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Forgiveness in Unlikely Places

Chapter One

Damn it! It was twenty-nine damn degrees. Where the hell was she? He'd checked the office. The past few months had taught him that if Emily Prentiss had something on her mind, her first inclination was to bury herself in case files and wall herself off from the world. He'd struck out there.

He'd checked her apartment next. And found her car still parked in the covered parking lot. It had taken him almost twenty minutes to pick her lock after pounding on her door for five. He frowned at the recollection. His skills were getting rusty. But after he'd finally made it inside, she hadn't been there either. And that's when his heart had begun to beat faster. Because if she wasn't at work and she wasn't at home…she was on foot. In the freezing cold. In the snow. And ice. With only a thin coat on.

Not to be defeated, he retraced his path back to the Catholic Church they'd parted in front of that night. He'd known when they'd separated earlier this evening that those old feelings of guilt were cresting in waves over the seemingly fragile brunette. But, she hadn't wanted his company. He'd offered. Twice. And he'd known by the look on her face after the second offer that pushing it wouldn't be wise. Now, he could kick himself. He should have pushed it. Hell, he should have shoved. Unfortunately, it had been no dice at God's House either. The elderly priest there had denied seeing her since she'd left earlier that evening. But, Dave had gained his agreement to call if she showed up. Feeling the first stirring of panic rising, he tamped down on it. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was worried.

Because now he couldn't find her. And that scared the shit out of him. He hadn't felt that bitter taste in his mouth in a long time. Longer than he liked to remember. Sometimes, he'd wondered if he still had the ability to fear anything, having seen as much as he had and lived through some pretty horrific things. But tonight proved it. David Rossi could still be scared. And he was scared now.

As he viciously slapped on the turn signal to the hidden driveway leading to his cabin, he debated his options. He could start calling hospitals and police stations. But, he thought maybe that would be a bit dramatic this early on. It had only been four hours. He could begin to call the other members of their team. But, if Emily was simply sitting in a bar getting shit faced, he doubted she'd thank him for calling out their own personal version of the National Guard later. Bitterly, he thought that if she'd have just answered her fucking cell, it wouldn't be an issue. But, no, nothing could ever be that simple.

Damn her! Why the hell did he suddenly care so much?

Except, he admitted to himself, it really wasn't sudden, was it? He'd been intrigued by the younger agent since he'd met her that first day in the bullpen. Images of her flashed in his mind. That slightly perplexed half smile she gave when something bemused her. That determined gaze she could turn on someone when she knew she was right about something. That lost look that sometimes entered her eyes before she could hide it behind a mask of neutrality when things became slightly overwhelming. She was an alluring mass of contradictions. And, now, he was worried about her. If he managed not to kiss her senseless when he found her, he might just kill her.

But before he could do anything of the kind either way, he had to find her. Angling his SUV down the icy driveway, his breath caught in his throat as his glowing headlights illuminated his wooden deck. But it wasn't the deck that caused his heart to sputter in his chest. No, the source of that anomaly sat huddled in one of the deep chaises against the house.

Emily Prentiss