A short smutty drabble for my wonderfully pervy readers~! I was feelin a tad stuffy that Senpai to Kouhai still has a ways to go to get to the smut and I was like "Dang it man…I NEED to write some proper smut like NAO."

And then I thought (while posting on my lj) "Why not do a random drabble?" and it seemed like a good idea so I went to find a prompt and found 'Union' and my innver pervert went "BINGO~"

Prompt: Union

Absolutely nothing in the world could possibly compare to the feeling of sinking his turgid length into her soft, wet heat. The feel of her muscles tightly clenching and fluttering around him....her mouth falling open to let out a keening moan that sent a ripple of heat through his...her back arcing off the hopelessly wrinkled bed sheets, pushing her generous breasts out forward....her large gray eyes, half mast and filled with a carnal desire that seemed almost out of place on her innocent face.

"Ich-Ichigo-ahn~ 3"

Aaah the way she would say his name as he would thrust into her. She turned his name into a moan that he wished he would record and play back all day long in his head - his own personal love song. She was biting down on her lower lip, not quite able to muffle the mewls that were spilling out with his ever thrust. He leaned forward to take her lip between his lips, laving the sore piece of flesh with his tongue before slanting his head and slipping his tongue into her panting mouth.

Her tongue rubbed and rolled against his brazenly as she wrapped her legs around his waist. One hand was buried in his hair, twisting his bright orange locks underneath her fingers as her left hand tightened against his lower back before digging into his skin as he rolled his hips. He hissed at the sharp, hot pain of her nails scratching his back beforegrabbing her left thigh and forcing it over his shoulder.

Her head pushed into the plush pillow as he drove into her silky core, her lips letting out a (beautiful) moan before panting, "M-more please." Her eyes were watery, tears hanging precipitously at the corner of her eyes as she strained towards his lips. He obliged by leaning forward to kiss her - a deep, messy, head spinningly amazing kiss - before smirking against her lips, "Since you asked so nicely."

Her tears dangled at the end of her long, long dark lashes before falling as her mouth fell open in a silent wail as he drove him into at a merciless pace that he never would have considered her capable of taking. Her pink tipped breasts bounced before him (revealing and hiding her inverted butterfly shape birth mark with every hard thrust) as her hands sought a resting place of his sweat coated body.

He watched her as her head fell to the side. Her hair surrounding her head like a dark threads of sticky caramel. Her pink lips parted, letting out small pants and moans. Her hands moving up to tightly grasp at the sheets underneath her as his finger slipped down to lightly pinch her most sensitive pink nub. She let out a high pitched moan that quickly turned into a string of babbling, desperate pleas as he continued his delicious torture on her clit.

"More please! Harder! Ahn~~! Ichigo! Faster~! Haaa~an! O~ooh right there! I'm al-most there~!"

He twisted her so that she was resting on her side as he straddled her thigh, supporting her left thigh with his hand as he jack hammered into her dripping core. The new angle had her twisting and wriggling underneath him in a near frenzy as her inner muscles began to flutter around him in a familiar manner.

He panted out her name as she whimpered desperately into her polka dotted pillow, "Orihime..."

"Ichigo~ I'm...almost...."

Her loud gasp coupled with the clenching of her inner muscles around his length had him again turning her body, forcing her to her knees as he knelt behind her. He slowed down the pace of his thrusts, panting and gritting his teeth as he told himself to calm down. His fingers drifted lazily down again to their joining. His fingers lethargically stroking her wet folds, increasing the pleasure of her orgasm.

She raised her arms up underneath her head before slowly turning her head around to glance up into his dark gaze. Her channel was slowly relaxing around him, the occasional twitch making his grip of her curvy hips tighten momentarily. She looked into his narrowed gaze with a lazy, sensual grace before she rolled her hips backwards into his.

He let out a groan as she tightened her muscles around his throbbing length and whispered, "Again?"

He took in a shaky breath as she continued to slowly move her hips back and forth in a lazy manner. His fingers dug into the skin of her hips as he pushed forward into her core. She let out half a moan before burying her face back between her arms as he began a punishingly hard pace into her dripping wet center.'

He told himself to remember every aspect of this scene. The moonlight making her sweat beads shine like delicate crystals as she arched her delicate back. Her desperate pants of breath that mixed into the wet, erotic sound of their hips coming together. The slippery smooth skin of her hips that his right hand drifted over before moving down to grasp her heaving breasts. The long drawn out moan that resounded in the room as he pinched and flicked against the hard pebbled nub. He didn't want to forget one split second of this.

She forced herself onto her hands. leaning against the bed head as she turned her head to look at him. He latched himself to her neck, leaving a slew of small red marks all over her neck and back as her moans became more high pitched and his pace more irregular.

He panted against her neck, "Ori-hime..." Both his hands were tightly grasping her breasts, molding and cupping the flesh as he let his entire weight press into her body. She was resting her head against the bedhead as she moaned out his name, 'Ichi...aaaaaaaaah~!"

He could feel his orgasm coming. He slid his right hand between her dripping thighs and took hold of her clit once more, desperately working her towards a joined end. Her moans turned into sharp gasps as his slick fingers flicked, teased, rubbed against her most sensitive flesh. He was groaning softly against her slick back as she began to clench her muscles around him.

When he came, his fingers dug into her skin so hard that he was sure that he would leave marks on her fair skin (the thought sat nicely in his head, leaving his marks on her). His eyes tightly closed as he shot his seed into her hot body, relishing the feel of her tightly- oh so tightly clenching around him before letting her tired body slump down on the sweat soaked sheets.

He licked his dry lips, panting hard against her neck as he waited for his heartbeat to return to normal. She shifted weakly underneath him before letting out a gentle whimper as he pulled out of her. She let him turn her around so that she was facing him because honestly, she was too tired to even raise her arms now.

He pulled her against him, pressing a gentle kiss against her forehead before letting out a tired but happy, "Tadaima."

She snuggled into the crook of his arm (Her own special place, as he had officially designated) before replying back in a sleepy but satisfied tone, "Okairi."

Tadaima: 'I'm back home' or 'I'm home'

Okairi: 'Welcome home'

*stretches arms over her head* AAAAAH THAT felt good to write! Not as long as I would have liked but still feels good to stretch the old smut writing muscles!