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Name of story: Right before My Eyes

Pen name: Lovedforeternity

Song story is inspired by: The Search Is Over

Artist: Survivor

Category: All Human

Main Pairing: Edward and Bella


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This is lovingly Beta'd by keepingupwiththekids and my favorite girl Clarisa. You both are incredible ladies. I'm honored that you read my work!

A/N- Again I am writing for a contest instead of finishing my chapter. I couldn't help it this time. This story needed to be told. Enjoy and fear not INFY will be updated in a day or two. I have a midterm due this week.

Disclaimer- I own a cell phone and a whole lot of debt, while Stephenie owns Edward and a whole lot of money. Life sucks for some of us! I also don't own the Broncos or their owners. I also aware that Mike Shanahan was fired as the head coach of The Denver Broncos last year, but it's my story, so for this... he stays! LOL

The Last Straw

Edward Cullen is going to be the death of me! I can't believe that I had to leave the warmth of my bed to go and drag his ass from the bar for the second time in a week. When I received the call, I was lying on a beautiful beach, with a beautifully tanned, sexy man with magical hands spreading warm oil over my body, in the most wonderful dream ever. That was until the phone ringing in my ear rudely awakened me. The next thing I know I am in my car, after throwing on my yoga pants and a tank top, driving across town to save him from himself once again. The drive over was painful, as I tried control my temper. Sometimes I wondered if my job was worth the stress or even the six- figure income. Sometimes I felt like an overpaid babysitter for the young and the stupid. Some of the athletes that I represent are wonderful, responsible and respectful while others, like Edward, are nothing more than pompous, ego inflated superstars. These are the players that make my life a living hell, and no one creates more drama than Edward Cullen. He may be the best quarterback in the NFL, but off the field, he was nothing but a hot mess. Though his discretions never bordered on illegal, he sure seemed to find enough trouble with his drinking, fighting and screwing skanky women. Sometimes, I wondered how I got here.

I had never thought of being a sport agent in college, but once I graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in business and marketing, I found that I was drawn to the sports world. Sports had always been a big part of my life. My father and I had spent my entire childhood watching every sport imaginable. Though my father was a huge basketball fan, my love has always revolved around football. I loved watching the hard hits, the team work as well as the mental maneuvers of the game. I viewed football, much like I viewed life. In football, you had to push your way forward, despite the obstacles in your way, and life was the same way, especially in my world.

Once I decided on becoming an agent, I took an internship with one of the largest sports agencies in the country. I poured a lot of coffee my first year, but I sat back and listened. I learned so much. I soaked it all in from contract negotiations, to trades to scouting. I have vowed to one day be the greatest female sports agent in the United States. I had been promoted, representing minor players as sports agent. After my first year, I had built a good reputation for myself, although at the time I still hadn't signed any marquee players. That was five years ago, and now I had finally made it to the big leagues, but it wasn't easy. When Edward graduated from Stanford, he was rated as the number one Quarterback in the draft. He was being wined and dined by the best agents in the league and I just wanted a shot at representing him. So I did what anyone would do, I stalked him for a few weeks before finally getting him alone and introducing myself.

My first meeting with Edward was enlightening to say the least. I had read his bio, had memorized his stats, I could even replay his personal highlight film in my head, but I wasn't prepared for his amazing looks, his devastatingly handsome smile and his charming personality. He defiantly had me at hello. I had quickly composed myself and I charmed him with my personality and knowledge of the game. I gave my all at that meeting, letting him know that he would have the best representation money could buy as well as a good friend who understood the world of professional football. I was on pins and needles, knowing that signing him would be the biggest coo to ever to rock the sports world. My dreams became reality when he called me three weeks before the draft and decided that he would sign with my firm, with me as his agent. I was thrilled. My best friend Sydney and I hit the town and celebrated. I felt like I was high back then, like I was on the cusp of finally fulfilling my dreams. I was also elated to have the opportunity to stick it to all the other asshole agents that thought that the sports world was no place for a woman. To be honest, signing Edward changed my life. At that time, I had no idea that I would earn every dime of my income by being a babysitter to the spoiled, overindulgent athlete. The hardest thing to handle for me was that despite his juvenile behavior, Edward was a great guy.

