressed like she'd just stepped out of a wet dream. Her legs looked almost bare, and her feet were snug in a pair of black mary janes. The shoes were not his focus though.

She licked her lips; he looked good enough to eat.

He could feel his pants getting tighter as his eyes roamed hungrily over her body. She looked like a schoolgirl – a sexy, tempting, vixen of a schoolgirl. He groaned out loud and his mind was going places he'd only imaged before.

Rogue's lips were painted a candy pink, and she pursed them innocently. She looked up at him thorough dark lashes and struggled to play the part without grinning, "Oui, Professor LeBeau?"

"Oh, dieu." He groaned again as he heard the one French word from her lips as well as the title he only received in his fantasies.

There was now going back now; he had to have her. He could feel blood running through out his body, and his heart beating faster. He knew he was all ready rock hard and she had only said one sentence to him.

"Remy!" She broke character briefly, with nervous eyes as she gestured to his hand wildly with both of hers.

"Huh?" He wasn't thinking clearly; he couldn't think clearly. He just wanted her; now. It took him a moment, but he was able to tear his gaze off of her beautiful body and follow her gaze. Where he was gripping the doorknob tight enough that his knuckles were white, the doorknob was glowing a bright magenta. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled back the charge.

Quickly slipping back into the character she now felt she was born to play, she pushed passed him, clearly wanting to move this into his bedroom.

Remy dumbly shut the door behind her as he watched her body with a hunger he'd barely felt before.

She took a deep breath and summoned all the courage she could. It was one thing to play the scene over in her head and get herself off to it, but it was another to play the part in front of him. She could do it though; she wanted it. She used the same soft voice as earlier, "Professor LeBeau, yah wanted tah see meh after class?"

It. Was. Everything. He. Ever. Wanted.

So what, he got off on schoolgirl fantasies; he could admit it. And now, quite possibly the sexiest girl he'd ever seen was standing in front of him, offering the one thing his body was begging him to take.

It. Was. Perfect.

He smirked at her and ran his eyes over that perfect body one more time. If she could play a part, the so could he. "Oui, mon student, I did."

Her perfectly pink lips pursed in a soft of feigned fear. She looked worried, "Why, did Ah do something wrong?"

He swore he was just about to jizz in his pants right there. The mere thought of touching her was enough to force himself to hold back. It got better than just looking at her and hearing her asking the most perfect open-ended question ever. He took a step towards her, his body's needs directing him. "Oui."

She couldn't hold back a brief grin before her face turned worried again. He was playing with her (oh how she wanted him to play with her); he was part of the game. He was part of the fantasy she'd been dreaming off. She bit her bottom lip and looked at the floor before gazing back at him with wide eyes, "Ah did something wrong." She tried her hardest to look sad, "Does that mean Ah have tah beh punished?"

His smirk deepened as he stepped close to her. Placing a hand on her shoulder and slowly edging her backwards, he looked into her eyes. "Oui, mon student. Now y' gotta spend de day wit yo' teacher in detention."

"Oh gawd." She moaned quietly for a moment as the insinuation made her body hot.

Remy licked his lips as he enjoyed the fact the Rogue was into this as much as he was. Now was not the time to think about the mansion rules or about what was going to happen; not that he could think anyway.

He pushed her back a few steps until the unmade bed hit the back of her knees and she fell backwards against it. "Well, Professor, there's got tah beh something Ah can do tah get out of it. Please."

Remy was pretty sure he'd never felt so hot or excited at the same time. His words were low and husky, "'M sure I can tink o' something."

Now, he was definitely done talking.

Rogue watched curiously as Remy reached into his nightstand. She wasn't surprised to see him pull out a condom (that would be needed even if she could touch), but she wasn't sure about the second item.

Remy winked at her curious expression. He watched realization hit her as he pulled on the [clean] leather gloves.

She gasped as Remy moved with surprising speed and pulled her towards the middle of the bed. Covering her body with his, his eyes were closed and his hands were everywhere and anywhere over her body.

Remy was in a state of absolute bliss as his hands moved up and down her sides, over her chest, down her arms, over her thighs, across her stomach.

Her body shuddered as she felt hands cup her breasts – glorious, glorious hands. He squeezed and she arched up against him, begging for more contact. Oh he felt so good. His body felt so good; his hands felt so good; she felt so hot.

He smirked, not planning to waste any time. He'd been watching the perfect curves of her body for too long, he wasn't going to waste anytime. And why should he waste time, Rogue was practically begging him with moans.

She felt a hand trail up her thigh, sliding up her skirt. She almost stiffened when she felt his hand, not because of where it was sneaking towards, but because she felt him brush past the edge of her thigh highs. When she remembered he was wearing gloves, she found her own hands reaching up for him. She slipped her gloved hands under his t-shirt and ran them under the muscles there. His body so hard and so sexy and she wished she could just taste him.

His lips were near her ear and his voice was low and sexy, "How 'bout some extra credit?"

As the hand on her upper thigh found the juncture between them, he briefly brushed a fingertip against the black lace there.

Her back arched instantly and her thighs snapped together, holding his hand there before he could remove it. She whimpered, "Yes, yes please."

With the grant of permission, he hooked the panties around his finger and pulled the down and off her legs. Mutation or no mutation, he planned on her keeping the skirt on the whole time.

Typically, Remy LeBeau would spend a lot more time on foreplay – he was god's gift to women after all. This time though, this time he was so wound up the he could barely stop himself from taking her immediately; he just wanted her so bad.

