Pairings: Raoul, Cloud

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Mentions of nekkid

Disclaimer: I do not own Ai no Kusabi or FFVII or their characters. I do not make any money from this fiction.

Summary: His new Pet was so, so beautiful.


His new Pet was so, so beautiful.

The Academy had really outdone itself. Never had a creature of such poise, grace, and perfection been on the auction block, and Raoul almost couldn't believe he'd actually won the bidding.

His bank account was still wincing.

The Pet knelt in the middle of the room where Raoul kept the favorites of his harem. The other Pets looked terribly sullen and jealous of the new addition. They all coveted their Master's attention.

Falling out of favor meant…

Going away.

But Raoul didn't even see the other pretty creatures lounging around the room. His gaze was fixed on the nude blond calmly kneeling before him.

Hair blond as spun gold. The shade would rival that of any Blondie. It stuck up in haphazard spikes all over his head. The entire mass had been trimmed and groomed in such a way that it only added to the boy's undeniable charm. A few pale locks hung down past the triangular face. A face any porcelain doll would be envious off. Unlike the other Pets, this one seemed to have more…personality to him. His sweet, child-like face held a hint of defiance carefully concealed. Eyes more blue than any sky, sea, or stone Raoul had ever seen stared demurely at the floor. Thick, dark lashes tipped with a hint of the same color gold as his hair shadowed those amazing orbs. The boy's body was toned and muscular, as if he were a mongrel from Ceres rather than a Pet. There was no willowy frame and thin, pleasing limbs. Arms corded with muscles, strong core and washboard abdominals. Sturdy thighs and shapely calves.

Truly a sight to behold.

He hadn't even thought to learn his Pet's name before buying him. Even if he didn't like it, Raoul could always change the name. It was something done with regular frequency if the Master was displeased with a Pet's designation. He'd done it himself a time or two. What name could this stunning creature have acquired?

"What are you called?" Raoul asked as he touched the side of the kneeling boy's face.

Blue eyes flickered up for a moment before fixing once again on the floor.

"Cloud," was his response. The voice was deeper than Raoul had imagined it would be. It was somewhat odd but pleasing all the same.

"Cloud," Raoul repeated. It suited him.

The Blondie pulled a slender box from his coat and opened it. Inside laid a thin yet wide golden torque. The ends were fashioned after the subject of an old story. A wolf that even the Gods feared: Fenrir. It would look amazing on his newest acquisition. The boy's current collar was hardly suitable. Just a plain silver chain with a tag. Horrifying, really. Raoul reached out and deactivated the boy's current Pet Ring before replacing it with his own.

"There," Raoul purred as he stared appreciatively at his new acquisition. "It fits you."

The other Pets in the room glared with livid outrage. They didn't have special Pet Rings made for them.

"Thank you, Master," the Pet whispered.

Raoul nodded and waved at the boy. "Come. Attend me this evening."

Cloud nodded and reached down to shrug back on the sheer robe he had shed at his Master's earlier command. The Blondie turned and exited the room, fully expecting the boy to follow him. Obediently, Cloud moved to his feet and tagged behind.

He tossed a small, sly smile at the rest of Pets before disappearing out the door.