His first two years in the league were awesome. He was unstoppable and gifted. He was a leader and a mentor to everyone on the team, including the veterans. We had actually become good friends, and I really missed that. If I am being honest, there was a time during his early years that I thought I was in love with him. All the hours spent negotiating his contract and spending time with his family, I wanted him, though I remained professional. Then it seemed like over night he changed. He started getting cocky and comfortable with the attention he received. Edward was a big name in Denver and everyone loved him, now he spent his time off the field with nameless sluts all using him for his namesake. He allowed it all to happen and went along for the ride. During the last year, he had been sent to the drunk tank for public intoxication on three separate occasions. He was lucky that he was loved in Denver, because anyone else would have faced charges, but because he was talented and he meant something to this town, the cops had just let him sleep it off without a public incident. He was involved in many bar fights and had even had a girl claim that he was the father of her newborn. Luckily, the claim was false and was proven when the baby was born of African-American decent. He laughed it off, never taking anything seriously. Even his parents had tried to knock some sense into him to no avail. That night was just the last straw in Edward's drama filled life.

Once I arrived at the bar, I found Edward passed out in a booth with a slutty redhead attached to him. I was livid. The reporters had already come and gone and there would be damage control to deal with once the papers came out in the morning. I knew that there was no way that I would sleep again that night. With the help of the bouncer, I was able to pry the half-dressed woman off the passed out Edward and we got him to my car without incident. I was cursing under my breath the entire ride back to Edward's estate. He lived on the outskirts of Denver, in a secluded community surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lush green acreage. The man had everything yet, he was throwing it all away. There were athletes in the league that would give their left nut to have the kind of talent that Edward possessed on the field, but he seemed to take it all for granted. He had become the most infuriating person that I had ever encountered. Once the car stopped, I woke him. I grabbed his keys and made quick work of the lock while Edward had swayed side to side trying to keep his balance. As the door opened, he leaned into me, taking me in his arms and kissing my neck. Edward was always a gentleman when he was sober, but drunk he had made more than his share of passes at me. I was not in the mood to deal with his obnoxious horny paws, so I shoved him off me and yelled.

"Knock it off Edward! I'm not putting up with your shit! Just go to bed, I'll wake you in the morning to find out what happened tonight, then I'll know how to deal with the press."

"Bella, don't you love me?" He stammered trying to look seductive. If he were sober, that look would have even turned me on, but drunken Edward was horny Edward, and that was exactly what gets him into trouble.

"No! I am not feeling the love for you right now. As a matter of fact I don't like you very much at this moment. I am one step away from dropping your ass or passing you to someone slimy like Mike Newton. I am tired of babysitting." I said firmly.

Edward's beautiful green eyes drooped and he finally had made his way to bed while ripping off his clothes. I tried not to look at his beautiful body, but honestly, despite my anger it was too good of an opportunity to pass. The muscles in his arms rippled as he pulled on the covers to climb into bed. Physically the man was perfect.

"I'm sorry I'm such a fuck up" he muttered before passing out. I took a much needed cleansing breath and covered his beautiful drunken ass up with the blanket, before heading over to the computer to see if there were pictures on line. Mr. Cullen hadn't disappointed. There were already three YouTube videos out depicting Edwards's adventures in the bar. From the looks of it, the brawl started when he began kissing another man's date. There was fists flying, pushing and shoving until the bouncer interceded. It was one step away from being a full UFC battle. I rolled my eyes as I watched all three of the videos. My stomach churned, knowing that there would be hell to pay, once the Bronco's administration found out about his shenanigans.

I sat next to his bed, already drafting a formal apology to the league and the press. I wasn't sure if would be enough. I was sure that the Bronco's organization would not overlook this situation, I knew there would be some type of consequences. After his last trip to the drunk tank, the general manager had requested a meeting and he had basically told Edward that the next time the franchise was embarrassed by his behavior, there would hell to pay.

