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The day was over. L had already sent the rest of the investigation team home for the night. All except Light Yagami, who of course he was currently handcuffed to.

The two men sat side by side on the bed they were forced to share because of the handcuffs, each mulling over the new data on the Kira case.

Suddenly L turned to look at Light. "You know Light, we're alone right now."

"I'm aware of this Ryuzaki."

"You know the fangirls will be disappointed if we don't have some kind of explicit sexual contact after our long day of barely suppressed homosexual urges towards each other."

"I know Ryuzaki."

"Well then…"

Light sighed as the dark-eyed man pushed him to the bed and began to kiss him. When L paused to take a breath, Light said, "I suppose the fangirls won't be happy with us if we don't take off our shirts."

"Ah, good idea Light."

Both men began to remove their shirts, immediately tangling the cloth and themselves in the links around their wrists. They stared at the trapped fabric. As everyone knows, it's impossible to remove someone's shirt when there's a handcuff in the way.

"You know, Light…"

"Yes, Ryuzaki?"

"I don't think the fangirls thought this one through very well."

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