17th August 1945

32 Billingsworth Lane

Sussex, Britain

My dear Elaine,

I miss you so much. Thank you for your lovely present- Geoff truly enjoyed it and told me I had the dearest sister in the world.

We plan to be married this October- Lord knows how I'll get everything ready! Maybe we shall simply elope. Do say you will come, though, even if we do elope. I shall call you and tell you where to find us.

I heard from my friend at the hospital- Tallis, you remember. Her name is Briony. (She's the one whose cousin married Paul Marshall, remember? She never did tell me much about it- said she went, but was silent as a grave elsewise.)

She seems dreadfully upset nd lonely.

I am so glad I have you, sister! You and Geoff make me so happy. I love you, Elaine. Please stay well.

All my love,

Fiona (soon to be Merchant!)