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Shane was atop Claire, kissing her deeply. Their shirts had been divested of moments before, now lying in a heap across the room. There was nothing more right about this moment. Their bodies melded into one another, his body keeping her warm, nipples scraping across the coarse hairs on his chest.

"Shane, I need this. I have already almost lost you more times than I want to think about it; if not by the hands of the vampires, then by your dad. I know you want to say that this isn't right, that we should not be doing this, but screw that. We both need this. I love you with all my heart and if it was my age keeping you at bay, well then that's it. I am seventeen now, give me, us, what we need."

"Claire, as much as your dad will kill me later, there isn't anything else in this world that I want to do right now than this. I have no intentions of stopping. No more barriers. I will only stop now if you want me to."

Shane kissed her again; silencing whatever else she might have said. He trailed kisses down her neck, nipping at the junction of her collar bone and neck, eliciting a ragged moan from Claire's throat; her hands went to his head to press him closer. He went lower still, licking his way down to the swell of her breasts where he kissed each one in turn.

He fixated himself on to one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth, flicking the bud with his tongue. Claire's eyes flashed open and watched his ministrations in fascination. She didn't have to say anything to let him know that no one had done this to her before. But that wasn't what shocked her eyes opened. It was almost as if her nipples were connected to the spot between her legs; the one that had been begging for Shane's hands, mouth or anything he would give her.

Reveling in her noises, he paid an equal amount of attention to the other nipple. Not able to stand the noises and the confines of his pants, he reached down and gently stroked his dick through his pants, eliciting a growl that mingled with her moans.

He ventured further down and came to the top of her pajama bottoms. Taking his hand off of his dick he sat on his heels, taking in the site of Claire. Her eyes were closed and her small breasts glistened in the moonlight from the window. Her eyes opened and she gave him a lazy smile. "Don't stop."

That was what he was waiting for. Gripping her bottoms in hands, he pulled them down her legs, pulling her underwear with them. Soon Claire was before him, completely naked. Oh, how he had imagined how she looked whenever her jerked himself off at night. She was a vision before him, obviously completely untouched and virgin. Her hair between her legs was full, but seemed as if she trimmed it and her aroma invaded his senses; stealing a glance at her face, what he saw scared him.

"I'm sorry. I guess this is too far for you."

"No, it's not far enough, but you're sitting there looking at me and I can't decipher if it's a good look or a bad look. If you want me to, I'll go and shave if you want me to."

"You're perfect." He said this as he bent down over her and kissed her, but this wasn't a deep passionate kiss, this one was forceful and full of desire, need and want. He wanted her like a lion wants a gazelle. Not thinking, his body came down onto hers and he ground himself into her; he could feel how ready and needy she was and sat up, only to find a wet spot on his pants.

Claire spotted it too and blushed, "Sorry."

"Nothing to be sorry for; if I do anything you don't like, or hurts or makes you uncomfortable, let me know and I'll stop."

"Okay." Claire said and that was her only reply.

Shane was hesitant. He wasn't quite sure where to begin with a virgin. He'd been one once yes, but he had never had a virgin before, all the girls he went with were older. He decided her would try the no penetration route to begin with.

"Claire I'm going to kneel on the floor, could you please move to the edge of the bed and put your feet on it?" She did not say a word, just did what he asked.

He sat there, admiring her pussy before him. Nestled in the light brown of her pubic hairs he was her pinkness, ripe and ready for him. He reached out and ran a finger from base to tip; Claire's hips jerked involuntarily at the sensation.

"I'll take that as a 'keep going'." He sat there and looked at her more, her curls glistening. "Talk to me, have you masturbated before?"

Claire struggled to form words, overwhelmed. "I have tried, no penetration though, I was always too afraid. I rubbed myself a few times, especially in recent months, but I don't think I ever had an orgasm. It felt really good, but there seemed to be more to it then what I was doing and it got to the point that I couldn't touch myself anymore."

"Okay, good to know." Shane bent down and gave her a hesitant lick. Her legs closed around his head and he took that as a good sign. He pried her legs from around his head and licked again, this time more assured. Her taste was divine; a little thicker than water, sort fr sweet, sort of musky. All Claire though. He found her clit and latched on. He sucked it in a bit, rolling his tongue around it, circling it. He added his hand to her opening, not penetrating, but rubbing her lips. His other hand hidden by the bed hastily undid his own pants, releasing his dick and began to stroke.

Her breathing started to pick up and his balls tightened at the sound. Her hips were gyrating on the bed and she mumbled something, but he didn't catch it, not until she practically screamed it at him.

"I think I am close, oh god, I think I am, I need more. I feel empty."

He knew what she wanted. His dick; but he was not about to ruin her first orgasm with pain. "If this hurts let me know." He took his free hand, while squeezing his dick with the other, unconsciously simulating her tight opening and pressed one finger into her, sinking it to the knuckle. She responded positively and pushed down on his hand when he tried to withdraw it. He slipped it back in, and out. In and out.

"More, I need more."

He added another finger; gritting his teeth at her warmth and tightness. Pulling out he abandoned his dick, spreading her legs further with one hand, while finger fucking her with the other. He leaned down and added his tongue to the mix; lapping at her clit and the juices that flowed from her. Just then he felt the first signs of her impending orgasm. Her walls clenched and he crooked his fingers inside her, running them across her abdomen wall with every withdrawal of this fingers. Shane moved closer to the bed, humping the bed as he fucked her with fingers and tongue.

Then, Claire's breathing hit a pitch and she made no sound. Silence. Then Shane felt it. Her pussy fluttered, dragging his fingers back into her. She fucked his hand; he didn't need to move it.

The sounds, low in her throat like a wild boar. No longer human but animal. He stopped use of his tongue and just kept his fingers stationary until she was done.


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