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My sobs of terror couldn't be heard over the load grunts, laughs and jeers. With one last thrust and a moan of pleasure, he rolled of me satisfied. Pain and disgust welled up inside me. Fat tears streamed down into my hair as I lay there, on the floor, completely naked in front of everyone.

James, my boyfriend came into view. His face loomed over me. There was the rustle of the condom wrapper. He smiled and forced himself into me. It felt like I was being split in half. Pain tore through me but I didn't cry out in pain like I used to. Nothing I ever said made any of them stop. I should be used to this. Every night it happens. This night, happens to be Friday night. My father invites all of his 'friends' over. I get raped every night by my father but weekends its most of his friends too. Sometimes several a night. My father never held pity of love for me. He watched so pleased that this was going on. I know for a fact that he gets paid £50 a shot. This makes me feel dirty and used. Unloved and ruined.

"Oh Bella, tell me you want it" panted James thumping himself into me. Bobs wracked my body as it burn got worse as he got faster.

"That wasn't so hard was it" James whispered in my ear a ten minutes later. I waited for him to get off me but he didn't. A sharp pain went hit my cheek as James slapped me. I caught Charlie's eye. He looked furious, was this nightmare going to end? Hope built up inside me before I could stop it.

"Oi!" Charlie hollered. "Don't mark her! You owe me a tenner!" He shouted. I felt the hope disappear so quickly. Of course he would care about me. Just about money.

"Answer me" he hissed in my face. I began to tremble as the fear go the better of me.

"No" I whispered.

"That's right" he purred. He got off me and pain Charlie his £10. James didn't need to pay. He is my boyfriend. More like I'm his sex slave. Uncontrollable tears exploded from my eyes and poured from the corner of my eye into my hair.

"Bella, get up. Go upstairs and don't come back down. I will be up later" he hissed smirking at me. I got up and grabbed me clothes that were strewn across the floor. I ran upstairs before collapsing onto my bed. I didn't even put pyjamas on, I just crawled into my bed and pulled the covers over me and cried my heart out. I fell asleep nightmares haunting me. I heard a noise and bolted up. Charlie.

"Move" he muttered and I tossed the covers unwillingly off me. The cold nipped at my naked body. Charlie had all ready unzipped his pants and took off his boxers. He climbed onto my bed and shoved me down so that I was lying down. My mind shut down as it usually did when he raped me. If possible, being raped by my father is the worst. The fact that he is my flesh and blood. He pulled my hug and secured it against his hip. He slammed himself into me and pain racked its way through me. Tears poured out as they usually did. Time dragged in but eventually Charlie gave one last shudder and rolled off of me. He went into his jeans pocket and flung a wad of notes that had been secured with an elastic band.

"Don't say I'm not good to you" he smirked and left. I picked up the money and pulled up the loose floorboard. I dropped the money in the and ran into my bathroom. I ran the shower and stepped under it. I grabbed my sponge and the soap. I poured the soap onto the scratchy side of the sponge and scrubbed myself raw. Everywhere he touched got scrubbed but somehow it didn't feel enough. My skin burned as the water hit it. My skin was red from being scrubbed with the harsh sponge. I slumped to the floor of the shower and cried. Why me? This shouldn't happen!! The little river of water slowly began to turn a faint red. I looked at my body and realised my cut had burst open. On my thigh is my scars. They read : Charlie. James. Daniel. Lenny. Jim. Harry. Billy. Bert. Chris. Peter. Ross. Callum. Ethan. The scars were pure white again my skin. The newest one, Ross had been cut into my yesterday. Charlie would always have a little knife waiting for someone new to rape me, and would inscribe their name in my thigh. I cringed away from them. A permanent reminder of the abuse, rape, pain and suffering. I dragged myself to my bed and collapsed in a crumpled heap.

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