I glanced over at Edward's sleeping form. Looks wise, he was the epitome of perfection, with his sculpted body and his beautifully defined jaw line and his outrageous sex hair. I am not going to lie; I have spent more than one night with my silver bullet imaging us in many different sexual positions. If anyone could physically turn me to jello with one touch, it was Edward. But the Edward I knew emotionally was gone and he was now nothing like his true character. So it didn't matter how many orgasms that I have had thinking about his sexy body. I knew that all bets would be off as soon as he spoke, because he had turned into a selfish and broken shell of a man.

I finally fell asleep in the chair next to Edward's bed but was woken up a few hours later with a call on my cell phone. I noticed it was Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos.

"Shit" I muttered.

If Pat Bowlen was calling this, I just knew that it was going to be bad. After a long kiss ass phone call with mountains of apologies, I had to wake Edward. My temper flared after I hung up the phone.

"Wake up asswipe. We've got a mess to clean-up."

Edward ran his long muscular fingers through his hair and winced at the pain coming from his head.

"One more hour Bella… Please." He pleaded quietly as he struggled to pull the blankets over his head. After losing my sleep last night, I wasn't about to let that happen. I yanked the covers off the bed as Edward tried to shield his eyes from the daylight that peeked through the partially opened blinds. Anger ripped through him as he stood, visibly unsteady as he stalked towards me, leaving barely an inch between us.

"What the fuck Bella!" he yelled.

I continued the stare down for a few more seconds when I felt something hard twitch against my stomach. I slide my eyes down his body, knowing what I would find. Man he was packin. I tried to hold in my smirk and then pushed him back on the bed.

"Only you would be get hard by me yelling at you. Cover yourself. I have no desire to see your peen in action." I screamed.

Edward leaned his body back up into a sitting position as he winced again from the pain of the quick movement.

"Why are you being such a bitch? He asked, his eyes blazing with fury.

"Let me recap… wasn't it you that decided to show the entire state of Colorado that you are a drunk with no impulse control? Look Edward, you are in deep shit. Not only did you deny me of yet another night of sleep, but you put your teammates in jeopardy by possibly being forced to play without you on Sunday. Pat Bowlen called!" Edward's eyes widened. "We have a meeting in an hour, so get your naked ass showered and dressed so we can salvage this situation, if we even can."

The blood was pumping through my veins, as I finished my tirade. Edward looked down at the floor, and ran his long fingers through his messy hair again. He sighed loudly, got up from the bed and turned on his heels as he headed into the bathroom.

I fled to his kitchen, made him some coffee and some fried eggs and toast and waited for him in silence. If I wanted to maintain my reputation in the business, I had to figure out how to gain some control over my client. If you were the agent that had a live wire, no matter how big the name, you were considered weak and I wouldn't let Edward do that to me. I had worked too hard to become a well respected agent and I wasn't about to let him take that from me. As I cleaned up the kitchen, I regained my composure by putting in my ear plugs and turning on my iPod to some classical music. I felt the tension leave my shoulders and I prayed that something in the next few hours would help Edward, thus saving my career and my reputation.

The drive to Englewood was long in the Denver traffic. I let Edward sulk in the passenger's seat as I tried to reign in my emotions. I know that I needed to be supportive and encouraging, but I was having a hard time forming the words.

I finally spoke as we sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-25.

"Edward, the best way to handle this meeting, is to pretend that you are remorseful." I started.

I glanced over at Edward as he continued to stare out the window. I couldn't read his facial expression from that angle, so I continued.

"You need to be humble and accept anything they throw at you. You are not in the power seat right now. So my suggestion is that you go in there, kiss some ass and just follow their instructions. If they suspend you, don't say a word, just say yes sir to everything. Do you understand what I am saying?" I asked.

Edward turned towards me and smirked.

