A/N: Sorry for the long lapse. My computer crashed with the completed second part of this story and I have not had the time to rewrite it until now. Once again I apologize and hope I deliver what everybody has been waiting for.

Claire lay motionless on the bed breathing hard. Her mind was still trying to wrap itself around what had just happened to her, the unbelievable pleasure Shane had just given her, the quakes that still made her body tremble every now and then.

Taking a final deep breath she rose up onto her elbows and looked at Shane. She could only see from his chest up, his eyes were closed, his breathing just as rapid as hers had been moments ago and his hands were out of sight. Pushing herself up further into a sitting position she inched more towards the end of the bed to get a better look at what Shane was doing.

Oh my…

One hand was wrapped around the base of his dick, tightly, the shaft deep red almost purple in color. The other was pulling his balls away from his body in an almost painful matter.

"Is everything okay, Shane?"

At the sound of her voice closer than it should have been, Shane finally opened his eyes.

Claire gasped at the intense look in his eyes. Pure man. Pure lust. Pure need.

"Okay? Forgive me for being frank, but I am far from a virgin and what I almost did right there was the most virginal thing I have ever done."

Claire felt her stomach drop. Yes, she knew Shane was not a virgin, but his exclamation of said fact made her a little sad.

"What do you mean?" Claire asked, composing herself. She doubted Shane would even notice.

"Claire, I know that look. Yes, it's a known fact I have had sex before, but it's not like I have slept with half the town. The girls I have been with can be counted on one hand. Now, in response to the underlying question there, I almost blew my load all over this comforter without touching myself. That has never happened before. I almost did so just because of the sounds you were making. I don't know what this means, but I am going to need a minute for my orgasm to subside and I can function without taking you against your will.

"But I am willing."

Her proclamation made him close his eyes again and breathe deeply. His gripped tightened further on both cock and balls.

Then he felt something.

A hand.

No, a finger, running across his head, over the slit in his cock. His eyes flashed dangerously down to the seemingly innocent hand as it drew a way a small drop of moisture.

He looked up just in time to her finger disappear into her mouth, tasting his man juice.

That killed him.

Without any thought as to what was suppose to happen in the coming moments, he gave his now aching cock a couple of tugs, swirling his hand at the head and back down. Massaging his balls, it took only a few strokes to find his release, his hot jets of come landing on his upper thighs and dribbling down his hand.

Claire had never seen anything quite as beautiful as her boyfriend coming. Though she now felt a little disappointed. She really wanted to have sex and there was a growing ache between her legs again.

"I guess we're going to have sex another day then."

Shane laughed. "Not a chance in hell. The next time you leave this room, you will be a blushing, deflowered Claire Danvers."

Leaning forward he gave Claire a lingering kiss. "Scoot back on to the bed. Show me how you masturbate."

Claire blushed at this. She was all for watching him get himself off, but now he wanted to see her?

"Don't you dare blush. This will get me ready in no time."

At the promise of that, she relaxed a little. This was just a preliminary to the sex. She could do this.

Shane came to lie next to her on the bed. He began to slowly move his hand around her belly, coaxing her on.

Closing her eyes, she gave in. She brought her hands to her breasts and started to knead them, tweaking her nipples in the process. Keeping one hand to manipulate her fleshy mounds the other began its journey south. Shane, careful to not interrupt her removed his hand and decided to better enhance her ministrations by kissing and nipping at the flesh of her shoulder.

Her hand came into contact with her center and she began to palm at the flesh of her pubis. Then she set into her routine of spreading her lips and pulling back the hood of her clit and rubbing with small, gentle circles on the outside of her clit. Feeling adventurous, she dipped a finger into her tight, hot hole and gathered some of her lubricant to help massage her clit.

After only a few moments of this however, she started to feel her insides begin to contract how they did previously with Shane at the helm. She had never given herself an orgasm come to find out and the unexpected pleasure was causing her to scare a bit. She started to slow her ministrations and to find out if Shane was ready, when it was almost as if Shane could hear her thoughts or see her hesitation.

"Don't you dare think about quitting, come for me, Claire. Let me see you bring yourself to the brink and topple over. Scream my name. Shove your fingers into your tight twat.

