Two days later it was Sunday, and Alex awoke happily in her own bed and her own body once again. The weekend had been an absolute riot – Ray had had to come up with some convincing story to reassure everyone that he wasn't gay (which resulted in pretending he had placed a £500 bet with some bloke that he could act gay for a length of time), but now the boys of CID were insisting that drinks were on their loaded Detective Sergeant for a month. Marsh and Skyler had both been arrested and were facing their court case in a few days time with a very slim chance of escaping without charges. It looked as if those two would be facing prison for a very long time. And in addition to this, Alex and Gene were finally starting to rebuild their relationship.

Unfortunately, Gene was still hesitant about Alex where Ray was concerned. He didn't completely believe her that nothing was going on between her and Ray, but after the situation in the toilets and many more episodes during the body swap, Alex could understand where he was coming from. However, today was the day that it was all going to change.


Alex picked up the phone after she had showered and began to dial. It rang countless times until it went onto voicemail.

Where is he? Alex thought, listening to that annoying woman who told you how to use voicemail. Finally, the tone beeped and Alex inhaled quickly before she left her message. Be cool, she told herself.

"Hi, Gene," Alex breathed, "erm…well, you're obviously not in…(of course he's not in, stupid!)…so I'll ring you back later. Okay. Yeah. Bye."

Alex clicked the phone down, frustrated with her lack of stunning conversation. Then she slapped her forehead. She had forgotten to say who she was!

"Shit," Alex spat, picking up the phone again. Once again it hit voicemail. "Hi again. Just wanted to let you know that it was me who called you a minute ago. Right. Bye."

Putting the phone down again, Alex was seething with herself for sounding so needy. Then she actually wanted to kick herself.

"Arrghhh!" Alex screamed. "How the hell's he going to know who me is?!"

Alex's hands flew to phone for what she hoped would be the last time.

"Just in case you wanted to know who 'me' was," Alex groaned desperately as the voicemail once again beeped, "it's me. Alex. Anyway…"

"I know who it is, Bolls," Gene chuckled as he answered the phone and lifted it off voicemail, "there's only one woman in the entire world that's nutty enough to leave me three messages like these…"

"Oh! Gene!" Alex blushed, trying to compose herself. "Oh shit…why didn't you answer?" It would have saved me all that embarrassment, you bastard…

"Was takin' a piss, Bolls," Gene said cheerily, "you really do pick yer moments, don't yer? Dippy tart."

Alex smirked. Then she took a deep breath to ask him…


Alex looked in the mirror that late afternoon and was pleased with what she saw. Her hair was shining beautifully and her makeup was light but enhanced her features. She wore her favourite tight jeans and the top Ray had chosen to wear on their first entrance to CID as each other; she knew it was possibly Gene's favourite. After the embarrassing phone calls, Alex had managed to get a coherent sentence out and asked Gene to come over that evening. Nothing formal, she just needed to see him and talk to him properly. And explain. Plus, she really hoped that this could get their friendship back on track, or maybe even develop it into something more…

There was a loud thump on Alex's door. Her heart leapt. Opening it, all six feet of Gene Hunt appeared.

"Bolls," Gene nodded, waltzing in without an invitation. He settled himself on the sofa, poured himself a drink and watched Alex as she closed the door and walked over to him, sitting on the opposite side of the sofa.

"So then Lady Bolls, why do you require my expertise?" Gene smirked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Alex laughed.

"I just needed to straighten everything out," she said slowly, "the last week or so…well…things haven't been what they've looked like."

Gene grunted, images of her and Ray in the toilets flashing into his mind.

"I know its looked bad," Alex said, chewing her lip, "but I just wanted you to know…that I'm not with Ray. Never have, never will be."

Gene snorted. "Ter be honest Bolly, it didn't really look that way ter me."

Alex thought desperately. "I know…I can't really explain it. But I never felt anything for him. I…I just wanted you to know."

"And why's that, Bolls?"

Alex sighed. Christ, he really wasn't making this easy for her. "Because…well, because…"

Gene's eyes were still downcast. Alex knew there was only one thing for it. Shuffling over so that she was so close to Gene that their legs were touching, Alex gently cupped his face and turned him to face her. Their eyes met, and Alex finally closed the last remaining gap between them as she placed a tender, loving kiss right on his lips. After a moment, they opened their eyes and moved apart slightly.

"I wanted you to know, Gene, so that I could do that without looking like a two-timing tart," Alex smiled weakly, not moving her hand from Gene's face. Her smile widened when she saw one of the first genuine smiles appear on his face, and before she knew it, he had connected their lips again with a more passionate kiss, tongues exploring each other's mouths as they succumbed to each other. Gene's hand reached around Alex's waist to pull her closer, never breaking the kiss as she ran her fingers through his hair. They kissed for what seemed hours until they broke apart once more.

"You know now that if any bloke so much as looks at you in the wrong way, they're gonna get a bollocking?" Gene smirked.

Alex laughed out loud before kissing him again. "I wouldn't expect anything less of you, Gene Hunt."

Gene smiled as he pushed her back on the sofa passionately. "Now then, Bolly No-Knickers," he winked, "you gonna prove to me just how much more you prefer yours truly to Raymondo?"

Alex laughed again. "Oh yes Gene, indeed I am!"

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