"I got this Bella, I promise." He said in his cocky tone as he tried to dazzle me with his million watt smile. Any other time, this smile would have affected me, but today, Edward Cullen was number one on my shit list and even his gorgeous face and his attempts to charm me wouldn't work. I shrugged my shoulders and turned my eyes back towards the road.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked quietly after a few minutes of silence.

I took another deep breath before I answered.

"I am not mad any more, I am disappointed Edward. You could lose your job, I could lose mine." I stated wearily.

Edward remained silent until we pulled through the security gate at the training site. We exited the car and made our way into the building towards the conference room. As we entered, the owner, Pat Bowlen, Coach Mike Shanahan as well as several members of the board sat around the conference table in complete silence.

We exchanged silent greetings as Edward and I sat down. The tension in the room was stifling and I had a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach as I looked around the room. This was not good.

Mr. Bowlen started.

"Edward, to say that I am disappointed and angered by your actions is putting it mildly. I know that we have been here before and all the promises that you made to us about changing your public behavior have been broken. I am even more upset that your actions have caused all of us to not only lose sleep, but now we are forced to try and save the face of the entire team. You are in violation of the behavior clause in your contract and that is unacceptable."

His words resonated around the room as Edward kept his eyes on him, facing the embarrassment of the situation.

"I have always considered myself the kind man who runs a classy organization. I make sure to choose players based on their integrity and their heart. I don't know what happened to you in the last few years, but you have slowly become a thorn in my side. You are supposed to be a leader and a role model to our rookies, but instead you are out late at night drinking with those same kids that look up to you. You are tarnishing my good name, and I am here to tell you right now, it is over!

"Mr. Bowlen, I…" Edward started but was quickly stopped mid-sentence.

"Enough! I don't want to hear another one of your speeches how sorry you are right now or about how much we need you. I want you to listen and listen good, because if you think that I will not terminate your contract because you are talented, you have another thing coming. You are an amazing athlete, but look at you. You are a mess. What is going on with you? What are searching for that you don't have? Why are you hiding? You need to figure out the answers to these questions and you need to get your shit together Edward, if you don't your career will be over seven years sooner than you anticipated."

My heart pounded as I glanced at Edward. He looked truly remorseful and embarrassed. I felt a moment of pity for him as his eyes bounced back and forth to his boss and his coach and mentor. I quickly pushed those feeling aside, I knew that Edward needed to hit rock bottom before he ended up ruining his career. I knew that he needed to truly understand that his actions affected many people. The silence in the room was deafening.

"I have arranged for you to see a therapist three times a week and you are suspended for the rest of the pre-season. You will work out, you will come to practice and build up your leadership skills. You will attend counseling until I receive a report telling me that you are well enough to resume your place on this team, until then you don't play. If I find out that you are drinking, or are so much as seen passing a bar, I will petition the league and ensure that you never play another down of football again. I hope you know the seriousness of your situation Edward. I will leave the details with Ms. Swan and if you know what is good for you, you will keep your nose clean and get back to the man you used to be when you were drafted."

Mr. Bowlen stood up and exited the room. He dropped a sheet of paper and a contract for Edward to sign and he was gone.

Mike Shanahan touched Edward's shoulder as he stood to leave as well.

"Just do what he says Edward, we want you here, but not like this. I can't keep covering for you" Edward nodded and after the room emptied, he glanced over at me with sorrow in his eyes.

"I'm sorry about everything Bella." He said so quietly, I barely heard him. I smiled at him weakly and then went into agent mode. I pushed the contract to him and he signed it quickly, leaving it on the table.

"It will all work out Edward, just do the right thing." I whispered.

Edward nodded again and took my hand in his.

"I don't know why I do this. I was never like this in college. I was all about the game. I really fucked up this time, didn't I?"

I squeezed his hand before letting go. I wanted to believe that Edward wanted to change. I wanted to see him shine and find happiness. I wanted him to return to the man that he used to be. I wanted to have hope, that he would change, but deep down, I didn't think Edward had the character to do it. No… hope was not an option. I just needed to prepare myself for the fallout.

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