Fueled by Shane's voice, she did as told. Holding her breath and removing her hand from her breast she dipped a finger inside and rubbed her clit vigorously with the other. Straining her legs she let out a half cry half moan as her hands manipulated the already sensitive flesh. Holding her breath, Claire powered on through the almost too sensitive act. Releasing her breath, she brought in another short breath. Focusing more on the left side of her clit she gave in, she felt the beginning spasms start, he hips started to buck.

"Shane! Put your fingers inside me!"

Too overcome with wanting to feel her around him in this moment he did as told.

He could barely get a finger in her vaginal walls were so tight.

He bent his finger ever so and that was her undoing.

Her walls contracted and she let out a shriek. Her body convulsed even more the second time.

Then she felt her legs being spread and his dick at her entrance.

She opened her eyes to see his level with hers. He pressed forward; her swelled vagina enveloping his head. Gasping she looked down to see their joining.

"You don't have a condom on…"

Looking back into his eye she could tell the battle that was raging inside his head; the need. With a blur of speed he was at his crumpled pants and digging his wallet out and pulled out a condom tucked away inside the folds.

Tearing the wrapper opened with his teeth he pinched the tip and rolled the sheath over his engorged cock, moaning at the contact.


"Multi-colored pack." Was his only response as he crawled back onto the bed and resumed his position.

"Can I be on top?"

"HUH?!" He looked down at her in shock.

"Can I be on top?"

Mouth opened like a fish he nodded and rolled over.

She crawled on top of him. Raised on her knees, her lower body not touching him she looked into his eyes.

"Help, please."

Grabbing his dick he angled it up, hitting her bottom. Rising higher she put the head at her entrance which allowed him to remove his hand.

She slid down so just the head was inside and looked him in the eyes.

Another inch.

Another inch she sunk

And another and another

Shane let out a moan when she finished the last couple of inches and came to sit on his lap. Cock buried to the hilt.

He looked tormented.

"What's wrong?"

"You feel amazing. But I am going to explode."

Smiling, she rested her hands on his chest, rising her hips up and slamming back down.

It tore a cry from Shane.

Again she did this, rising further this time. This time when she was buried she swirled her hips at the end and rocked.

Shane's eyes closed and his hands gripped the bed sheets.

She continued this way for a few moments. Shane's eyes remained closed, wanting to just feel.

Then he felt her raising herself and come down in a consecutive series of motions

Opening his eyes he looked at her.

Her hair was a wild mane that covered her face. He small pert breasts bobbed with every ride, peeking through the length of her hair. The long expanse of her neck was showing as her head titled back with a moan.

Feeling his balls draw closer to his body, Shane took Claire by surprise and flipped them. Claire let out a small scream at the suddenness of the flip, but Shane took no care. He pulled out and buried himself once more into her depths.

Shane took this opportunity to make love to her with his tongue and kissed her. Snaking one hand down he pulled one of her legs up and rested it on his hip, plunging further into her.

Nuzzling down her jaw to her neck she moaned and gave a breathy comment, "I think I am going to orgasm again…soon…" She broke it off with a load moan as Shane twisted his hips and picked up his pace.

Taking her statement he reached between their sweaty bodies and began to rub her clit in circular motions. Claire started to hold her breath again and he picked up his tempo, both hand a dick.

And there it was.

He felt her walls clamp down hard on his cock and begin a sensual dance along his shaft. The moan that filled the air sent him over the edge.

He rode out her orgasm as long as humanly possible, in the end, however, he gave a couple of quick shallow plunges and convulsed himself, spilling his come into the condom.

They stayed nestled in each others arms, both fighting to regain control of their breathing and racing hearts. Shane pulled his head up from Claire's shoulder and kissed her lazily, and finally rolled off of her. Rolling to his side he brought Claire into the heat of his body and spooned her, kissing along her neck and shoulders.

Drifting off to sleep, Claire heard the words 'I love you' spoken behind her. Nestling into his body she slept.

A/N: Once again, sorry for the lateness in this chapter. Hope you all enjoyed. I'll also like to note, that I did not write anything about hymens being broken, because truthfully, you can have one and have sex for the first time and not notice it breaking. Not everyone feels pain.