Left 4 Dead: Tank Against Nemesis

Written by Jayovac

Directed by Jayovac

Produced by Jayovac


Tank was wake in his mansion up get sitted to the table.

"Good morning," him butler say to this

"I invented you a breakfast."

And there was the brekfast was there.

Tank looked around and desided that it okay and he eated all too quickly because the day ahead was long and perhaps even too great.

"Oh yes! tihs is sog ood!" Tank say and smiling as delicious sassage. Butler Wilfred, who was Alfred's bropther from batman, smiles backly at him.

But just then, kitchen wall explosions out, from a rocket blost.

"I am the nemesis and I am here to take what that this isn't mine" Nemesis roared through the wall that was hole.

"How did you get in!" Tank angered at with immensive sound.

Nemesis fires another missle but Tank thought fast so he threw a rock that rocketed it gone.

"I must protect the master" Wilfred thoughted loud and left through a door.


Now Nemeisis and Tank fight in the couryard. They falls down and smash all of the garden.

Tank had it especially attacked by throwing yet another rock but that was not enought and Nemeisis death was not to be yet.

"Imbesile" I am too strong! and Nemesis retorted by do a tentacle whip at him. Tank's pain came out all over.

Tank got closer even though still the pain and swung his devastatle fisting that knocks Nemesis down so far away his trenchcoat.

But then they have to fight in the city and Tank throw cars to insapicatimate Nemesis but Nemes is dodged out of the way.

Tank knew there isn't much fight left so he tried to end with an alarming move. Nemesis moved again it and decided to used his last missile.

Tank got hurt very bad from the fire and was on knees to die when, just then, Wilfred flows in on a helichopter.

"Master! I have come to rescue!" and Nemesis tried to shoot the plane out of sky but Wilfred did a flip that dodged it as well. Tank grabs into and they flow away in defeat as the

Nemesis laugh and survivers tried to fight with him but they were not enough, and Tank will feels sorry for their struggle.


Wilfred took Tank to his other mansion in Irvine, California.

There they would train the power so that one day Tank could return and end the Nemesis forever...