Rogue knew he took her panties off. She didn't care. Actually, she'd bet he could've done it a lot faster. According to her romance novels, she should be spending a lot more time feeling his hard body and pressing against him, but fact of the matter was she just wanted him now! She had lusted over him for so long that the though of release was pure bliss and she would beg him to have it now if she could.

He was on top of her and began to kiss her through her button down. As he kissed her collarbone, he found that his fingers had a mind of their own. He slipped an extremely capable digit inside her.

"Remmmuhhh!" Rogue's moan was almost unintelligible and she was writing against the bed. If his finger felt this good, she could just imagine how much better it was going to be. Oh he made her so hot. She could feel him sucking on her skin through her shirt and it felt like her whole body was on fire.

Rogue's hips were rocking against his hand and he added another finger, feeling satisfied when her hips bucked up against him. "Oh Rogue." He hadn't realized he was moaning but he couldn't stop. He inserted a third, trying to make sure she'd be stretched enough; she was so tight.

"Just. . .Please." She couldn't think, she could barely breath; she just wanted release. She just needed release.

Well, Remy LeBeau was never one to deny a lady what she wants. Removing his hand from the only place she wanted it to be, he wiped his fingers on his sheets. He looked over the perfect body under him, and tried to clear the fog from his mind to think about it. Finally putting two and two together (as his hands palmed her breasts), he was aware she was wearing long sleeves so he pulled his own shirt over his head. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, not removing them and pulled out his erection. Feeling his gloved hand around himself, he realized he'd finally have the chance to feel her hand around him, the way he had imagined so many times previously. Not now though; no he just wanted to take her.

She watched with lidded eyes as Remy removed the necessary protection from its packing and rolled it skillfully onto himself.

As Remy looked over his body and hers, making sure all visible parts of skin were covered, something occurred to him for the first time. Something that quite possibly should have occurred to him previously. Granted, he was having a hard time thinking at all. "Uhh, Chere," He didn't want to offend her, but how else to you ask that question, "Dis might hurt if . . ." He trailed off.

She just pulled his body towards her, "It's fine."

He looked at her questioningly, not at all willing to put in her in an uncomfortable situation.

Her hands were on his shoulders and her fingers kneaded the skin there. His whole body was so strong, so hard, and so sexy. "Vibrator."

So what? She wasn't embarrassed or ashamed. While all her other friends had normal sex lives, she thought that she'd never get to have that kind of relationship. She planned on having the same experiences every one else had. She wasn't going to miss out on 'normal' experiences just because she couldn't touch another person.

He nodded and slowly moved down the bed. He wrapped a hand around one of her ankles and lifted that perfectly sculpted leg. Seeing as she still had her thigh highs on, he began kissing up that leg. He nipped at the (covered) skin and pressed a hard kiss against the back of her knee. He switched to the other leg and began to kiss up its complete length.

She whimpered and her hands reached down to pull him up to her; silently begging him to give her what she needed most.

Using a hand, Remy positioned himself at her entrance and locked his glowing eyes onto hers.

Rogue's eyes snapped shut as she felt Remy slowly slide into her. She gasped as he sheathed himself completely. He definitely filled her in a way that nothing of the battery-powered variety had been able to.

"Rogue." He moaned her name as he pressed his whole body against hers, dropping his head down to her shoulder, but careful not to touch the skin on her neck.

As she placed flat palms against his back, she felt the need inside her grow further even though she thought it was impossible. "Please," she would beg if it got her what she so desperately needed, "Remy, please."

He smirked and gave into the request that he wanted so badly himself. He slowly began to rock his hips, ridiculously satisfied when Rogue's hips began rocking up to meet his.

Leather balled fists held Remy tight against her, nothing could possibly feel better than this moment right now. "It's so good," she groaned, "So good."

She was so tight and so hot and he could have sworn his body was on fire. He reached a still gloved hand down to rub the place that he knew she ached to be touched.

Rogue was moaning out loud as Remy began to bring her over the edge. Her eyes shut tightly and her hands dropped from his back to the sheets to ball themselves up there. Her body writhed and she began to see stars behind her eyelids. She repeated his name as the euphoria of orgasm made its way through her.

Remy watched her face as she came, and found himself groaning out loud at the sheer satisfaction of it. The feeling of her walls around him was nothing short of perfection, and he made sure to bring her over the edge another two more times before he would let himself go.

As her head thrashed against the pillow, Remy moaned her name in turn. He thrust deeply inside her a few more times before letting himself go with a grunt. White hot heat spread through his body at the release his body had been begging of him, for far too long. He collapsed onto the body underneath his before rolling slightly to the side and taking care of the used protection.

He'd never felt quite so satisfied.

. . . . . .

A few hours later, Rogue awoke from what may have been the most relaxed sleep she'd ever had. She both blushed and smirked as she realized she was in Remy's bed in a schoolgirl get up, sans panties. She looked down, surprised to see that Remy had thrown an arm around her covered waist in his sleep.

A self-satisfied grin made its way across her face and she felt a mix of both giddiness and pride bubble up in her chest.

Mission: Accomplished.

Remy roused slightly and looked over to see Rogue looking back at him. Finally feeling relaxed in a way he hadn't been able to in weeks; his smirk fitted itself back into his handsome features.

"So Roguey," he grinned at her a little, "Y' wanna go out some time?"

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