2 Seconds and a half

What do you think happens when you see death approaching in a fraction of a second? Maybe Sonny did, just before Angel Montepina pulled the trigger.

I wish to dedicate this first drabble on MV to the Sheriff. Whether in the blink of an eye, snap of a finger, the "after" has got to survive the "before" anyhow, right? :-). Txs for being there!

Two seconds and a half...

They say your whole life flashes in a second. I'm not sure it did for me.

I thought of Caitlin, my sweet. I miss you.

Rico, out there alone. Caroline. My son. And Gina.

No regrets about what I did, why I did it.

Only that I should have done more. I should have been better.

I should... and I won't.

I have just been denied that future.

I could feel the bullet before being hit.

All it took to wipe it all out from me are those damn two seconds and a half.

The End