Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see

"Where do you think you'd like to end up when all this is over?"

The small room at the rebel compound had been the only "home" they'd had so far. The light now blinking at the end of the tunnel begged the question, but the only reply it brought forth was a shrug.

"Oceanside works for me."

She wasn't buying. "That's where I come from. I know you to the bone in so many ways but I have no idea what you think of when you remember where you come from."

"Anywhere you want is fine by me." His attempt to add credibility by leaning in to give her a casual kiss failed. He knew even before she pulled away.

"'It is what it is', over and over, we've both said that. Well whatever it is, it can't be just about me."

"Bet you're the only woman left alive that thinks that."

She just stared at him in silence, open and asking, so he tried to come up with an answer that even he could accept as real. Where I come from… a house, a town, a neighborhood, a family so normal…

It was normal, and peaceful, and who he was now and how far he'd come to get here made abandoning the memory an act of mercy. The man he'd become had no business ruining his beginning by remembering it. It was clean, and deserved to stay that way.

"I can't remember," he told her, the double meaning so clear in his eyes she couldn't bring herself to challenge it.

"Okay." She moved from where she'd been sitting beside him in the sand to settle on her knees behind him, arms wrapped tight around his shoulders, and offered a kiss less casual. "Oceanside it is."