Author's Note: I figured I'd try something different, and I've always had a soft spot for Speed/Calleigh.

Written for 5trueloves (#2 - Sleep) and 12_stories (Nature # 12 - Sunrise) on LiveJournal.


Speed's hand reached out from under the covers and smacked the buzzing alarm clock onto the floor. The noise temporarily silenced, he pulled his hand back, satisfied for the time being. Whatever scraps of sleep could be salvaged now would be the most precious. It wasn't even light out yet. Who in their right mind would get up this early?

Then the realization of whose alarm clock it was washed over him, along with the related implications.

It was Calleigh's alarm clock. Which explained the warm body currently sprawled up against him, he thought with an amused smirk. Flashes of the night before pricked through his mind, the sashay of her hips, the scent of her perfume, the quiet moan that had escaped her lips when he moved his hands over her backā€¦ Sinking back into sleep, he threw his arm backward across her chest, pulling her closer to him. She let out a sigh of content as she shifted into her new position, and the room sank back into stillness, a perfect portrait of contentment.


She blinked her eyes open when she heard the alarm clock go off, making out the blurry form of the man sharing her bed in the first light of morning. Arching her back, she sank back against the pillows. No way did she want to get up and start her day any time soon, but she'd get a migraine if she didn't at least stop the alarm clock.

After silencing the alarm clock for good, she lay back down on the bed, her arms crossed over her chest. "Hey," she said, facing Speed. "You awake?"

"Now I am," he muttered under his breath. His arms stretched above his head, feeling the last of sleep leaving his muscles. "I thought you'd be more cheerful in the morning," he said, running his fingers through her hair mindlessly. She was always so cheerful when she came into work, almost too cheerful if you asked him, and it was a startling change to see her as anything but. She was half-asleep, her hair splayed across his hand and her pillow, and yet, she was still beautiful. "You're shattering part of the Calleigh mystique, you know."

She shrugged her shoulders and lifted the corners of her mouth into a wane smile. "I guess you have a lot of things to learn about me."

"Do we have time to learn now?" Given the option between leaving her bed and staying put, he knew which one he preferred. It was more a matter of what she preferred. If she wanted to get out of bed and get her coffee and start her day, then he would too. No point in staying if she wanted to go.

She thought for a moment, her lips pursed and eyes closed, deep in a storm of thoughts. "We have all the time in the world," she said after a few moments, wrapping her arms around his neck and reaching up for a kiss.