AN: My first Vampire Diaries fan fiction, inspired by the show (Ian Somerhalder is amazing), but based on the books, so it would really be helpful if you knew both....

If you're going with the books its AU....Katherine really did die in Italy, or it's written pre-The Fury, take your pick.

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Damon turned away in disgust as their little group discussed the latest impending disaster, the way Stefan was always touching Elena made him want to barf. The arm his brother currently had wrapped possessively around Elena's waist reminded him of when he had felt like that, of when he had felt that need to be near someone always, near her.

He had loved Katherine the way Stefan now loved Elena and every time he saw his little brother with Elena; at school, at home, at her home, every single time, it reminded him of her, of Katherine. Nearly half a millennia later and every reminder brought with it the pain that he had learnt to live with, the pain that had become such a big part of him that he didn't know what he'd do if it was gone, what he would do if he was ever truly happy again.

He had been the one that had truly loved Katherine. He had loved her the way you couldn't ever forget, no matter how long you lived. And he had lived a hell of a long time, but still she was there, in the back of his mind, in his heart. Every time he saw Elena he felt an ache deep in his chest. And it hurt, God, it hurt. He'd had hundreds of years to get used to this pain but still, it hurt.

It was true that, in a way, Stefan had loved Katherine too, just as Damon loved Elena now. But it had been Damon who had lost his true love that day, back in Renaissance Italy. It was Damon who had drawn the sword to kill his brother, whom he already resented for their mother's death.

They had both been young back then, but Stefan had been younger. At 17, what had he known about true love? He had seen a beautiful girl with whom he had shared bed and blood. Damon had seen a beautiful girl with whom he had shared bed, blood and his soul. And through sharing their affections she had, unintentionally, pitted one brother against the other for years to come.

But Katherine's death had broken something inside him. The death of a loved one takes something from inside of you that you never knew you had. Her death, and subsequently killing Stefan, had turned him into the monster he was. The heartbreaking guilt and pain caused by both their deaths had helped him to adapt himself into closing his heart and convincing himself Stefan had been to blame. He did it so well, it took him almost 5 centuries to realise he had been wrong. Katherine's death wasn't his fault. It wasn't Stefan's fault. It was hers. Love had blinded him. At 19, in his eyes, she could do no wrong. Almost 5 centuries later, that love had begun to fade, not cease entirely, but fade enough so he was able to gain some perspective.

Yes, he had loved her. Yes, he would always love her. But she was gone, and after more than 450 years of womanising he had begun to realise that he could either move on or lose himself further in the darkness.

He looked up from his musings to catch Bonnie watching him. He sent her his trademark sexy smirk and watched appreciatively as she looked away, blood pooling in her cheeks beneath her pale skin.

He looked at her thoughtfully. True love only came along once in a lifetime, if you were lucky. He had lived more than 5 lifetimes. Maybe he'd get lucky again.

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