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Previously: The doorbell went. I wiped my face and opened the door. I didnt even have time to scream before a hand reached out was clamped over my mouth, then I felt a sharp pain in my head, before everything went black.

Cold air hit my like a train, as it washed over me. Hands held me everywhere, half carrying, half dragging me towards a car. I screamed out, my lungs burning in the process.

"Help!" I screamed, my throat going hoarse. Please, this cannot be happening. Charlie cant have found me! I was due to give birth to my baby, I cannot lose him, I cannot go back to him! I twisted and squirmed, crying as I tried to get away. I sensed a weakness in my left turn and threw myself with all my weight and suddenly I hit the floor. I scrambled up and ran towards the nearest place of shelter, into the bushs and shrubs. Suddenly one of them grabbed my ankle as I got to the bushes. I went down. I looked up and seen eyes. Even in the dark they were glittering green. Edward. He pressed a finger to his lip. He reached out and pulled the neck at my t-shirt, then was gone as footsteps got closer. I became aware of something, an object, down my t-shirt. It was a phone. I tucked it into my bra, and was hauled to my feet.

"Bitch!" A hand belted across my face and I whimpered. I was dragged to a car and threw in the back seat.

"Easy," One sneered. "She's not to be harmed." he looked back at me, with a look of utter most disgust on his pale, rat-like face. The car started up and we were off, trees flying past. There were three in the car, one beside me and two in the front seat, there was nothing I could do, I was outnumbered and heavily pregnant. My mind thought back to Edward. There was hope. Would he have phoned the police? Would he help me? Would he even care that much to help? I am worthless, im nothing to him, I don't see why he would help. Dark thoughts plagued me, and any chance of hope faded. There was a sharp pain in my stomach as the baby kicked extra hard.

I looked down, I was still wearing my shorts. There were scraped on my legs and they were dirty. I pulled my legs towards me, tears pouring down my cheeks. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, someone was shouting at me, pulling at me.

I looked up, we were outside a dark house. The house looked quite remote and eerie. I was pulled from the car and into the house. The wind whipped my hair and bare legs as I stumbled and tripped. The dank house was dimly lit and I was led into a room. I was threw to the floor, and I flung my hands out taking the impact on my hands and arms instead of my stomach. They left and shut the door. I heard it being bolted on the other side. I got up and went to the windows, trying to open them. They wouldn't budge. I heaved and pushed, beginning to sweat with the effort. I seen the men that grabbed me leave in their cars. Were they leaving me here? Whats going on? I bit my lip and went to the door. I pushed with all my will, praying for the door to open. It didn't.

I went to the bed, desperately trying to form a plan of action when it suddenly hit me. The phone! I took it out quickly, it had no signal. I went to the window and at once it began ringing. I opened it quickly and answered it.

"Bella? Is that you?" I heard Edwards panicked voice on the other end.

"Oh Edward!" I cried, tears tumbling down my face. "Help me please!"

"Where have they took you? I was following you in the car but I lost you." he cried.

"I don't know, im scared, I think its Charlie, my dad, he's going to kill my baby, please, you have to help me." I whispered, terrified and sobbing.

"I will Bella, I swear I will!" He said, and I could hear his determination in his voice. Suddenly, the phone cut off. No signal flashed on the screen.

"FUCK!" I screamed. Suddenly, the door bolt unlocked. I backed against the wall, my breathing increasing until I was almost hyperventilating. I slid down the wall and pulled my legs up as far as I could get them and wrapped my arms around me, trying to make me as small as possible, wishing I could be small enough to be not seen, to be small enough to disappear. The door opened, its hinges creaking.

"Hello Isabella." He said. My blood ran cold. Charlie walked into the room, a huge smile leering on his face. His eyes narrowed in on me, and he laughed.

"Long time, no see." He stated, his voice becoming hard. He continued to stare at me, a funny expression on his face. "I've missed you." His voice became funny, and he sounded serious.

"Bella." he whispered, sinking to the floor. "I'm so sorry, for everything, for what I've done, for what I've put you through. I'm a monster. All my life I've been empty, and I'm so sorry for it, but hurting you filled that hole, for a short period of time. I shouldn't have took it out on you. I shouldn't have drunk so much. I shouldn't have fucked your life up. I'm sorry, if I could take it all back and start over, please believe me, I would in a heartbeat. I was emotionally and physically fucked up, and I cannot believe I'd done that to you, I'm so sorry, please, I'm sorry." he cried, his head in his hands.

I stared at him speechless as he sobbed on the floor, begging for my forgiveness. I don't know what to do. Do I believe him? No. I don't. I cant, he has hurt me too much in the past, I cannot forgive him because of his words and his tears. He made me want to kill myself daily, he made me self harm, he starved me, he bullied me, he hurt me, he used me, he sold me, he raped me. He destroyed my life. I was a wreck because of him. I cried myself to sleep every night because of him. He made me into a prostitute for him, he made fucking money of me! He let men crave their names into y fucking thigh. He's scared me physically, emotionally and mentally for life. He isn't going to walk into my life and expect me to rush into his forgiving arms. No.

"Just kidding, bitch, get fucking over here." He snarled. He lied. The whole sorry speech was a lie. Even though I didn't believe it, it was still a slap in the face. I whimpered as he got to his feet. He walked towards me. I shut my eyes. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard, dragging me onto my knees. Suddenly, he gasped. I felt my hair being released and seen him back away. His wide eyes were on my stomach. I covered it but it couldn't erase the picture from his memory. His face turned deathly white, then red, then to purple. He backed out the room, the door bolting shut.

Fresh tears began to pour down my face. My whole body began to violently shake. The door flew open again and Charlie flew in. Silver glinted in his hand, as he lurched towards me. Something burned into my arm then was gone. Pain began to spread in my arm. I looked down. He stabbed me. The knife in his hand dripped blood onto the floor. The blood began to seep into my clothes and drip to the floor, its violent red blurring my eyes. He raised his fist and I put my arms up, to shield myself. He swished the knife backwards and forth, cutting my arms. I began to scream as the knife drew across my arms, blood trickling faster down my arms with each cut. He stopped and I sunk to the floor. He raised his foot and stamped on my leg.

I screamed in agony, the pain becoming unbearable.

"Please stop! I'm sorry!" I screamed, gripping my bump. He pulled me to my feet, and something inside me snapped.

"IM FUCKING SORRY! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?" and I drew back my hand and slapped him as hard as I could. My hand went right across his face, the slap echoing the room. There was a heart wrenching silence as we started at each other, both of us in utter shock. Shit. Shit, shit, shit!

He punched me square in the face and I went reeling back. I hit the floor, winded, gasping for breath.

"You fucking bitch. You will pay. Oh yes, you or rather, your baby will pay." Charlie smiled sadistically.

"Know what im' going to do? Cut that baby out of you, the baby will be mines. Its going to have the same childhood you had, all because of you. You wouldn't be able to take care of it anyway. Im a police officer, I could have your baby took off you anyway. Oh yes, I hope it's a girl." There was a glint in his eye. The same glint that was there every time he abused me.

"You will never get my baby! Never!" I cried, praying I was telling the truth. My baby couldn't go through what I went through. I will die if it means she will be saved.

"Oh Isabella. What are you going to do to stop me?" He asked, taking a step towards me. Then, the door flew open. My heart leaped, and Rosalie ran in. She took a swing at Charlie and something thumped when it hit his head. He fell to the floor and Rosalie dropped the baseball bat. Something shifted behind her. She wasn't alone. But she wasn't aware she wasn't alone. My heart froze.

"ROSE! Look out!" I screamed in horror. Rosalie turned. She began to scream as they walked into the room…

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