The smell of all those pink flowers made me sneeze.

Houndour nudged me, reminding me to stay alert.

THe Officer Jenny of this house of this place had a beautiful garden out the front. This Officer made a point of looking different. She had died her hair green and had painted fingernails and bright yellow lipstick.

Her earrings were dark blue and her eyes which had contacts I was sure, were black.

"Like yah Cassie. I totally saw no one there. Misty? Red head girl? Met her when she came to Cherrygrove with Ash and Brock."

SHe wasn't much help. Kept insisting on pouring me more coke.

"Y'know, I use this coke to wash my windows."

I spat the coke out.

"Or was it the other bottle? Wait a sec. I gave you the coke I use for detergent. Y'know, I recycle my coke. Helps the enviroment."

SHe makes me sick.

I searched her house when she went out to water her flowers.

Houndour sniffed around for good measure.

THere was only the scent of flowers anyway.


Azalea Town

This case is getting nowhere.

Azalea town better not have alot of Azaleas. I think I'm allergic to flowers.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Note: I can BREATH!

THe town was only crazy about slowpokes. Not a flower in sight.

Officer Jenny kept growlithes and one slowpoke.


It said. My poketranslator (the latest invention of Prof. Willow, a professor from Pieto) said that the slow poke was saying


"Hell? What did that mean?"


My poketranslator indicated that slowpoke had said 'o'

"Hell o."

Slowpoke had actually just said Hello. Not Hell O. I wonder if I'm fit for this detective job...

ABandoning the slowpoke, I turned to growlithe.


That translated something like, 'Shoo!'

I think Officer Jenny would be more helpful.

"Officer Jenny. Have you seen Misty at all?"

"Oh yes. We were trying to arrest her and her friends for stepping on some slowpoke's tail. In the end I think they saved the slowpoke from Team Rocket or something."

"Uh huh. ANyway, to serious buisness. Did you notice anyone missing from the party? Any Officer Jennys?"

"i think my stepmother's fathers side's daughter's niece wasn't there.

"Hmmm. Remember her name?"

"Yeah. Officer Jenny." Stupid question.

"Where was she from?"

"I think from Ecruteak."

"Suspicious. I'll visit her next. Thankyou for your time."



We met at burnt tower. It was time for a confrontation. I decided the best place to hide Misty was in Burnt Tower, so I arranged the meeting there.

SHe came with her growlithe at her heels.

"I thought that we were going to meet at my house?"

"Hmm? Oh no. I just wanted to see the popular tourist attraction, the Burnt tower. So, tell me. WHat is the story behind the ruins?"

"The ruins? THat's in Violet City."

"Oh it is? Oh! THanks for reminding me. I missed the Jenny in Violet City."

"You won't be able to see her, she went on a vacation to Kanto to see her cousin's sister's husband's cousin."

"Uh huh. Maybe I'll talk to her when she comes back."

Very suspicious. Why did the Officer Jenny in Violet City suddenly take off to Kanto?

Note: Must investigate later. If she's going there permanently I better take a trip to Kanto.

Officer Jenny wasn't much use. SHe seemed to only want to talk about her growlithe.


Goldenrod City

I met up with Ash and Brock and had lunch with them.

"Cassie! Long time no see."

"Yeah. I was off on buisness."

"Really? WHat do you do for a living?"

Oh great. I must call up my quick thinking skills...

"I'm an assistant to Nurse Joy."

I know what this is heading to. Better think fast.

"Really? What city?"

"Uh- Cherrygrove."

"DId you see the funky Officer Jenny hairdo? SHe's the coolest of all the Officer Jennys. She stepped into her sister's shoes when her sister got married. We met her at the Officer